Are The Makers Planning For Interceptor Part 2 Release Date?

Directed by Matthew Bareilly with the co-screenplay written by Stuart Beattie, Interceptor is an American Australian action drama film the production by Ambience Entertainment and Foryor Entertainment. The plot of the film revolves around captain Collins and how she fights back to save humanity.

Interceptor Part 2 Release Date

A long 90 minutes film was released on May 26, 2022, in Australia and had a worldwide premiere on June 3, 2022. Just after some hours of its release, the film start getting trending and gaining mixed to positive reviews and ratings from the audience and critics.

The audience praised the work of Elsa Pataky and she also claimed to be satisfied and happy to be a part of such a big project. As of date, there is no news about Interceptor part 2 and the audience is waiting for the official approval. The makers have yet not decided if they will come back with part 2 or not but as the film is going smooth and trending among the audience, the makers can think of its sequel but the audience has to wait till then.

Interceptor Part 1 Release DateMay 26, 2022
Interceptor Part 2 Release DateNot Announced
Interceptor Part 2 Release Date

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Interceptor Part 2 Story

Part 1 of the film revolves around Captain J. J. Collins as how she gets transferred to a new interceptor base station after her bad incident. She is now led by Lieutenant Colonel Clark Marshall, who tries to please her and support her in a new environment. She soon got to know that an active shooter situation has occurred in Fort Greely, caused by their people.

It was a tough time for her as she needs to tackle the situation by using her experience of so many years. She needs to save humanity in the middle of the Pacific Ocean by using her intelligence and the depth of the knowledge she gained in recent years. As Marshall was shot to death by an assailant, Collins also shot the next one and manages everything by herself.

Alexander Kessel was the mastermind behind the game who urges Collins to let him into the command centre so that he could let her live free but she refused. He lured her by saying that he is having captain Lou Welsh in captivity and she could save him by allowing him but she doesn’t which allows him to kill the captain. She was reminded of her past by Kessel which broke her first but later made her even stronger than before.

Soon, the fight began to stop as Kessel was shot to death by a Russian sniper. Although Collins got hospitalized she was praised for her acts and was given the position among her National Security Staff which she happily accepts. As part 2 is not officially confirmed, there is not an official plot but the audience can wait until it gets renewed for the next instalment.

Interceptor Part 2 Cast

Interceptor Part 2 Release Date

The cast of the film is talented and daring as they can be seen doing such action stunts and sequences. Our hall of fame is Elsa Pataky who is seen in the character of Captain J. J. Collins along with Luke Bracey as Alexander Kessel. Other casts include Aaron Glenane as Beaver Baker, Mayen Mehta as Corporal Rahul Shah, Belinda Jombwe as Ensign Washington, Collin Friels as Frank Collins with Zoe Carrides as President Wallace.

Other than these casts, the audience also saw Marcus Johnson as General Dyson and Rhys Muldoon as Lieutenant Colonel Clark Marshall. In addition, Chris Hemsworth and Mark Dessaix also made their special appearances in the roles of a game theory strategist and a salesman. As the makers have not marked their words upon the release of part 2 of the film, the cast is also not confirmed. However, if the film gets renewed for the next installment it can have the same cast but the audience needs to wait till then.

Interceptor Part 2 Trailer

Ok, no need to worry about the official trailer of Interceptor part 2, as it has not been released yet. Till the film gets official approval for a second instalment, the audience can watch the official trailer of part 1. They can see the action sequences and the graphics which have been praised so far.

Where To Watch Interceptor Part 2 Online?

The film officially got released on Netflix and it is on trending since then. Although, the makers have yet not announced anything about the next instalment of the film it will release on the same platform if gets the green light for the same.

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