25 LGBTQ Anime That You Should Watch In Pride Month!

Anime is an animation from Japan. It belongs takes viewers to a diverse universe. People found of action, fantasy, and romance is most focused on amines. Telling stories diversely is one of the appealing qualities of anime LGBT is the genre for the people in the LGBTQ community. It is a respectful way to focus on the backstory of relationships or sexual orientations. It represents the amazing queer in media and stories. Anime has released fantastic series with queer characters while most western animations still have conflicts to include queer characters. These prolonged anime series with shows like girl Utina and Yuri on ice. LGBTQ is hardly unique to anime. Anime has great LGBTQ series giving experience in different genres. Several series of LGBTQ are present that everyone could watch. These series include fantasy but it also covers action, sci-fi, Olympic sports and many more. Here we go with the must-watch LGBTQ anime series.

1. Gakuen Heaven

25 LGBTQ Anime

This anime is about a youngster name Keita who receives an invitation inviting his presence in a secret pupil’s academy with extraordinary abilities. Although Keita just wonders about the invitation, he has the question in his mind about how did he receive a letter from such distinguished institutions. As the series moves forward Keita begins to have queries about his friend Kazuki.

The anime series is based on the computer game name showmen-ai. It is a short anime with 13 episodes, 5 manga have been released and three have been translated into English. Each episode is the continuation of the stories next.it is suggested to watch each episode to grasp and understand the full Serie. The series has two seasons and it was released in 2011.

You can stream the anime on CRUNCHYROLL

2. Revolutionary Girl Utena

25 LGBTQ Anime

This story shows a girl name Utina who is a tomboy, who was new to Ohori academy and introduce herself as a boy to complete her desires, she tried to complete her desire through her strong personality and tomboyish nature she sets her heart on being a prince. She swords battle and wins Anthony the “Rose Bride “in the academy where she studies.

The series contains sword fighting, romance, school, and many more, the finale in the series is a little sad, so be ready with a hanky in case you are emotional

Revolutionary girl Utina is an old anime from 1990 it was trendy at that time and in 2022 also it just seems fantastic. The series contains 39 episodes

You can stream the anime on Amazon Prime Video.

3. Sasameki Koto

25 LGBTQ Anime

The story is about a boy named Sumika who is a high school student blessed with intelligence and athletics, who loves her closest friend while her best friend ushioni has a different outlook about who she likes in girls. Sumika tries so hard that ushioni could notice her and understand Sumika’s feelings regarding her. The series is full of drama between Sumika and ushioni, if you are found high school dramas enjoyable then this derives are definitely for you

Sumika is unable to express her feeling she always stayed by herself and watch over her. The series is full of romance and comedy

The series contains 13 episodes of the manga

You can watch it on Crunchyroll

4. Yuri On Ice

25 LGBTQ Anime

The series is about Yuri who is a word hippo thesaurus who gives a break to his career after meeting victor. After winning the competition victor becomes Yuri’s competition coach. In the grand Prix victor and Yuri gets closer to each other and Beguns kisses each other. The series is all about sports, love, and attraction, it was quite different from the rest of the Shonen-ai series, many reviewers did not agree with each other over the series because it is Shonen-ai

The series contains 12 episodes with OVA and manga.

You can stream the anime on Funimation, Crunchyroll and Netflix

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5. Citrus

25 LGBTQ Anime

Yuzu a fashionable fun-loving city girl transfers to the neighbourhood high school after her mother’s remarriage to another man. Yuzu develops feelings for her step-sister. The series shows the evolution of love emotions between two girls Even after witnessing it for the first time many individuals are put off by the step sisters

If you can reach beyond the entire stepsister issue then you will love this drama. The plot of citrus is quite decent. The series has 12 episodes and it is still fresh as it was released three years before. Mangas are also available to read

You can stream it on Netflix

6. Sekaiichi Hatsuko

25 LGBTQ Anime

Sekai Ichi is focused on three couples interconnected in the manga industry. One of its pairs is Takano and rictus. Ritsu gets the position its Masukawa publishing in the manga department. He sees that his high school sweetheart is his new employer. Now he has to decide between his job and love. A heartbreak gives rise to ritsu to fall in love again. After years of dispersion, they re-establish their relationship. Takano commits to confessing his love in front of Ritsu. The series is love with romance and fantastic music

You can stream this show on Crunchyroll

7. Finder Series

25 LGBTQ Anime

Tabaka Akihito is a freelancer in photography, here years old, who likes his work and looks to get a scoop. When he takes photographs of Asami Ryuichi the business dealing crime lord, later he was raped by Asami. They continuously get attracted to each other, Chinese boss who has some conflicts with Asami takes interest in Tabaka. The anime has only two ova’s of just an hour long. It is yaoi, it has a decent plot for viewers. The Ovas are adult, the series is fantastic and the manga is better.

You can stream this show on Amazon instant video

8. Mirage Of Blaze

25 LGBTQ Anime

The story is about a high school student an incarnation of lord Kage Tora, Takaya a high school student come across the naoi and kagetorahad a savage history together. The characters are considered to be the reincarnation of themself as they have spiritual-like properties. It is Shonen-ai Serie

This anime is old, don’t miss even a single episode or you will get confused about the story.

You can stream this show on Netflix

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9. Love Pistols

25 LGBTQ Anime

A Japanese manga series by Taraka Kotobuki. Tarub Norio is the main character of the series. Who was the returner to ancestry? He has trouble hiding his. He loves Kumasaka and does stupid things and apologies for them later there are only two ova and the plot becomes confusing sometimes.it was released in 2010.

It has ten volumes and two episodes. First, it was named sex pistols but later it was named love pistols to avoid trouble.

You can stream this show on Netflix and Disney plus

10. Embracing Love

It includes two adult film stars Kyosuke Iwaki and Yoji katsu. Who is taking retirement from their careers? When they were invited for the erotic film at that time, they realize that this is their last chance to achieve mainstream success. The director asks them to make love to each other to select who will be in the lead role

And this scene takes both the romance and many more which alter their career  

It has 2 Ovas 30 min long and was released in 2005. It is the manga by youkan Nitta. With the manga, a CD and ova have been released

You can stream this drama on Gogo Anime.

11.Ouran Highschool Host Club

The story is about a group of students in high school. Who was having their secret club in the high school? The work of the group was to welcome and entertain the girls in the class

The girl’s name is Hauri who was a girl but the gang assume that she was a boy. They select Hauri to be one of three hostesses. The series is mostly known. It has 26 episodes with humour gender budding and cross-dressing.it was released in 2006. Its next episodes are soon to be released in mid of 2022. The anime is quite good but boring for fantasy anime lovers

You can stream this anime on Crunchyroll

12. Love Stage

A manga artist Izumi portrayed a girl in a commercial with a boy. After years when they were planning to Perform the portrayal again, he avoids becoming a star. Izumi was never been in the spotlight instead his target was to become a manga artist. Because of Izumi’s feminine appearance and unisex name, Royanna believes that Izumi is a girl. Royanna was not ready to stop his feelings for Izumi even after telling the truth          

The anime has 10 episodes which are sufficient to watch at once. A Charming and short anime to watch for all persons

You can stream this anime on Crunchyroll

13. Angels Feather

The story is about a chou who is interested in kendo. He transfers to a private school. Where he sees his brother who never believes him. The school Covers a diverse world where everyone has powers and Chou also realizes the abilities hidden inside him. The anime is a bit perplexing. But the ending of the anime is unexpected

The anime is short with Ova of 2 episodes. But it is something fantastic. one should watch it

You can stream this anime on Funimation

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14. Cheeky Angels

It’s about a beautiful girl who looks like an angel named Megumi. Many people around her refer to her as an angel. But the terrible secret they never know that was Megumi was male once.

When she was nine years old, she found a book with a genie. The genie completes the wish whenever the blood is put into the book. Megumi’s wish was to be the manliest guy globally but the genie transfers him into a woman. Megumi’s best friend Miki wants to convert her into a young lady, but Megumi is distressed to hold on to her masculine side. The series is quite long with 50 episodes

You can stream it on Gogoanime

15.Nabari No Ou

The story features a guy name Minari who has a talent name hijutsu. Hijutsu is the skill clan by many ninjas to become the ninja world’s king.

One day his classmate and English instructor form a new group named a way to ninja. Miharu always refuses to join the group but after being subjected to ninja attacks he has no other option rather than joining the group. Later mehari realizes that if he becomes the nabahari ruler then he will possess tremendous skills to escape several attacks. Meharis’s secret method focuses on bisexual relationships

You can watch it on Funimation

16. Kanamemo

Kana memo is the story of a girl named Kana memo who is in middle school and lost her parents and remaining relatives too.

So, she ends up working at a newspaper office.  she has to deal with long working hours and many more things at once She used to frighten a lot, especially in the presence of Haruka. The genre of the anime is a comedy, a slice of life.

It has 6 volumes and 13 episodes.

You can stream it on Crunchyroll.

17. Dramatic Murder

The anime revolves around a character named Aoba saregak who is interested in living an ordinary everyday life. One day he is pulled is the rhythm game. It is a virtual reality game in which one can compete with each other in opposition

When Aoba enters the game, he finds that there is a rash of explicable killing recently. The game has yaoi moments. There are no bisexual scenes and based on yaoi games

You can stream it on Crunchyroll

18. Sasakl And Miyano

This is the fresh anime released in 2022. Sakal and MIYANO are the two boys attracted to each other. Sasak’s feeling for Miyano becomes more complicated with the time they spend together. Later they share a common interest in each other and their relationship develops further. The anime contains some serious chemistries. The anime not only concentrates on the bisexual relationship but also on the love for manga. It is a perfectly executed romance by non-queer standards.

You can watch it on Crunchyroll

19. Paradise Kiss

Yukari is a beautiful arrogant girl studying for her entrance exam she was like not truly living her life. Later she was kidnapped by Isabella. Later she marries Hiroyuki after that also she rejects Hiroyuki and finds George when she was doing a modelling job in New York .anime shows deep themes of discovery of self and the appearance of transformation through fashion. The anime includes openly queer characters ranging from Isabella to George who both are transgenders

Although the drama includes some emotional movements too.

You can stream it on Netflix

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20. Pattaliro And Princess Knight

Patalliro is the earliest Shonen-ai on Japanese television. The drama and comedy both are interwound in the series. The anime is of the 80s. Something that will take you to the old anime vibes. To watch such a show of old times is so fascinating to see the transformation of LGBTQ+ people.

You can stream this show on Gogoanime

21.Adachi And Shimamaura

The series is about two girls Adachi and Shimamura. They were decent friends at first playing tennis together to pass the time. With time they realize that there’s relationship is more than they ever imagined. The series is one of the best of modern shoji ai. It is best for people who found lesbian love stories

It is the Japanese Yuri light series. It has 12 episodes. The series was released in the year 2013

You can stream this show on Funimation.

22. Wandering Sons

Shuichi Natori is a student in fifth grade. Who transfers to a new school and quickly become a friend of Yoshino Takatsuki. They both have opposite desires Yoshino wants to be a boy while Shuichi wants to be a girl. Shuichi begins to attend a boy high school while attending another high school where uniforms are not compulsory, Yoshino doesn’t feel like calling himself a boy as he was not like Shuichi Yoshino also confesses an attraction to Shuichi but Shuichi rejects Yoshino, at the end they complete graduation and Shuichi starts to write a novel name a boy who wants to be a girl

The anime has 12 episodes. It comes from the genre drama slice of life. The author of this manga is Takako Shimura the struggle while entering puberty and romance are discovered in this anime. The anime has been launched for the exploration of gender identities

You can stream this anime on Crunchyroll

23. Yuri Kuma Aarashi

Kureha a shy person meets gingko. Who appears in the dreams of kureh. As kureha and ginkgo’s friendship grows kureha comes to know that gingko likes to wrap himself in his world where everything is made of bears. Due to an asteroid bear becoming assaulting people. Later bears and humans were separated by the wall

The anime contains violence. It has 12 episodes along with manga. There is a romance developed between two female protagonists.

You can stream it on Funimation

24. No 6

A character named Shion who was raised in an elite and privileged environment meets a boy called Nazemi and gives shelter to him later they both become friends very soon. Later their friendship takes the way to romance and the anime goes on

It is a little bit Shonen-ai. With an amazing plot. There are 12episodes in the anime. No 6 is emotional too. Little melancholy is the conclusion of anime

It includes two NYPD officers. A character name dee laytner falls in love with Ryo who was his American partner. It expresses the tale of their love and is not obscene until the last volume.

The anime is old and it is possible that you may not like voice acting and animation quality. It has only one ovum with the second-volume manga. If you love ova then the manga is quite better

You can stream it on Crunchyroll.

25. Fake

It includes two NYPD officers. A character name dee laytner falls in love with Ryo who was his American partner. It expresses the tale of their love and is not obscene until the last volume. 

The anime is old and it is possible that you may not like voice acting and animation quality. It has only one ovum with the second-volume manga. If you love ova then the manga is quite better 

You can stream this anime on Prime Video.

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