20 Series Like Tomorrow That You Should Add To Your Watchlist!

If you are searching for kdrama recommendations after watching Tomorrow, this article is exactly what you are looking for. We provide you with a list of 20 similar drama series like Tomorrow to binge-watch and enjoy. 

The Uncanny Counter

The Uncanny Counter is a 2020 Korean series based on a webtoon named Amazing Rumour. The series deals with ghost catchers, who catch evil ghosts, who have escaped from the afterlife. The ghosts wish to gain immortality. They possess murdered or people with strong murderous intent and increase their level of strength. The ghost catches souls that coexist with Yung(people who exist between the living world and the afterlife), who live inside them as their partners. Each of them possesses a special power, which they grant the ghost catchers to complete the job. The series focuses on a specific group of ghost catchers(Counter), who catch ghosts under the cover of working in a famous noodle shop. One day a Counter named Jang Cheol-Joong is killed while catching a Level 3 ghost. His soul is consumed by the Ghost and his partner Wi-Gen’s soul is set loose, struggling to find someone to possess. She comes across a disabled high school boy, So Mun. So Mun gets possessed by Wi-Gen and starts to get weird dreams and finds his body getting stronger and having weird changes. He is confused until he comes to the Counters run-noodle shop. 

Where To Watch: Netflix

Angel’s Last Mission Love

Angels last mission love is a 2019 Korean romance fantasy series. The series features the story of an angel whose mission is to help a girl so he can return to heaven. Lee Yeon-Seo is a highly talented ballerina who is the only daughter of a rich family. She turns blind due to an unfortunate accident and can’t perform again. She is abusive and has a terrible personality. She often oppressed her staff, secretary, butler and other family members. Kim Myung-Soo is a positive and carefree angel. He is sent on a mission to help Yeon-Seo find a suitable lover and make her happy. He enters her house and sticks 24/7 with her in order to complete his mission and help fix her nasty temper. They go through thick and thin together and they both end up falling for each other. 

Where To Watch: Netflix and Rakuten Viki app. 

Oh My Ghostess

Oh my ghostess is a 2015 romance comedy Korean television series. The series focuses on a virgin ghost, Shin Soon-Ae, who has lost her memory and is stuck in the living world, due to her lack of romance when she was alive. Her unfulfilled wish becomes her grudge and she has to seduce men to resolve her grudge. She comes across Na Bong-Sun, an introvert and a girl with low self esteem, who wishes to be a chef and works in a restaurant kitchen. She has a hereditary talent of seeing ghosts and talking to ghosts. Bong-Sun has a crush on Sun Woo, her boss in the restaurant and a famous, rude and prideful star chef. He doesn’t treat her well and often gets angry at her for being meek. Somehow, Soon-Ae possesses Bong-Sun, turning her into a confident and strong woman. Bong-Sun and Soon-Ae come into an agreement and Soon-Ae uses Bong-Sun’s body to seduce Sun Woo, who is starting to like Soon-Ae. 

Where To Watch: Rakuten Viki or Amazon Prime Video via VPN

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Mystic Pop Up Bar

Mystic Pop Up Bar is a 2020 supernatural, comedy, mystery drama series. The series is based on a webtoon, Twin Tops Bar. The bar is no ordinary drinking shop. It is run by Weol-Ju, an ill-tempered woman, who is given the job of settling the grudges of 100,000 souls. She is joined by chef Gwi and part-timer, Han Kang-Bae. Kang Bae has the ability to spill out people’s worries with a touch. Weol-Ju is desperate due to her deadline coming soon, and hence, asks Han Kang Bae to work for her after helping his friend. The Trio sets out to help people relieve their grudges and are faced with various troubles in the process. 

Where To Watch: Netflix or Rakuten Viki

Hotel Del Luna

Hotel Del Luna is a 2019 Dark Fantasy, romantic comedy series. Hotel Del Luna is owned by Jang Man-Wol, a ruthless and evil soul, forced to operate the hotel because of the sins she committed a millennium ago. The hotel captures souls, relieves their grudges and helps them successfully cross the afterlife. All the staff in the hotel is a ghosts except for the general manager, who has to be a human as they have to communicate and deal with the affairs relating to the living world, and the work can only be done by a living human. Gu Chang-Sung is a brilliant, smart and soft-hearted man, who returns to Korea after his father’s death. 21 years ago, his father promised Jang Man-Wol that his son will serve her after he grows up in exchange for his life. To save Chang-Sung, he sent him abroad but on his return, he is forced to work in the hotel and fulfil the agreement. 

Where To Watch: Rakuten Viki, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

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Black is a 2017 fantasy thriller romantic drama series. Han Moo-Gang is a newly appointed funny and cheerful detective who is shot dead. Grim Reaper444, a ruthless and sympathetic grim reaper, possesses his body and takes the help of Ha-Ram. Ha-Ram is a woman with a weird ability to see shadows of people’s death, and how, and when they died. She decides to hide her ability as she’s been tagged as a cursed Child her whole life. Lively Detective Moo-Gang is the person who gives her confidence in her ability, making her believe that her ability is not a curse. After the grim reaper takes over Detective Moo-Gang’s body, he pretends to lose his memory and surprises, everyone, with his 180° personality change. Since a grim reaper who has possessed a body can’t sense other grim reapers, Grim Reaper 444 takes Ha Ram’s help to complete his mission. 

Where To Watch: Netflix


Possessed is a 2019 supernatural comedy thriller series. Kang Pil-Sung is a brilliant and promising detective with amazing instincts. Hong Seo-Jung is psychic, can see ghosts and has primary knowledge about spirits. Her abilities make her live a lonely life hiding her true potential from everyone. Pil-Sung finds out about Seo-Jung’s abilities after she gets involved in a case. They decide to work together to solve various mysterious cases after Pil-Sung suddenly starts seeing ghosts. Hwang Dae-Soo is a serial killer who is executed, and his ghost possesses Oh Soo-Hyeok, a wealthy businessman, and decides to ruin the world.  

Where To Watch: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Rakuten Viki

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Guardian: The Lonely And Great God

Guardian: The Lonely and Great God is a romantic comedy fantasy drama. The story revolves around a Goblin who is stuck in the living world for centuries, waiting for his bride, who will pull out a sword which has been stuck in his chest. Kim Shin was a military general in the Goryeo dynasty. He is framed and hence, killed by the young king who is being manipulated. He is cursed by the gods for ruthlessly killing soldiers to protect his country. He has to live and watch his loved ones die, get reincarnated and die again. He is kind-hearted and helps people while waiting desperately for his bride. Ji Eun-Tak is a sweet and innocent high school student who is living a depressing life. She comes across the goblin and their fates get intertwined. She somehow ends up living with the Goblin, along with his Nephew, Yoo Deok-Hwa, and a Grim Reaper who wanted to capture her when she was a kid. Eun-Tak takes up a part-time job in a chicken shop run by a positive and cool woman, Sunny. Sunny and Grim Reaper keep coming across each other. The story between the four is revealed as the mysteries unfold. 

Where To Watch: Netflix and Rakuten Viki

Tale Of The Nine-Tailed

The Tale Of The Nine-Tailed is a 2020 fantasy action romance drama. The story revolves around a smart, brave, fearless and headstrong producer, who wants to find her parents who have disappeared after an accident. Nam Ji-Ah is a producer who researches paranormal activities in hopes to find clues about her parents. In her memories, she faces beings who are neither humans nor animals and are capable of changing their appearance. She refuses to believe her memory is a dream and is proved correct after she finds Lee Yeon, a fox who has lived over 1000 years and remembers him from her childhood. Lee Gon is a fallen Mountain spirit who has been given the job of eliminating dangerous supernatural beings who use and feed on the living. Ji-Ah approaches Lee-Yeon, who is surprised that she remembers him even after erasing her memory. Ji-Ah tries every possible way to blackmail Lee-Yeon into helping her find her parents. 

Where To Watch: Rakuten Viki and Netflix

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Bulgasal Immortal Souls

Bulgasal is a 2021 fantasy revenge thriller drama series. Bulgasal is an ancient mythical creature who is immortal and feeds off human blood. A child is miraculously born from a dead mother and is abandoned by the villagers and his father, who claim that the boy is cursed by a bulgasal. He gets adopted by the general of Goryeo and is named Hwal. He trains hard and is a genius soldier, killing every monster he comes across, except for a Bulgasal, who is never seen by anyone but exists in myth. He starts his adventure to kill the Bulgasal but unfortunately, his family gets killed instead. In a fit of rage, he attacks a female Bulgasal and they both get hurt. The female Bulgasal steals his soul and dies making him immortal and a Bulgasal.

Hwal lives to take revenge on the female Bulgasal who killed his family and doesn’t drink blood due to his promise to the general. He comes across reincarnations of the female Bulgasal but is always a step late. The female Bulagasal is born with her memories from past life intact and her soul attracts the reincarnations of the monsters. During her last incarnation, she is born as a twin with one of them having the memories but the other one being absolutely unaware of her past. The mystery of the Bulgasal takes a new turn as a new Bulgasal reveals himself. 

Where To Watch: Netflix

The Bride Of Habaek

The Bride of Habaek is a 2017 fantasy romantic comedy-drama series. Lord Ha Baek is a narcissist, rude and arrogant God in the land of water. He travels to the living world to find sacred stones which will help him gain the throne of the Divine Realm. He finds himself lost and has a hard time on the living world until he comes across So-Ah, a hardworking and sweet neuropsychiatrist. She belongs to a family who is fated to help and serve the Gods whenever requested, because of the sins her ancestors committed. So-Ah thinks he is mentally ill and tries to put up with him while helping him find his friends in the living world who can help him. She is introduced to Bi-Ryeom, the God of sky and Mu-Ra, the beautiful goddess of water. She learns about the existence of these gods and helps Ha-Baek live in the living world. 

Where To Watch: Netflix and Rakuten Viki

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A Korean Odyssey

A Korean Odyssey is a South Korean fantasy romance comedy horror drama series. Seon-Mi is a young kid, who has the ability to see ghosts and spirits. She roams with a yellow umbrella given by her grandmother, which protects her from ghosts. One day while walking home Seon-Mi is saved by Woo Ma-wang(bull deity), and he offers her the job of entering a magical house to retrieve a fan. She complies and is faced by Son Oh-Gong, a monkey king. He promises to save her whenever she calls his name in exchange for his freedom. She agrees to the deal and sets him free. Oh-Gong is sly and mischievous by nature and steals her memory when she learns his name. She is no longer able to call for his help. Seon-Mi grows up to be a successful real estate company owner who deals with haunted houses. One day, she comes across Oh-Gong and she expresses her anger toward him. Oh-Gong is helping the heavens by doing good deeds. During his job he learns of the birth of Sam-Jang, a pure being, consumption of their blood or flesh can bring power and immortality. Sam-Jang turns out to be Seon-Mi. 

Where To Watch: Netflix or Rakuten Viki via VPN

The Master’s Sun

The Master’s sun is a Horror fantasy romantic comedy-drama. Joo Joong-Won is the CEO of Kingdom, which includes a hotel and a major department store. He is always nitpicking on everything and keeps a close eye on his neighbouring rival Hotel. Tae Gong-Shil is a meek girl with an extraordinary talent of seeing and talking to ghosts. She lives in seclusion and is troubled by her ability, which doesn’t let her do anything peacefully. She meets Joong-Won and realises all the ghosts disappear the moment she comes in contact with him. She finds a line of hope and follows Joong-Won persuading him to let her stick with him. He gives up after watching her being so desperate even after being rejected cruelly so many times and offers her a deal. There are ghost rumours in his hotels(which he doesn’t believe), and asks her to get rid of them to stay with him. 

Where To Watch: Rakuten Viki, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video via VPN

The Witch’s Diner

The Witch’s diner is a dark fantasy food Web series. The story revolves around a witch and her peculiar restaurant which makes special food for guests and makes their most desperate wishes come true in exchange for some physical or important things from their life, which would be used as ingredients for the next meal. Joo Hee-Ra is a witch who manages the Witch’s diner. Jeong Jin is a girl who lives a problematic life with her mother. After being duped by a cunning woman, she randomly comes across the diner and has their food. The cunning woman dies and as payment for the food, Jin works in the restaurant. Lee Gil-Young is a boy who has a huge crush on Jin. He follows her to the diner and works there as a part-timer. 

Where To Watch: Rakuten Viki

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Chicago Typewriter

Chicago Typewriter is a 2017 historical mystery fantasy romance series which focuses on three resistance fighters who lived and carried out their activities secretly in the 1930s. Two of them are reincarnated as bestselling popular writers and fan. One of them remains as a ghost in the typewriter, which is later discovered by the popular writer during his fan meet. He is currently going through a slump and starts using the mysterious typewriter as a pastime. He is surprised when he witnesses written pages when he has no memory of writing it. The story talks about connections from the character’s previous lives and the grudge of the ghost who is stuck in the living world, without getting reincarnated. 

Where To Watch: Rakuten Viki 

Ghost Doctor

Ghost Doctor is a 2022 fantasy medical drama series. Cha Young-Min is a brilliant Cardiothoracic surgeon with god-like skills. He only accepts patients with a really low survival rate and always manages to save them without fail. Go Seung-Tak is an intelligent resident in the same department. He is the grandson of the hospital’s chairman and has great book knowledge but is scared of surgeries. The two doctor’s personalities clash from day one and Cha Young-Min, who is a professor, tries to make his life at the hospital hard and sends him to the ER.

One day after a surgery Cha Young-Min leaves the hospital for a while and on his way back, meets with a dangerous accident. His soul is left out of his body and his body is in critical condition. When he reaches the hospital, there are no doctors available to help him. Go Seung-Tak steps up to stabilise the situation in the OR. Cha Young-Min tries to warn him but instead enters his body. He performs his own surgery and they both decide to work together until his soul returns safely to his body. 

Where To Watch: Rakuten Viki

Bring It On, Ghost

Bring it on ghost is a dark fantasy horror romantic Comedy series. The series focuses on a college student, Park Bong-Pal, who has the ability to see, talk and touch ghosts. He works part-time as an exorcist to earn extra money. He comes across Kim Hyun-Ji, a smart female ghost, during his job. Hyun-Ji is a 19-year-old ghost, who died during an accident and has been roaming ever since for almost 5 years. When they first meet, they accidentally share a kiss and feel a spark. Hyun-Ji follows Bong-Pal asking to help her find her memories. Hyun-Ji has the ability to see Ghost’s death and they team up to fight evil ghosts and help them cross to the afterlife after relieving their grudges. 

Where To Watch: Rakuten Viki

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The Legend Of The Blue Sea

The legend of the blue sea is a 2016 – 2017 fantasy Historical romance comedy series. Heo Joon-Jae is a con artist who ran away from his wealthy family after the divorce of his parents. He wishes to find his mom and becomes a con artist to earn enough to live comfortably after finding her. He takes a break after the success of one of his projects and travels to Spain. There, he comes across a weird woman, who breaks into his room but doesn’t steal anything except for food. Joon-Jae finds a green bracelet in her hand and is sure it’s a lost jade bracelet. He takes her to buy shoes and in exchange takes the bracelet, leaving her alone in the mall. She waits there and Joon-Jae later finds her and takes her with him. They con people and are faced with thugs who wish to kill Joon-Jae. 

Where To Watch: Netflix and Rakuten Vikki

My Roommate Is A Gumiho

My Roommate is a Gumiho, is a fantasy romance comedy-drama series. The series focuses on a 999 years old Gumiho, Shin Woo Yeo, and a college student Lee Dam. Lee Dam is a girl who accidentally swallows Woo-Yeo’s fox bead, which he has to turn blue before turning 1000, to become a real human. The bead starts changing its colour in Lee Dam’s body, and they decide to live together. The bead in Lee Dam’s body attracts a lot of ghosts and evil spirits who wish to take the bead and turn immortal. Woo-Yeo protects Lee Dam and takes the job of a professor in Lee Dam’s college to protect her 24/7

Where To Watch: Rakuten Viki and Netflix. 

Scripting Your Destiny

Scripting your destiny is a  2021 fantasy romance drama series. The story revolves around Shin Ho Yoon, the powerful God of destiny, who is in charge of writing the destiny and fate of the living. He is given the job of writing a masterpiece of romantic fate. He starts studying romantic fates and stories from screenplays and comes across Go Chae Kyung, a scriptwriter. Shin Ho Yoon tries to pair Go Chae Kyung with a kind-hearted producer, Jung Ba Reum.

Where To Watch: Rakuten Viki

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