15 Shows Like Shadowverse Flame!

Shadow verse fame has been one of the most popular shows that came out in the year 2022 and the fan following for this show has been going on and on, now this show is being produced by Zexcs studios and the makers of the show are Rintaro Misaki and deko aka, this show has been also known as shadow verse f instead of flame which has been the more common name used by the fans. Now if you don’t know anything about this show, you are missing a lot, and let us brief you a bit regarding this show. There has always been this in practice, that often animes are adapted or inspired from various Japanese games, and this show is also just like those animes, it has been adopted from a game where the shadow verse was first introduced. Now first came the show shadow verse and not shadow verse which can be considered as the starting of this successful series which has been going on and that came out in the year 2020 and now in 2022, we have received the second season of the show.

For those who don’t know anything about what goes in this series, here we see a world where there has been a huge disaster in the recent days and that has been related to shadow verse, which is like a trading card universe, where the trading card characters and the working of the game have real effects on the world and saves humanity. Now this time after the disaster, the shadow verse is taken very seriously by the people and there is an academy setup where students are trained to be shadow verse professionals. This is where the story of light starts, the protagonist of the show, joins the academy as a novice and goes on a journey to complete this school with his friends.

Now as we have seen there has been a rising fan base for the show and this is the exact reason, why we have brought to you 15 other shows which are just like shadow verse flames and can be checked out if you loved this show.

1. Shadowverse

15 Shows Like Shadowverse Flame!

The first show on our list can be nothing other than this show because many of us have only watched shadow verse flames or F because of the growing hype regarding this season of the show and because it follows a completely different story, but we should always remember that the first season was a complete hit too and was set in the same universe as the second season of the show, just the protagonist and his journey were a bit different. Now the makers of the show are completely the same as the makers of the second season and Zexcs goes on producing the show and follows the story of ryugasaki who comes across the world of shadow verse through a mysterious phone in his storage shade in which the game was already installed, and he embarks into the shadow verse to stop a random game bully but ends up being one of the top players.

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2. Yu-Gi-Oh

15 Shows Like Shadowverse Flame!

One of the top contenders in this list is yu-gi-oh which came out in the year 2000 there has been a huge fan base for this show, and many people consider it as one of the best games which have a trading card game base. Now, this show has been very positively praised by the critics and follows the story of a lonely boy, who finds an ancient puzzle in an antique show and he founds it that if he solves the puzzle his wish will be granted, while he ends up solving the puzzle, a game called the dual monsters goes on rising and it is a game where cards contain various monsters and you can use them to battle around. When the boy finishes the puzzle, he asks for friends he ends up learning the game very quickly and gains popularity, and lives in peace with his friends but soon his grandfather the dearest to him is kidnapped.

3. Chihayafuru

15 Shows Like Shadowverse Flame!

Now, this is a game on this list that isn’t like any other trading card game which you will find on the list. This anime series has received 3 seasons and has been quite a popular anime, we see fantasy, as well as a slice of life in this anime, and the first season of the show came out in the year 2011 and follows the story of Chihaya, taichi, and Arata, who come together as they introduce chihaya to the game of karuta. Now karuta is a card game that is completely different and is beautiful, it is based on understanding poetry remembering it, and tremendous mental capabilities to play, and the three of them after learning the game open a club of karuta in their high school and dream of winning the omi shrine national championship.

4. Build Divide: Code Black

15 Shows Like Shadowverse Flame!

This is one of the most recent trading card game-based shows which is on the list it came out in the year 2021 and has been quite popular thus it has also been renewed for a second season which is premiering in 2022. Now this show is made by Kawamoto Homura, and this show follows the story of a city where the king’s rule works, and the worth of people in that city can be found out by the power of the person in the built and divide trading card game, now one could get any of his wish fulfilled if he can defeat the king in the build and divide game and people can battle the king only through the TCG battle, now the protagonist of the show teruto kurbe dreams of defeating the king and goes on a journey with his friends and he has only one dream of defeating everyone in the game. Overall, a great show to watch. 

5. Fantasista Dolls

15 Shows Like Shadowverse Flame!

This anime series has been famous and has received 12 great episodes which have been loved by fans, but mainly it has been famous for its manga series, which is huge and has got a great fanbase, it is because of the success of the manga series that it was made into an anime, now you can do both, read the manga or watch the anime, both of them will be a great experience. This show came out in the year 2013 and follows the story of uzume unio. Who is one of the best elite players of a trading card game where each card has got many characters who can use to battle other card owners, now surprisingly use gets hold of a special device, which can be used to summon 6 magical card characters called the fantasist dolls, and are extremely strong, with them uzune spend time and fights other card owners, who dream of defeating her to get there wishes fulfilled.

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6. WeiB Survive

15 Shows Like Shadowverse Flame!

There has been a lot of talk about this anime series which came out in the year 2009 and has received quite a good rating from the critics and fans. This show follows the story of Takeshi who gets his study session with the most beautiful girl in class, Michi interrupted when both of them travel to a different dimension where is the chosen hero has to play a competitive card game to go back to his home, however, though he is ready to play the game he doesn’t know how to play it, and that where might and she teaches them everything through a training session and the journey of Takeshi becomes a remembering one with continuous adventures and fun.

7. Cardcaptor Sakura

15 Shows Like Shadowverse Flame!

This is one of the oldest animes on the list and it came out in the year 1998, thus the animation quality hasn’t been great but the anime story is surely a great one. This show follows the story of Sakura kinomoto ten-year-old girl, who ends up stumbling on a sealed book of cards, which was sealed because it contained the mystical glow card, and each card has got extreme powers that can be used to create a catastrophe in the world, now she gets in touch with the beat of seal, kero chan who gives her some amazing power and she embarks on a journey to recapture all the cards and save the world from the disasters that may come her way.

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8. Selector Infected WIXOSS

This anime series has been a much talked about anime series and based on the success it has received with the first season, a second season for the show was also impressive. the first season made its release in the year 2014 and follows the story which is quite a unique one, the protagonist of the show Ruko kominato, finds out a deck of cards for the game WIXOSS and she finds out that in her avatar card for the card she has got, there is a girl who has been kept captured, now in this special version of the game, the players will have to battle other girls using the cards to get their deepest secrets fulfilled but there is a clause, that if you lost the consecutive battles you end up losing your lives.

9. Cardfight! Vanguard

15 Shows Like Shadowverse Flame!

Following kind of the same trading card story as all other trading card animes, this show came out in the year 2011 and has been very known for its great set of animation, which is completely on another level and follows the story of Aichi who is a highschooler, not good at anything after bullied except his trading card game, cardfight! Vanguard. And after his baster blade card, once being stolen and he fought Toshiki kai to get his baster blade cards, He gets more into the game and goes on his journey to discover the planet of cray where this game takes place and the adventures are just great.

10. Build Divide: Code White

This is the same build divide you read a bit earlier and there too we have mentioned about this season of the show which has been more popular than the first season of the show and can be considered as the reason behind the rise of the show, in this season we continue seen the story of teruto who is still dreaming of defeating the king, and this time he has got many friends and together they go battling g everyone and rising up however as we are seeing somethings are changing and teruto is just going hungry for power and he isn’t caring about anyone else who plays with him, we do need to see how this season of the show will end.

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11. Bakugan Battle Brawlers

15 Shows Like Shadowverse Flame!

Now you cannot be one of those [people who watch anime and haven’t played with Bakugan ever in your life or even haven’t heard the name of this show. This is the show which started it all, many of our anime journeys started after watching this the show and if you haven’t watched this show this is a reminder to you for watching this show right now because this has been one of the most iconic anime of all times, this show follows the story where in the world of drama, the game of Bakugan suddenly gains popularity however soon they come to know it isn’t a mere game but the Bakugan creatures have their own world which is being ravaged and danma and his team have to travel to that dimension to save that world. 

12. Z/X: Ignition

This is another show which has been quite famous and has been adopted for anime only after its manga did extremely good, and this anime follows the story of the future, and in the underlying story the card game goes on to continue, the world of the five points from different time opens through different portals all over the world and they embark into the present-day world and they start battling just to make sure their own world will survive at the end and we have got our main protagonist belonging to the present-day world getting into all this chaos through his card device.

13. Aikatsu

Now, this is an anime, where we don’t find any trading cards, but still, there are cards and these cards do something different, this is dress cards and enable the students of the respected starlight academy, where students aspire to be great stars of the future, and the show has been very famous based on the story it has got and receive four seasons which is completely incredible. The entrance test to the school is quite tough but worth it and this anime should be on your list if you would love something different and the entertainment industry is just your world.

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14. Battle Spirits: Shounen Toppa Bashin

Another big name from this list, is battle spirits, as this anime is one of the most famous animes, with a huge fanbase and follows the story where Toppa bashin, the kid is completely into the world of battle spirits and nothing else, he has inherited a pendant from his father and one day when he finds a similar pendant with another player while playing battle spirits and gets transported into a world where the spirits of the game are real and from there the journey of toppa goes on and is surely a great one to be part of.

15. Duel masters

The last name on the list, but can be actually considered as one of the closest animes to shadow verse flames, and this anime series came out in the year 2002 and follows the story of Sheba kirifuda, who has the dream of being a world-class duelist like his father, however for that the first step is to win the local tournament where he is divided by a world-class player and ends up motivating him to go on a journey to shine his skills as a duelist.

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