25 Movies Like Hustle That You Can Enjoy Watching!

Who doesn’t loves Adam Sandler, and here after a long time, he is back with a Netflix original, titled hustle. Now this movie has got its own flavours, quite different from sports genre movies, in sports genre movies, we generally concentrate on the player, the team, some tournament, or the coach, but how many of us know what a scout does for a player. The player is the man, but the scout is the person who finds the man, and that is what Adam Sandler has been in this movie, he is the guy, who finds the man.

We see the journey of a Spanish baller, who is just beyond description, and how Sandler finds him as a scout, takes him to the real game, and slowly they bond and rise together. This movie was released in the June month of 2022 and with a few days in hand only, it has become a super hit, fans had been waiting for this movie for almost three months, and the critic’s response to the movie has also been quite great and it has also received a 7.3 IMDb rating which is very impressive. Now for all those people who love sports, especially basketball, or you, yourself are a baller, then you need to watch this movie, you will get an insight into the life of a basketball scout and how a player struggles on the field mentally, to get into the pro level.

Now for all those fans who have already watched the movie hustle, and you have recently been frond about sports or haven’t seen any sports movies till now, we will provide you with 25 such movies, which are very similar to hustle and most of them are basketball based, we will also mention where you will be able to find all of these movies too.

1. Coach Carter

25 Movies Like Hustle

One of the most remarkable movies on the list, coach carter came out in the year 2005 and has received a 7.3 IMDb rating which is just admirable, this movie is all about basketball, the love for the game, and the life of student-athletes, the story revolves around a group of Richmond high kids, who have got great potential in basketball, but they don’t have the mentality of a player or my student, and that’s where coach carter comes in, to whip these students into shape and make them fall in love with the sport. This is one of the best movies about football and get a deep insight into how the basketball world works and what a coach is meant to be. Overall, this is one of the best movies you can go forward to, and enjoy your day.

2. White Men Can’t Jump

25 Movies Like Hustle

The second one from the list and a very funny one, white men can’t jump, came out in the year 1992 and has got a 6.3 IMDb rating, which isn’t impressive but you should get demotivated, as this is one of the top recommendations from our list, this movie is just fun to watch, and breaks the old day stereotypes that white guys can’t play basketball well, in the movie we see how street basketball hustle helps you make money, and when a white guy drops by everyone tries to loot him thinking him to be a noob in the game, but things turn around when he turns out to be beyond good in basketball, and he forms a deal to trick most peoples to get into basketball duel, with him and one of his black baller friend in the team and beat other guys who underestimate them, this movie is available on amazon prime.

3. Hoosiers

25 Movies Like Hustle

Hoosiers is a movie that dates back to 1986 and has received a 7.5 IMDb rating which just shows how good it is, the fan reaction to this movie has been great over the years, and has been praised worthily by the critics. This movie isn’t quite a unique one, but tells the story of a coach’s journey, with a small high school team, that has got a big dream to chase, the coach has to deal with the school authorities, and students with much more problems than you can think starting from family problems to grades and they pull everything together. They have the dream of going to and winning the state championship together. The movie is currently available on apple tv, amazon prime, and the Vudu platform.

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4. Love And Basketball

25 Movies Like Hustle

This is the movie which you can watch when you are looking for something romantic and still want basketball to be in it. This movie is about a guy and a girl, who have been friends since childhood, their friendship started on the note of basketball, and they go through all those years, from childhood to adulthood is the closest of friends and slowly falling in love with each other, this is the nice part of the journey which all of you will love, but both of them have got some great dreams to chase and while all these are going on, obstacles just start coming towards them and they start tackling all of them together, this movie is currently available on apple tv currently with a 7.2 IMDb rating.

5. Glory road

Now if you are here to see something truly inspirational, this movie is just meant for you, this movie is based on a true-life incident that changed the NCAA basketball championship history forever, when josh Lucan the coach of Texan western college leads a team of all black players, and compete against discrimination, obstacles, and a great player to reach to the absolute top, hf goes through a lot of struggles, such as his family living in the men dorm, and teaching the students how to play basketball, how to fall in love with the game and what discipline is, he not only helps them in basketball but gets there grades higher, and change the boys into men, this movie is available on Disney+ Hotstar and apple tv.

6. Uncut Gem

This is a movie that is not completely based on basketball but has got basketball going on somewhere throughout the movie, this movie is about a Jewish jeweller, who is addicted to gambling and is all under debt nearly up to 100000 dollars and now he has git his hands on a rich gem, which he smuggles and is currently with a basketballer who holds onto it for a good luck charm, now he has to retrieve the gem and go through many much chaotic situations while he handles his family falling apart, though that doesn’t affect him much, this movie has made it to the list not just because it has basketball, but mostly because this is one of the movies which stars Adam Sandler and basketball is a part of it too, this movie came out in the year 2019 and has received a 7.4 IMDb rating

7. He Got Game

25 Movies Like Hustle

He got game is a 1998 movie with a quite unique storyline, which has received a 6.9 IMDb rating which is quite impressive, the story mainly revolves around, an excellent basketball player named Jesus, who has just got out of high school and has already gained a lot of name among the colleges, who would like to get him, now Jesus’s father, Jake is in prison for charges against him for killing his wife and he is let out by the local governor, who wants him to pursue his son to get into the big state a college closely related with the governor when Jake goes to meet Jesus, Jesus is complexly unsympathetic of his father’s condition and there are many complications between the two of them and the story goes on with a great ending. 

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8. Home Team

25 Movies Like Hustle

Though not a movie related to basketball, but as we have said we are going to cover many great sports-based films and here we are talking about a 2022 film that is based on a true incident from American football history. This movie covers the story of sean Payton getting suspended for nearly 1 year after being related to the bounty gate incident, and for that 1 year, he returns to his town, to his family, and here he looks after his son’s football team, which hasn’t got much potential but sean shows what a true coach does and helps them rise, this movie is fun, dramatic and a great choice if you love football and has also received a 6.0 IMDb rating.

9. Above The Rim

25 Movies Like Hustle

Another basketball movie, here it is, many of you would have also heard the name of this 1994 movie, this movie is quite a fan favorite and has received a 6.6 IMDb rating which is quite great, the story follows an upcoming high school, basketball freak who knows how to dunk very well, and those dunks leads to the naming of the movie. The story follows the basketball player’s life while he is in a dilemma to choose between a thuggish team or his team a local security guard plays an important role, as he used to be a very well know back tell ball player, now has fallen out of the league. Thus, the movie is packed with drama and is fun to watch.

10. Space Jam

25 Movies Like Hustle

Many of us here have already heard about the movie space jam, and if you follow basketball this is not unknown to you for sure, this movie stars the great basketball legend Michael Jordan while he is asked for help by the looney tunes, to play basketball with them as they need freedom from a group of aliens who tricked them into a basketball game, first, they seemed quite tiny but soon the looney tunes got to see their real sizes. this is a fun show and should be watched by all.

11. High Flying Bird

25 Movies Like Hustle

Now, this is a sports movie, which is not only based on basketball but is based on how sports has turned into a business. This movie came out in the year 2019 and has received a 6.2 IMDb rating, now this movie is so complex that many of you may not like it, the movie follows the story that there is a basketball lockout going on and no basketball is being played, now one of the sports agency has got their eyes ready to sign some of the best upcoming players, and we follow the story of a sports agent in doing so.

12. Hoop Dreams

25 Movies Like Hustle

Very less people know about this movie and it’s quite justified as it’s just a documentary-based movie on basketball. but now you will be shocked knowing that this movie has received an 8.3 IMDb rating which is more than any other movie’s rating on the list. This movie follows the life of two basketball players who try to get into college basketball and have dreams of getting into professional-level football. Now as this is a documentary film, we do realize how realistic it is and at some point, you just fall in love with the game of basketball while watching this movie.

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13. Sunset Park

25 Movies Like Hustle

We have got another 1996 movie, which has been rated 5.9 on IMDb ratings. This movie is not a movie that is filled with a lot of drama but has got a very beautiful storyline which most of the fans fell in love with, this story follows the journey of a coach, having a team of undisciplined black kids in a neighbourhood school of sunset park, who love basketball but haven’t got the passion to play the game, now with some teamwork and a good leader they slowly rise to the top of the game and that’s what the movie is all about. 

14. Blue Chips

25 Movies Like Hustle

This movie is not a complete basketball-based movie but follows the story of a college basketball coach who gets into a scandal to get all the so-called blue chips which refer to the most prospective players available by giving them some kind of cash or car or any other kind of wealth, which is extremely prohibited in college-level basketball. Now while all this is going on the scandal gains a bit of light and as we know slowly everything comes out. Overall, a great movie to watch and has received a 6.2 IMDb rating. This movie is available on amazon prime and came out in the year 1994.

15. Air Bud

25 Movies Like Hustle

This is going to be one of the most fun basketball movies which you can watch and this movie is a Disney original and came out in the year 1997 and has received a 5.2 IMDb rating and has got a huge kids fanbase. This movie follows the story where a dog who used to be a part of a circus, escapes his cruel master and starts living with a boy and his family and has got the skills of playing basketball, now as the story continues, we see that the dog gets a chance to play in the team and that’s how the story goes on with a lot of drama and chaos.

16. Teen Wolf

We go back again to a very unique movie which came out in the year 1985 and has received a 6.1 IMDb rating which is quite good, the story of this movie is based on a high school student who is quite struggling in life and is clumsy and has an unsuccessful career in his school basketball team, but suddenly he sees changes in himself and one day he finds out that his family is a family of werewolves, though this hasn’t been a bad change for him, the physical changes and quite a bit of body hair, was quite accepted by his peers and now he plays basketball like a beat and his life has completely changed.

17. Like Mike

From the name only and based on the fact that we are talking about basketball, we get it that the movie has got something to do with Michael Jordan, now if you are thinking of another movie starring Michael Jordan and his journey, then no it isn’t what you thinking, it the tale of an orphan kid who somehow gets his hands on some basketball shoes and finds the initials MJ written on it, and it act7ually belongs to the legend Michael Jordan, and soon the kid’s luck shine when he is asked to dwell with a pro basketballer during a match and from there starts the journey of the kid with Michael Jordan shoes.

18. Celtic Pride

This movie is one of those basketball movies, you shouldn’t miss if you want to laugh out loud, this movie was released in the year 1996 and has received an IMDb rating which is quite moderate. The movie follows the story of two loyal Celtic fans, who are just obsessed with the team, and one day when the Celtics can’t qualify for the NBA finals, they end up kidnapping the opposite team’s star player, a lot of chaos a lot of drama and filled with laughter. This movie is a must-watch.

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19. The Way Back

If you love basketball this movie is just for you, we have got here the phenomenal ben Affleck giving one of his best performances, where we see him playing the role of George cunningham, a great basketballer who walked away from his glorious future and now is back as a coach in his previous school and slowly starts understanding what coaching means and how he could slowly pull the team to show its true potential and make them believe in themselves.

20. Uncle Drew

Now many of you have already seen clips of this movie on many social media platforms, this may not be a very motivational movie but if you are looking for a fun movie and if you are a lover of basketball, this movie is going to be a good choice. In this movie we see a man fulfilling his team as he gathers a team of some aged players who have played basketball and they slowly get accustomed to the old way of playing and fulfil the man’s dream.

21. American Underdog

Now again we are going to move a little bit from basketball but its sports, its American football and the journey of one of the most successful players, who couldn’t cope at first with the changing world, and he leaves his big stage and all the fame and goes to work in a small supermarket, but soon the fire inside him ignites and he is back to deal with the world and rise und show his family along with his fans and the world of football, what his true potential is. This movie was released in 2021 and has been very successful.

22. Blind Side

Now many of you have actually watched this movie as this has been one of the best movies from the sports genre. This movie came out in the year 2009 and has received a 7.6 IMDb rating which is quite great. The story follows a white family taking in a black kid, who is an orphan and has faced quite a lot of horrific situations, but this time he has got someone who cares for them, he will rise to the top and become one of the best football players.

23. Remember The Titans

Another movie where the coach plays a very important role. This movie came out in the year 2000 and has received a 7.8 IMDb rating which speaks for itself, this movie has got a huge fan base and follows the story which is true where an African American coach is newly appointed and here, he has got to train his team to rise to the absolute top, the story continues and they have to face many obstacles in a racially discriminated league where they participate.

24. Space Jam: A New Legacy

25 Movies Like Hustle

Now, most of you who have already watched the first movie of space jam will get many references to this movie, as this movie follows the same story as it has followed in the original space jam however some things have changed as this time LeBron’s own son has been kidnapped and he has to play basketball with his animated friends against a goon team to get his son back.

25. Moneyball

This is not just a movie for sports lovers, but this is a movie you should watch if you are a Brad Pitt fan, this movie is based on the story of a tight on budget baseball teams manager who has got to get new players to rise but hasn’t got much budget and that where Jonah hill comes and his character becomes the new assistant manager and through proper computer analysis they make the best thing they could make in a limited budget.

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