Go! Live Your Way Season 3 Release Date Predictions!

The Argentinian romance drama “Go! Live Your Way” by Sebastián Mellino was a huge hit. A musically trained teenager obtains a scholarship to study at a renowned music school in this mellow musical film. She is well aware that the journey between her and her goal is terrible, but she has worked hard to overcome and survive it. This is also a bilingual show, but you can experience the cinematic aspect by watching it with English subtitles. Only two seasons have been premiered so far, both with thirty episodes. This love musical play has a large fan base, which has led to the production of a new season. So let’s dive into the page to know more about its upcoming Go! Live Your Way Season 3.

Go! Live Your Way Season 3 Release Date

Go! Live Your Way Season 3 Release Date

As mentioned above this romantic show has its two seasons. The first season of this film premiered on the 22nd of February 2019. Whereas its second season comes up on 21st June of 2019. This drama steals a rich amount of fans’ love and appreciation. Hence people are anticipating that soon it will release with its next fresh season in this June month. As such, there is no declaration of Go! Live Your Way Season 3 Release Date. we will update this page as soon as the information will available.

Go! Live Your Way Season 1 Release Date22 February 2019
Go! Live Your Way Season 2 Release Date21 June 2019
Go! Live Your Way Season 3 Release DateNot Announced
Go! Live Your Way Season 3 Release Date

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Go! Live Your Way Season 3 Cast

Sebastian Mellino developed and directed this musical romance drama for Netflix, which features Pilar Pascual as high school musician Mia Caceres. Mia is shown as a disobedient character. Her main strengths are music and dance. She, together with Renata Toscano as Lupe Achával, Jose Gimenez Zapiola as lvaro Paz, and Santiago Saez as Juanma Portolesi, provide a superb blend of dance, melody, and excellent presentations. Several more key and supporting characters contribute to the show’s overall spirit. The original ensemble is expected to return in the future season, possibly joined by some fresh faces who will undoubtedly add to the pleasure of this romantic musical.

Go! Live Your Way Season 3 Story

Caceres is a skilled singer and dancer. She is the frontman of a group that she co-founded with Gaspar Fontan, her childhood best friend. She, on the other hand, is eager to hone her skills, so she auditions for a scholarship at Saint Mary’s Academy, a school known for its excellent dance workshop. Isabel auditions after a considerable conversation with her aunt, but does not receive a scholarship. Mia and her aunt return to their hometown, where her aunt promises to locate her the ideal ballet school in Spain, where her son lives. But Mia is unaware that Isabel went to speak with Ramiro, the proprietor of Saint Mary’s, about the injustice of Mia not getting a scholarship. Mercedes’ hubby, the owner, grants the scholarship behind the principal’s back.

Mia has persuaded her aunt, who is on board with the idea, that she wants to adjust to her new school and make new friends. Mia, on the other hand, will have to deal with Lupe, the school owner’s daughter. Lupe is the academy’s most brilliant and popular pupil. As a result, Mia, along with her new companions Zoe and Simon, will do everything she can to unseat Lupe, Saint Mary’s top talent. Mia and Lupe, as well as Lupe’s mother, develop a deep rivalry as a result of this (the school principal). Lvaro, Lupe’s brother and the basketball team’s standout player, is a favorite of Mia’s. Juanma, Lupe’s stuck-up lover, is lvaro’s biggest competitor. Ma’s as well as the other actors’ life at school, their disputes, and their romantic lives are all chronicled in the show.

Go! Live Your Way Season 3 Trailer

Go! Live Your Way Season 3 Release Date

As of now, there is no such trailer available. But for you can have its previous show’s trailer. As soon as the updates or predictions will be available we will update this info for you.

Where to Watch Go! Live Your Way Online?

As mentioned that this show is on Netflix and its prior two seasons were released on Netflix. So you can binge-watch its previous two amazing seasons online on Netflix with its English subtitle. Wait some more time and make ready your holidays to watch its upcoming season on its release.

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