25 Best Korean Zombie Movies Of All Time!

K-dramas and Korean movie have recently over the past gained much popularity and prominence and this is just because of some of their excellent creation which has just moved the stereotypical ideas of people towards the Korean movie and drama industry. When it comes to science fiction, they have done quite some great works, followed by the genres where the storyline is based on any apocalyptic scenarios, we have also found out that they have a keen interest in zombie-based movies, and they have just moved to the top of the list when it comes to zombie movies. The main hype regarding Korean movies started after the release of squid game, and then we receive another blockbuster hit from them which is all of us are dead, drama series for which there has been a great hype, and we have recently received confirmation regarding the release of the second season of the show, which has been the talk of everyone mouth since the last two weeks. Now it isn’t like they have been making this kind of movie just recently, they have also got many great works in the past, that have been world-famous and have got a huge fanbase, will Oscar nominations such as the parasite and the train to Busan, two of their most amazing creations.

Korean movie industries have always been known for their romance and funny creations, and that is absolutely true, but if you are a fan of thrillers and then they won’t disappoint you in any way. Below we have mentioned a list of 25 zombie-based movies and series, which according to us have been some of their best creations, and are worth a watch if you are a fan of all of us are dead and train to Busan type of movies.

1. Train To Busan

 25 Best Korean Zombie Movies

For all of those readers who still haven’t watched the train to Busan and are a fan of zombie-based films, you are surely missing something, which you shouldn’t have, this is one of the most successful creations of the Korean industry and has been nominated all over the world for various awards, this movie came out in the year 2016 and has received a 7.6 IMDb rating which is quite impressive based on the genre. The storyline mainly follows a group of passengers who is on a train journey from Seoul to Busan, while they see a zombie outbreak happening all over the world, and there isn’t any proper cure or reason behind it and they struggle to survive on the train at any cost, this can be considered as the best movie from the list and is a must-watch for all.

2. Alive

25 Best Korean Zombie Movies

#alive is another south Korean movie that has been very appreciated for its cinematic experience, along with the story it has been dealing with, this movie came out in the year 2020 and has received a 6.3 IMDb rating which is quite good, the critics comment on this movie has also been mostly positive and it may seem stereotypical to many if you have been watching zombie movies for quite some time now, but how the actors have dealt with the crisis and the level of realism that is brought into the story is just beyond imagination. There are mainly two characters in this movie who haven’t been infected with the zombie virus and they fight their way against all these zombies, to become the last survivors.

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3. All Of Us Are Dead

25 Best Korean Zombie Movies

Here we are with a drama series, and yes we know that this isn’t right to add it to the movies list, but this had to be one of our top recommendations, when we are talking about Korean creations and zombies, this series just came out in the year 2022 and has received a massive 7.5 IMDb rating which is quite impressive, based on its genre, the story which is mainly shown in this series, is of a small school where a virus is spread from an infected rat which is kept in the school laboratory, and that marks the starting of a zombie apocalypse, we find zombies, not infected students and some hybrids too, who are infected but can control there urge of human flesh and helping the humans to fight against this zombie apocalypse, overall this is a great show to watch and the cast for this show have also outdone themselves.

4. Doomsday Book

25 Best Korean Zombie Movies

Doomsday book has been an anthology film that came out in the year 2012 and has received a 5.8 IMDb rating which is quite moderate, this movie had gained quite a prominence for the different stories it covers, and the actors have really outdone themselves in this movie, this movie has been appreciated by many critics all over the world, and we have got three different chapters, one of them being based on a zombie apocalyptic scenario based on a virus attack, the second chapter of the movie is based on a robot which is created by man, works in a temple, but under circumstance has crossed the limits of robots and moved a path forward towards humanity, and the third chapter is on an asteroid attack scenario.

5. Peninsula

25 Best Korean Zombie Movies

Now according to our recommendation, we hope that you have already watched the train to Busan and if you have already loved the movie, then here we are with the second part of the movie, this is a continuation of the storyline of the train to Busan and this time there has been a time skip of 4 years, and this time the story continues after abandoning the island for four years to control the apocalypse, a team of 4 survivors has been sent back to the island to retrieve back US 20 million dollars from the zombie-filled islands, the team seems to get very near there target, but soon obstacles, drop in there paths.

6. Seoul Station

25 Best Korean Zombie Movies

Now, this is a movie that came out in the year 2016 and is quite different from the other names that are mentioned in this list, this movie is an animated and adult one, which has got quite a huge fanbase, and has received many prizes because of its story, the movie has also received a 6.1 IMDb rating which is quite good considering it is an animated movie. The story follows an apocalyptic scenario where a zombie attack has broken out in the Seoul station after one of the homeless men transforms into a zombie after being dead, and while all this is going on we see a trio of characters, a father, his daughter and her boyfriend, the father and the boyfriend trying to find the sun and the sun trying to escape from the zombie attack.

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7. The Wailing

25 Best Korean Zombie Movies

This is another movie you need to see, if you love not only zombies but a good thriller based film, this movie was released in the year 2016 and has received a 7.4 IMDb rating which is quite impressive, there has been quite a hype regarding the movie when it came out and the story is based on a policeman, who is set on saving his daughter from an infection, which is quite abnormal and many people from his village has been affected by it, but nothing is sure where it is coming from, there are only hints that this all began after a Japanese guy came into the village and there have been various other incidents hinting that guy to be the source of all of this.

8. The Odd Family: Zombie On Sale

25 Best Korean Zombie Movies

Zombie for sale is quite a fun movie to watch, if you are one of those fans who would love a different type of zombie movie this is actually meant for you, this movie came out in 20019 and has received a 6.6 IMDb rating which is quite good, the story on which the movie is based on is of the Park family after they find a zombie which was clinically created, due to some mishap and now the park families, father, gets bitten by the zombie and he turns a bit youngers, they decide to profit from it and all elderly people trying to get young started getting bitten by the zombie, now soon we see the reaction as this leads to a zombie breakout.

9. Rampant

25 Best Korean Zombie Movies

The rampant movie is also another unique one belonging to the list, it is a South Korean thriller, and zombie-based movie, however, is set in the late qing dynasty century and thus everything is depicted in an ancient form, a clash goes on between two big power holders, and among all this, the Europeans have introduced zombies or as they call them night demons into the country, now they have to deal with there internal problems along with this zombie outburst, this movie is filled with action dram and a very well written story. This movie came out in the year 2018 and has received a 6.3 IMDb rating, though the critics gave a mixed review of the movie, the fan’s reaction was exclusive.

10. Horror Stories

25 Best Korean Zombie Movies

This movie is quite different from the other movies on the list the horror story came out in the year 2012 and has received a 5.7 IMDb rating and the fan’s response to this movie has been amazing and has also received many awards along with quite a positive critic response. The story which this movie follows is that a young girl is kidnapped by a serial killer, and now her life is at stake she has to tell some of the scariest stories to him, one being related to a brother and sister waiting for their mother and supernatural incidents, a zombie attack over the entire city, we also see one where a man with cannibalism and a lot of money traps two women and a fight high above the ground in an airplane.

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11. The Guard Post

The guard post of GP 506, the name by which it has been more common in Korea, this movie came out in 2008 and is one of the oldest movies on the list, this has still received a 5.8 IMDb rating and hasn’t gotten the stereotypical zombie apocalyptic story, the reviews have been very positive regarding the movie and it has got quite a big fanbase and is famous among all zombie lover movie heads out there. The story which this movie is mainly based on the GP506 base where all the soldiers have been brutally massacred and a police-military officer is sent to find out what is wrong with the camp, he hasn’t got much time, and while he is gone there when the new men with him start getting affected, whereas they don’t know how the virus is spreading.

12. Zombie School

Zombie School is a Korean movie, which came out in the year 2014 and has received a 5.0 IMDb rating which is quite impressive, however, has received some mixed reviews from the critics, and the fan’s reaction has been mostly great. Now for all those who have already seen the movie all of us are dead, here we have something again for you if you will love a zombie-based movie which is set in a school, this movie is made for you, however in this not the students but only the teachers turn into zombies and that’s how the story goes on while the students try to deal with the situation and struggle to save themselves, from the zombie outbreak. This movie is a great choice and can be surely seen if you have watched all the above-mentioned movies.

13. Flu

Now, this is a movie, that is not completely zombie-based, but belongs to the same type and is quite suggestive of the title the movie has got. There has been a virus outbreak in a secretive ship container, in which humans have died, now the virus is slowly spreading all over the city via rats, who have been feeding on that corpse and it has got into a pandemic situation, many people rusk into the hospital, with the same symptoms and the entire city, is locked down, while people struggle to save their closed ones, only a few stays uninfected, a person who is infected dies within 36 hours and the cure isn’t yet discovered. This movie is full of thrill, suspense, and action and is an overall worthy movie to watch with a 6.6 IMDb rating.

14. The Neighbor Zombie

The neighbour zombie is a movie, which has got quite a stereotypical story like all other zombie movies, however, the ending is quite different and there is a bit of uniqueness in the story. Here we see that there has been a virus outbreak and everyone is being turned into a zombie, however, it is not at an adverse rate and the government is trying to find all those infected people and get rid of them, while some civilians try to hide their neighbour, and feed them and go on a search for a cure. That’s quite different from any other movie we have mentioned in the list. Overall, a worthy show to watch and can be seen for a change.

15. Four Horror Tales: Dark Forest

This is another movie that dates back long back that is 2006 and has received just a 4.0 IMDb rating, there haven’t been very good reviews regarding the movie, however, according to some this movie is a complete masterpiece for the horror genre, the story on which the movie is based is of a group of 5 friends who are going on a hiking trip in the mountains and there is a prohibited forest area, into which one by one they all get disappears, while all of this happens, we know that there is something wrong going on and it may be zombies, to know more you now have to watch the movie.

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16. Kingdom

Again, we are here with another series, which couldn’t be ignored, though we are talking about movies because this is one of the best series belonging to the zombie-based genre, this series is available on Netflix and released in the year 2019 and has received an 8.3 IMDb rating which is amazing. If you have watched the movie rampant, this series is quite similar to the movie and has also got a historic setting, where the price of the kingdom, is the only hope to save the people against a mysterious disease that has broken out and can be quite similar to a zombie outbreak.

17. Zombie Detective

This is yet another very unique series that has a zombie-based story, this show was released in 2020 and has a received a 7.4 IMDb rating, which is quite impressive, this isn’t a very thriller based movie however is quite amusing and has got quite a huge fanbase, the show follows the story of a guy who suddenly wakes up one day and finds that he has become a zombie and has no memories of past, he assumes a new identity of a personal detective and teams up with another detective working under him who gets to know his secret, both of them together solve crimes and find the secret behind zombies.

18. The Aliens And Hong Kong Zombie

This is a movie, very less people will tell you about, and it isn’t available on most of the streaming, or other platforms, nor do we find any IMDb ratings for this movie, however, this is one of the oldest zombie-based Korean movies and dates back to 1989 and the quality of the movie is not great neither is the storyline, compared to today’s cinematic world, however, if you are interested in one of the oldest movies based on zombies and is Korean, this movie can be checked out by you, but for that, you will need to find it.

19. A Monstrous Corpse

This is another 1981 movie that is based on zombies, however, this one quality is a bit better and the story follows the newly installed radio transmitter, to rise all the corpses and convert them into zombies and they go on attacking the city, this movie has received a 5.3 IMDb rating and is quite moderate.

20. Happiness

This is another series which released in the year 2021 and is quite a good watch if you are looking for a series, the story is based in a world where deadly infections have become very common and this time there has been a zombie-related virus and show in the modern world people deal with it, overall, a great show to watch and has received a 7.9 IMDb rating.

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21. Sweet Home

This series came out in the year 2020 and is not a complete zombie-based series however there are monsters as well as zombies in the series and has received a 7.3 IMDb rating which makes the series worth a watch, the show follows a lonely high school student who lost his family, and now is the only hope to save humanity against an apocalyptic situation.

22. Dark Hole

This is another series that came out in the year 2021 and has received a 5.9 IMDb rating which isn’t that great but moderate, the story isn’t a proper zombie-based story, but based on certain monsters who turn into black-eyed mutants when they smell a special type of smoke from a dark hole. The remaining people have to fight against it now and save humanity.

23. All Of Us Are Dead Season 2

Now for those who have already watched all of us are dead, hold on to your seats because the second season of the show has already been announced, the dates will soon be released and the fight against the zombie outbreak will go on, as much hasn’t been out yet, we don’t have any information on the plot.

24. One Cut Of The Dead Spinoff: Hollywood

This is a fun as well as thriller movie which hasn’t been appreciated by many, but can be given a try if you don’t have anything else to watch, this movie came out in the year 2019 and has received a 5.7 IMDB rating and is based on the story of a film crew who survive a zombie attack, but again are attacked by real zombies, while they are in Hollywood.

25. The Happiness Of Katakuris

Now the last movie from the list isn’t a zombie movie, but a movie that has got a lot of corpses, it is a fun movie to watch with a 7.0 IMDb rating and came out in the year 2001. This movie is based on a family, who plan to make their home a bed and breakfast, however, the guests keep on dying and the corpses go on being buried in the backyard, without anyone’s notice, why do the guest die, is a mystery.

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