Have The Makers Confirmed Vis a Vis Season 6 Release Date?

Locked Up or Vis a Vis, a Spanish crime, thriller, and serial drama series is created by Iván Escobar, Esther Martínez Lobato, Álex Pina, and Daniel Écijas. Released under the production of Globomedia, the series revolves around how Molina falls in love with her boss and commits embezzlement.

Vis a Vis Season 6 Release Date

Vis a Vis Season 6 Release Date
Vis a Vis Season 6 Release Date

The series premiered on April 20, 2015, and ran till July 2, 2015, covering 11 episodes. Season 2 ran from March 31, 2016, to June 22, 2016, season 3 from April 23, 2018, to June 11, 2018, and season 4 started airing from December 3, 2018, to February 4, 2019. The series was received well by the audience. The series was praised for the way it presents the characterization of every woman character.

The series was cancelled after four seasons but due to the high demand for the next instalment and a huge public response, the makers brought a spin-off series titled ‘Vis-a-Vis: El Oasis’. It was considered season 5 ran from April 20, 2020, to June 8, 2020, and ended on a good note. As season 6 was cancelled due to the increasing pandemic cases, there has not been any news about the same from that time. The audience is hoping to get one more season of the series but they have to wait till there comes an announcement.

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Vis a Vis Season 6 Story

The series starts with how a soft-spoken innocent lady, Macarena Ferreiro Molina ends up her career and went behind the bars after carrying out four tax crimes and misleading everyone after falling in love with her boss. She got a prison sentence of 7 years and was granted bail with a huge amount.

As she was behind the bars, her family was trying to locate the huge amount of 7 million euros. During this time, she was trying to adjust to the prison life among the other prisoners. She met with a bossy lady, Zulema there with whom she had a love-hate relationship. How a person can change from his or her soft side to a dangerous one is clearly shown in this series. As the makers have not confirmed season 6, we do not have its official plot.

Vis a Vis Season 6 Cast

Vis a Vis Season 6 Release Date

The series follows Maggie Civantos in the main role as Macarena Ferreiro Molina, a young woman sentenced to prison for seven years in the case of embezzlement in the company she was working at. Najwa Nimri is seen as Zulema Zahir, the queen of the prison and is famous for her criminal records, Berta Vazquez as Estefania “Rizos” Kabila, a young prisoner who is behind the bars for four years, and Alba Flores as Saray Vargas de Jesús, another woman sentenced for assault.

Inma Cuevas, Maria Isabel Diaz Lago, and Laura Baena came up in the characters of some more prisoners as Ana Belen “Anabel” Vila Roig Garcés, Soledad Núñez Hurtado, and Antonia Trujillo Diéz. The audience also saw Roberto Enríquez as Fabio Martínez León, Ramiro Blas as Carlos Sandoval Castro, Cristina Plazas as Miranda Aguirre Senén, Harlys Becerra as Ismael Valbuena Ugarte, Alberto Velasco as Antonio Palacios Lloret, Adriana Paz as Altagracia Guerrero, Abril Zamora as Luna Garrido and Daniel Ortiz as Román Ferreiro Molina.

The cast has portrayed their characters beautifully and the audience is hoping to get the same cast again in season 6. As there has not been any announcement of season 6, and most of the casts have moved to other projects the possibility of season 6 is low on the cards. But we have to wait till the makers release an official announcement.

Vis a Vis Season 6 Trailer

The audience can see the official trailer of the series and watch the complete series later. As there is no confirmation about season 6, its trailer is also not there. The audience has to wait for some time to get any news about season 6 and they can go with the series till then.

Where To Watch Vis a Vis Season 6 Online?

The series is available to watch on Fox Spain and Antena 3 in Spain. It is also available to watch on Prime Video in the United States, Hulu in Japan, ERT in Greece, and Netflix.

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