The Gloaming Season 2 Release Date, Cast, And Story Details!

The gloaming is an Australian crime drama television series that premiered on January 1, 2020, created and written by Vicki Madden.
The gloaming follows the story between life and death, Alex and Molly reunite after a year just to solve a very strange case, two cases from 20 years apart relationship with each other and puts the detectives in an unusual position. Is it just a coincidence or does the past has something dark in its grasp, the island is known to be full of bones and restless spirit but there is a much bigger picture going on Alex and Molly have to, anyhow find the truth from the past. Even though the series’s main focus is on solving the case but it also has some elements of horror mystery. The horror mystery is not super scary but it does add some more interesting direction in the part of the plotline. If you are done watching season 1, then you must be wondering when will you get the next season this year or next year? If you are wondering about all sorts of things related to season 2 then read this article you’ll get all your answers.

The Gloaming Season 2 Release Date

The Gloaming Season 1 premiered on January 1, 2020, it consisted of 8 episodes running for about 50 minutes. The last episode was released on 9 May 2021. In May 2020 fans got the confirmation the team was working on the development of season 2 however the official statement since then has not come out. As for the official release date, it still has not been confirmed but if the development process was under work in 2020, then the series has been delayed for quite a while now. Viewers can expect the series to be released sometime this year, so be ready to witness this new journey of the cast.

The Gloaming Season 1 Release DateJanuary 1, 2020
The Gloaming Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
The Gloaming Season 2 Release Date

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The Gloaming Season 2 Story

In the last season, the story opened on July 11 1999, at the highland lake, Tasmania where Jenny and Alex went for an adventure in the forest and they went inside the place where Jenny used to live before with her mother before they moved out. A stranger with a gun shoots at them and then leads us to present day Hobart, Tasmania where Molly is waiting outside someone’s house when the person leaves to go out Molly enters the property and starts looking for some kind of clue. Freddie instructs Daisy to drink and assures her that they will be alright but Daisy does not believe his words and keep mumbling that they will go to jail. Freddie tells her that he will protect her, Freddie’s mom has told him that his uncle lives in the mainland Ballmart they could go there and they will be safe. Daisy keeps saying that they will be punished anyway so they need to bury the dead she takes her bike and leave the place. Molly reaches her place she starts drinking and dancing, the next morning she arrives at the crime scene to investigate a murder case. In season 2 we will get our answers related to Molly and Alex’s past story and the murder.

The Gloaming Season 2 Cast

In season 2 viewers can expect to see the cast from the previous season reprising their roles. In season 1 Emma Booth portrayed the character of Molly McGee, Ewen Leslie portrayed the character of Alex O’Connell and Aaron Pedersen portrayed the character of Inspector Lewis Grimshaw. Anthony Phelan portrayed the character of William Finna Nicole Chamoun portrayed the character of Jacinta Clunes. Ditch Davey portrayed the character of Toby Broomhall, Max Brown portrayed the character of Oscar Wolfe. Josephine Blazier portrayed the character of Lily Broomhall and Matthew Testro portrayed the character of Freddie Hopkins.

Where To Watch The Gloaming Season 2 Online?

The first season, of the series, was released on Amazon prime videos, Starz, The Roku channel and DIRECTV in the US. In Australia, the first season is available on stan and in the UK the first season is streaming on Disney plus and virgin Tv go. We can assume that season 2 will also be most likely available on this streaming platform once it’s officially released this year.

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