Pandemic Legacy Season 3 Release Date And Related Updates!

Pandemic Legacy Season 3
Pandemic Legacy Season 3

Board Games are not only for kids. From teens to adults, all get engaged in board games once start playing. Normally, kids also play their board games with their parents and siblings at home. In this situation, board games should be such that teach something to kids, develop their personality, sharpen their minds, and teach decision making. With all these lessons, the game should also provide some interest and fun to the players. Hence, choosing board games become very difficult sometimes. 

But in the world of board games, Matt Leacock’s Pandemic is one of the most popular and trusted games. Published in 2008, Pandemic’s spin-off Pandemic Legacy series was first released in 2015. The game got very popular around the globe and season 1 also received 2nd rank on Board Game Geek. After season 1and season 2 of Pandemic Legacy, the prequel of the series season 0 came in 2020. Now, its fans are wondering about season 3. Hence, we came up with all the information regarding Pandemic Legacy season 3, its release date, and the expected story. 

Pandemic Legacy Season 3 Release Date

Pandemic Legacy Season 3 Release Date
Pandemic Legacy Season 3

The spin-off of the Pandemic board game Pandemic Legacy started in 2015. Its season 2 came in 2017. While a season 0 was also released in 2020 which is a prequel to the original game series. Hence, now it is time for season 3 of Pandemic Legacy. Notably, till now there is no official release date for Pandemic Legacy season 3 has been announced. But in a tweet by the developer of the game Rob Daviau, he indicated that Pandemic Legacy season 3 is under development. But after that, no official information regarding season 3 has been announced. But we can expect Pandemic Legacy season 3 release in 2023. However, this is no official date but only a prediction looking at the current circumstances. 

Pandemic Legacy Season 1 Release Date2015
Pandemic Legacy Season 2 Release Date2017
Pandemic Legacy Season 3 Release DateNot Announced
Pandemic Legacy Season 3 Release Date

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About Pandemic Legacy

In season 1 of Pandemic Legacy, we saw the spread of a very powerful virus on the earth from which you have to save people. every action of yours can either save the world or can increase the problems. The game could be played by two to four players. Season 2 of the games is the story of 72 years later the plot of Pandemic Legacy season 1. After season 2, came season 0. Unlike season 2, season 0 was a prequel. The storyline of Pandemic Legacy Season 0 was set during the time of the Cold War. 

Now it is clear that Pandemic Legacy season 3 is under development and will publish soon. But the creators have not given any spoilers related to the description of Pandemic Legacy season 3. It could be a sequel, a prequel, or a focus on the present time. To know the description of Matt Leacock and Rob Daviau’s Pandemic Legacy season 3, you have to wait for a little more time. 

Pandemic Legacy Recap

  • Season 1: A virus emerged which is becoming stronger every month. You have to control it a save people. In this game, every present action of yours will impact the future.  
  • Season 2: Pandemic season 2 is the story after 71 years of season 1. The world has been damaged through the plague and now it’s your responsibility to save and re-establish it.
  • Season 0: This season goes back to times of the Cold War when the CIA takes your help in investigating Soviet bioweapon. 

Pandemic Legacy Season 3 Contents

Pandemic Legacy Season 3 Release Date
Pandemic Legacy Season 3

The package and content of all the three seasons (season 1, season 2, and season 0) have been similar but different. Hence, in the season 3 package also you will find similar content as earlier seasons but it will be different in quantity and work. However, the game will be for 4 players and require around an hour to play. 

In the package of Pandemic Legacy Season 3, you will receive a rulebook, board game, reference cards, various character cards, and supply centres. Pawns, tokens, supply cubes, infection cards, legacy cards, and other cards and items. 

Where To Buy Pandemic Legacy Season 3? 

Pandemic Legacy is a very popular board game among all the spin-offs of the Pandemic board game series. Hence, season 1, season 2, and season 0 of Pandemic Legacy will be easily available in toy shops where the latest games are kept. However, if you did not find the game in a toy shop, you can also buy it online from Amazon or any other e-commerce where you find the game. 

Looking at the popularity of Pandemic Legacy, it seems that season 3 of the board game will also be available on e-commerce websites and local toy shops. 

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