When Is Final Life Season 2 Release Date Arriving?

Final Life: Even If You Disappear Tomorrow is a 2017 release Korean drama series that became quite popular internationally also. It’s been 5 years since the release of season 1 of this action thriller Korean Drama. But there is no announcement made regarding its season 2. However, the reviews for Final Life are very mixed but the fans of the series are wondering whether Final Life will have a season 2 or not. Those who liked the series wanted a season 2. Therefore, today we have bought all the available information and our thought regarding the release of Final Life season 2. Read the full article to know everything about Final Life season 2.

Final Life Season 2 Release Date

Final Life Season 2 Release Date
Final Life Season 2 Release Date

Fuji TV’s Yasuyuki Azuma who was the producer of Final Life season 1 and others connected to the series has not made any announcement regarding the making or release of Final Life season 2. Hence, we can not predict any release date for the series. If at least the shooting or pre-production of the movie may get started, we might have predicted the release date. But since the end of Final Life season 1, there is no information about season 2.

However, season 1 of the Final Life was released in September 2017 and ran till November 2021. In this period, 12 episodes of 30 minutes each of the series were released every Thursday. Notably, the series streamed on amazon prime video for an international audience in 2019. It may possible that based on the overall nation and international response to the series, makers may bring a season 2 with a new story and characters. However, there is no confirmation and official information on it.

Final Life Season 2 Release DateSeptember 8, 2017
Final Life Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
Final Life Season 2 Release Date

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Final Life Season 2 Story

Final Life season 2 might be a continuation of the same story. As it was a detective thriller show, there could be an expansion in its story. Looking at the history of Korean drama, it is also possible that a new story may be adopted for season 2 of Final Life. However, there is no official announcement has made yet about this.

In season 1 the lead characters Ryo Kawakubo and Song Shi-On were working for the secret investigative police. They both came from different backgrounds but are seen working together. We have also seen some kind of a bromance between the two characters. Apart from the work, their personal and past lives are also shown in the series.

Final Life Season 2 Cast

Final Life Season 2 Release Date

As there is no announcement on Final Life season 2 has been made yet, we can not tell its confirmed cast. However, as Final Life was a thriller movie in which the main leads were secret agents, the season may continue the same plot. Hence, the main lead and supporting cast could be the same. But there might be a few additions to the season 1 cast.

The main leads of Final Life: Even If You Disappear Tomorrow are two men. First is Shota Matsuda as secret agent Ryo Kawakubo who had seen poverty and struggles in life and the second man lead is Tae Min as Song Shi-On who is from a rich background and prestigious educational institution in the USA.

Apart from these two, you will also see a few supporting characters in the Korean drama. The supporting characters were Miori Takimoto as Kana Ayutasji, Shigeyuki Totsugi as Takuto Asada, Sho Aikawa as Kenichi Honda, and Maho Nonami as Risa Kano.

Notably, season 1 of Final Life was directed by Young Paul and Masatoshi Kurakata. While the screenplay is done by Junichiro Taniguchi and Shinichi Hisamatsu.

Final Life Season 2 Trailer

As there is no announcement regarding Final Life season 2 has made yet, its trailer is also not launched. However, the trailer of season 1 is available on YouTube as well as Amazon Prime Video. Notably, you can follow the makers of the Final Life season to get any updates on the making and trailer of Final Life.

Where To Watch Final Life Season 2?

Season 1 of the Korean drama series Final Life is available on Amazon Prime Video. All 12 episodes of the series are available on Prime Video in Korean with English subtitles. However, still, there is no announcement about Final Life season 2 has made. Yet, after the success of season 1 at Prime, it is believed if season 2 comes, it will stream on Amazon Prime Video. Notably, to watch any season or any episode of Final Life Korean Drama, you need to have a subscription to Amazon Prime Video.

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