What Was The First Netflix Original Movie?

Trial of Chicago, The Irishman, Marriage Story, Bird Box, Don’t Look Up, Fear State Trilogy, etc. must be the Netflix original films that you have watched. Undoubtedly, over the years Netflix has become our best source of entertainment. The movies and series that Netflix makes become a source of excitement among viewers. But do you know which is the first Netflix original series? What was the story of the series and how did it perform?

Netflix is an American company that provides Over The Top (OTT) streaming services around the world. You can watch the latest movies, TV shows, and web series on Netflix. Apart from movie renting services, Netflix also provides production services. Such movies and series are called Netflix original movies or Netflix original series. Netflix was originally launched in 1997. Earlier it use to provide movie or TV series renting services also. But after its success in this area, it was the time for the expansion of Netflix. Hence, in 2012 Netflix launched its first Netflix original series, and later it also launched the first Netflix original movie. But what was that movie? Which movie does Netflix release first as its original production? To know about the first Netflix original movie, read the complete article.

What Was The First Netflix Original Movie?

What Was The First Netflix Original Movie?
What Was The First Netflix Original Movie?

The first Netflix original movie ever released is The Ridiculous 6. The movie was released on 11th December 2015, three years after Netflix released its first Netflix original series. Till then, Netflix has earned considerable success in the original web series, it was creating. But, the very first Netflix original movie did not earn success like Netflix’s original web series. Critics panned the movie and it received the worst reviews. The Ridiculous 6 is a satire directed by Frank Coraci and written by Tim Herlihy and Adam Sandler. The Ridiculous 6 is an action-comedy film, but it was poor luck for Netflix that its first original movie did not succeed.

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About The First Netflix Original Movie

What Was The First Netflix Original Movie?

The first Netflix original movie was The Ridiculous 6. It was released in late 2015. Tom Costain did the editing of the movie. This satire was prepared on a massive budget of $60 million. But unfortunately, the movie was not a success for its makers. On IMDb, the movie has only got 4,6 ratings by people. And on rotten tomato, the approval rating is 0%. Many films had received this status on the website. The Ridiculous 6 is a story about 6 half-brothers who did not know that they are brothers. one of the six brothers, Tommy went on a quest for money to save his father when he knew who he is. And it was through this journey, Tommy came to know about his half-brothers from the same father.

As Tommy found the truth, he decided to reunite with his brothers. As he finds them, one by one they joined him in the journey of saving their father. However, various challenges were waiting for them on this journey. There was a gang also in the movie against whom the brothers were fighting. Hence, you will also see lots of action in the movie. All six of them have different backgrounds and different characters. These clashes of personality and characters bring the element of humour to the story of The Ridiculous 6. From the description, the movie seems good but those who watched it did not say anything great about the movie. This is the reason the movie has such poor reviews on the internet.

Story of The First Netflix Original Movie

What Was The First Netflix Original Movie?

The story of The Ridiculous 6 is about six half-brothers and their criminal father. The oldest brother Tommy lives with an American Indian tribe as the head of that tribe Screamed Eagle had adopted him when he was young. It was the time of Tommy’s or White Knife’s wedding when his biological father came and told him that he is suffering from tuberculosis and wanted to give his son $50,000 that he hides in the meadow. But the next day of this event a goon Cicero kidnapped Frank (Tommy’s father) for the same money. When Tommy didn’t find the money at the said place, he decides to collect the money and save his father.

In this journey, Tommy comes to know about his six half-brothers. The brothers come together and decide to flee their father. As the six came together they are known as The Ridiculous 6. But the journey was not easy. Apart from collecting the money, they had another challenge- The Left Eye Gang. This gang also had an eye on Tommy’s fiancé from the tribe. When the brothers got the money for the ransom of their father, it was robbed by The Left Eye Gang. They created many more challenges in the brothers’ way. But the strength of the 6 brothers together defeated the gang also. They manage to get back the money and save their father.

Cicero also used the left eye gang and when his work was done, he left them to die in the desert. But The Ridiculous Six saved them. In the meanwhile, Tommy also found that it was Cicero who killed his mother. He decides to take revenge on him and succeeded in it. When after all challenges, the six brothers reach their father, Frank told him that it was he who planned his own kidnapping for the money. This devastated the brothers but the gang had some other plan. Telling the truth to his son was all a drama.

There had an explosion after which Frank ran away and took Fox Smoking with her as a hostage. But Tommy follows him and saved her fiancé. The brothers were said to know the reality of their father. But, soon the tribe chief Screaming Eagle who adopted Tommy, also adopted his other half-brothers.  the movie ended on a good note as everything was corrected and Tommy married his fiancé Fox Smoking.

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The Cast of The First Netflix Original Movie

What Was The First Netflix Original Movie?
What Was The First Netflix Original Movie?

As The Ridiculous 6 follows the story of six half-brothers who had the same father, the movie has six lead characters. The first brother is Tommy also known as White Knife who is raised by a group of American Indian tribes. His character is played by actor Adam Sandler. The half-brothers of Tommy were Chico Stockburn, a saloon pianist played by Terry Crew; Herm Stockburn, a mountain man played by Jorge Leach, and Ramon Lopez Stockburn, a burro rider played by Rob Schneider; Pete Stockburn, a mentally challenged boy played by actor Taylor Lautner; and Danny Stockburn, a former bodyguard of President Abraham Lincoln played by Luke Wilson.

 Apart from these main characters, there were several supporting characters also in The Ridiculous 6. Among the supporting characters first was the father of six half-brothers Frank Stockburn, who is suffering from Tuberculosis. His character was played by Nick Nolte. Apart from this as the story of the six boys progress, they encounter several people. A few of the major characters in the movie are Will Patch played by Will Forte, clem played by Steve Zahn, Smoking Fox played by Julia Jones, Gus Patch played by Lavell Crawford, and various others.

In The Ridiculous 6, Tommy and Herm Stockburn’s childhood is also shown for a very short while. The character of young Tommy Stuckburn is played by Henry Steckman. While younger Herm’s only voice was streamed in the movie. The voice was given by Robin Leach.

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Is The Ridiculous 6 Still Available On Netflix?

Yes, The Ridiculous 6 satire is still available on Netflix. It is a worldwide available Netflix original movie. Despite facing criticism from experts and movie critics, Ridiculous 6 could be watched on the OTT app. The film made on the budget of $60 million did not prove successful after release. Hence, many of you might not even hear of the movie. If you want to know why this film earned so much criticism then you can search ‘The Ridiculous 6’ on Netflix and watch the movie. However, a subscription to the app is mandatory to watch the movie.

What Was The First Netflix Original Series?

Before making Netflix an original movie, Netflix made the original series. Its first original series was Lilyhammer. This is a crime drama series that was released in 2012. However, this movie was partly funded by Netflix, and before Netflix, it premiered in Norway. But it is considered Netflix’s first original film. Directed by Simen Alsvik, Geir Henning Hopland, Lisa Marie Gamlem, and Ole Endresen Lilyhammer is a humorous series as well. It has three seasons that were released between 2012 to 2014 and are quietly liked by people. The lead actors that appeared in this Netflix series were Steven Van Zandt, Trond Fausa Aurvag, Steiner Sagen, Marian Saastad, Mikael Aksens Pehrson, and various others.

In the same year, Netflix released some other series, and day by day Netflix started getting huge success. Today it is a big player in movies, web series, reality shows, and other online content all over the world.

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