What Is The Status Of Love All Play Season 2 Release Date?

South Korean series are as amazing as the country itself is. The makers of the country bring unique and different series and show from time to time to attract their audience and make them cheerful. Currently one of the cute and attractive sports love drama series is ongoing that is gaining a huge response from the audience.

Also known as The Speed To You Is 493 KM or Neoege Ganeun Sokdo 493 KM, Love All Play is written by Heo Sung-hye in the direction of Jo Woong. Released under the production of Blitzway Studios, the series is a sports romantic drama that finds the passion and love between the men and women of the same badminton group.

Love All Play Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 premiered on April 20, 2022, and is still ongoing till completing 16 episodes. The audience is liking the chemistry of Park Tae-Joon and Park Tae-yang and they have just put a new life into the roles. They both beautify and modify their characters deeply.

The audience can think of the next installment of the series which is their right to expect. Let us tell you that there is no official notification about the same till now and nobody knows if the makers are planning for Season 2. As the future of the next season of any series depends upon the ratings and reviews the previous season gets, it is the same here. Season 1 is doing well and more and more audiences are watching it now. We can expect season 2 only if season 1 gets good ratings and season 2 is called out to be in high demand.

Love All Play Season 1 Release DateApril 20, 2022
Love All Play Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
Love All Play Season 2 Release Date

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Love All Play Season 2 Story

The plot of the series revolves around the romantic story between the badminton mixed doubles protagonists and team members. While Tae-Joon inherited the magic and love of badminton from his parents but his passion came out when he tried to impress a girl he likes, Tae-yang is a former aspiring Olympian who got involved in a bribing scandal due to which she had to leave badminton for three years.

Just like the duo, every character comes up with his or her own story and the attachment to the badminton game. The soul thing that relies on the series is the romance between the opposite gender with everyone having different stories. As of now, the makers have not officially announced the plot of season 2 and hence the audience has to wait for some time more.

Love All Play Season 2 Cast

The cast of the series includes Park Ju-Hyun as Park Tae-yang, a badminton player whose life is all about sports, and Chae Jong-hyeop as Park Tae-Joon, a player who views badminton as just a profession. He joins the business team Yunis after being cut off from the city hall team, Park Ji-Hyun as Park Jun-young, an Olympic gold medalist who retired due to an accident with Kim Mu-jun as Yook Jeong-hwan, and Seo Ji-Hye as Lee Yoo-min.

The audience also saw Jo Han-Chul as Lee Tae-sang, Lee Seo-hwan as Kim Si-Bon, In Gyo-jin as Joo Sang-Hyeon with Choi Seung-Yoon as Yeon Seung-woo, Jo Soo-Hyang as Lee Young-shim, Moon Dong-hyeok as Go Dong-wan, Kwon So-Hyun as Cheon Yu-ri, Bin Chan-wook as Oh Seon-su, Jeon Hye-won as Yang Seong-sil and Lee Chae-min as Lee Ji-ho as the badminton team players. There are other supporting characters too who have beautified their roles. The same cast can come again in season 2 if the series gets renewed for the same.

Love All Play Season 2 Trailer

Love All Play Season 2 Release Date

The audience can see the official trailer of season 1 that how amazing the chemistry of the team players is. Every character has amplified their emotion and behaviour. It will not be wrong to say that the series is going to rock.

The audience has to wait for some time to get the official trailer for season 2. The makers have not currently renewed the series for the same and hence there is no trailer but it can come soon once the series gets renewed.

Where To Watch Love All Play Season 2?

Season 1 is available on KBS2 and also on Disney+ in selected regions only. The audience can enjoy season 1 till there comes any news about season 2.

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