It’s Beautiful Now Episode 20 Release Date Announced!

It’s beautiful now is an ongoing South Korean drama that is aired by KBS. It is a drama directed by Kim Seong-Geun. It can be called a weekend drama. It brings out the reality of the current generation who do not want to get married and are reluctant. The Lee family is the main part of the drama. The main decision maker here is the head, the grandfather. The sons are hesitant to get married. Then, they are promised an apartment to the son who gets married first.

It’s Beautiful Now Episode 20 Release Date

It's Beautiful Now Episode 20 Release Date

The drama of Hyun Jae and Mi Rae is set to release its 20th episode on June 5, 2022. The series is now at a point where Mi-Rae is moving fast in the relationship while having feelings for Hyun Jae. But Hyun Jae thinks he is not ready for a relationship. Thus, Mi-Rae has to control her feelings toward him.

The episode brings in a turning point in their relationship which the audience is curious to watch.

Its Beautiful Now Episode 19 Story

In the drama, It’s beautiful now. It is about his Mi Rae brings herself to like Hyun Jae and also has to control herself She really likes him which is a good thing. But she has to learn to stay in her limits and put a boundary so that she doesn’t cause any trouble. Mi Rae faces some issues as well. She feels neglected. Even though it’s been only two days, she still feels neglected. Since he also has a crisis at work, he is forced to cancel their first date. To her surprise, Mi Rae sees Hyun Jae with Yu Jin. She then thinks what her mother told about Hyun Jae being a player was true after all.

The series also has many other characters who are interesting. You Na and Soo Jae also grab our attention. Soo Jae is finding difficulty in being normal and is facing insecurity. Since the brothers have told them they’re seeing someone, she feels left out. The brothers have found real affection when they were just looking to win an agreement. Soo Jae and Yuma decide to plan their wedding in a park. Soo Jae doesn’t want to lose the apartment either

The brothers just started looking to date just for the reason of the apartment. But now it seems like they have found real connections and are facing consequences that they didn’t expect to come their way

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It’s Beautiful Now Episode 19 Recap

Episode 19 brings a big change and turning point in the relationship between Mi-Rae and Hyun Jae. This revolves around the plot of the couple trying to balance their relationship the right way. Mi-Rae has realised that she’s going too fast while Hyun Jae is still unsure if he’s ready for a relationship. This difference is bringing a change and is affecting their relationship.

When one is ready and the other isn’t, it affects the relationship in ways one cant imagine. My Rae now has to be steady to handle whatever comes her way and Hyun Jae should be ready to face if he is sure or not.

 The two brothers have informed the family that they are seeing someone. Here Hyun Rae is fixated on not bringing home Mi Rae. The reason he takes this decision is to make sure that she doesn’t think he’s just bringing her home for the apartment.

It’s Beautiful Now Episode 20 Cast

It's Beautiful Now Episode 20 Release Date

Its Beautiful Now stars the following actors:

  • In the role of Lee Hyun Jae as the main lead, it is Yoon Shi-yook
  •  In the role of Mi Rae also the lead, it is Bae Da-bin

Thus, Lee Hyun Jae and Mi Rae are the lead.

  • In the role of Lee Yun Jae it is Oh Min-suk
  • In the role of Shin Hae-June, it is Shi Dong-mi
  •  In the role of Lee Soo-jae, it is Seo Bum-June
  • In the role of Na Yuma, it is Choi ye-bin

While the cast is diverse, the audience sure loves the cast and the roles played by each

Where To Watch It’s Beautiful Now?

Its Beautiful Now is a Korean drama that has a huge following. This drama is aired at 19:55(KST). It is aired on KBS2. An episode is released every Saturday and Sunday. It can also be viewed ok the YouTube channel of KBS. It can also be viewed on KBS. The release of teasers by the channel brings up the curiosity in the audience.

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