The Real Housewives Of Dubai Season 2 Release Date Updates!

Reality tv series are highly in demand now and since they are in demand the makers are producing more and more reality tv series this year. The real housewives of Dubai is a reality tv series that premiered on 1 June 2022, as the name suggests the series is all about housewives that are based in Dubai, even though the series is about Dubai it is actually an American series. The series shows the lifestyle of these housewives, the lavish lifestyle of these women can give anyone an idea of how these rich people live their life. The series is a housewives series so no way we are not getting drama well that’s impossible for obvious reasons. This season was the first time that the real housewives franchise covered a location out of the united states which are quite interesting for the viewers. Fans of the franchise loved this concept and they can barely wait to see if the real housewives makers are planning to bring back the Dubai setting again for one more season. If you are interested to know about season 2 then this article might help you in some way.

The Real Housewives Of Dubai Season 2 Release Date

The first season of the series premiered on 1 June 2022, if we check the real housewives franchise then none of the series was cancelled after one season except for The Real Housewives of D.C. which got cancelled of some controversy related to the cast of the series, so the makers decided to cancel it after just one season. But if we look at the other seasons then there are high chances that the series will be renewed for one more season. The makers have not addressed any such news yet, but we will most likely get the news after few months after the first season ends. We will update you with the release date once we get any information related to it, for further updates on the series do not forget to check our website.

The Real Housewives Of Dubai Season 1 Release DateJune 1, 2022
The Real Housewives Of Dubai Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
The Real Housewives Of Dubai Season 2 Release Date

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The Real Housewives Of Dubai Season 2 Story

The second season has not been announced yet, in the previous season the series shows the culture and history of Dubai to give the viewers a better sense of what Dubai is all about. The cast of the series shows the viewers the religion and the tradition of Dubai in the series. Some of the women in the series do not originally belong to Dubai they have some side of them attached to the city, the characters of the series are very dynamic none of them are boring each one of them is powerful they know what they are doing in the show. The ladies bring something unique it’s very fun to see them living their best wealthy life because each of them is definitely wealthy and you will get an idea of their wealth once you start watching the series. Like the other franchises, none of them has started with the villain character but that does not mean it lacks drama because a reality tv series can definitely not exist without drama. But the ladies have a friends group so they are kind off close with each other and they do not hesitate to make fun of each other.

The Real Housewives Of Dubai Season 2 Cast

The series focuses on five contestants, the first contestant is a well-known face, Caroline Stanbury who has made an appearance in a reality tv series, before her appearance in the real housewives franchise, she is the spouse of Sergio Carrallo who is a well-known soccer player from Madrid. Chanel Ayan the second contestant is the first black model in Dubai, she is the spouse of Lucas Salves. The third contestant Sara Al Madani is a well-known businesswoman in the industry who run 10 different businesses she is the spouse of Mustafa Khawaja. The third contestant Nina Ali is a lifestyle guru and business owner of a cake store, she is the spouse of Munaf Ali, Lesa Milan Hall and Caroline Brooks.

Where To Watch The Real Housewives Of Dubai Season 2 Online?

The second season has not been released yet, the first season of the series is streaming on hayu (UK) bravo tv (US), and spectrum on demand (US).

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