16 Strongest Guns In Call Of Duty!

Now if you love games, it may be pc games or mobile games, doesn’t matter much, because every one of us has played call of duty once in our lifetime. The call of duty games have been out since 2003 and been one of the most loved games of all time, and why shouldn’t it be, the graphics the controls, and the quality of the game, that we have been provided are just impressive, and before the rise of certain other first-person shooter games, which have gained the popularity in the last 5 years, this was the game that people knew as the best shooting and adventure game of all time.

Now those who have already played this game know very well that individual skills are important, however, something, that is more important and not known by many of the beginners out there is that you have to find the right and the best quality gun with the best attachments to shine your skills and try your luck with this game.

Thus, here we are with a list of some of the best guns that are available in the game and are deadly for sure.

1. CBR4

Strongest Guns In Call Of Duty

Now those who have already played call of duty that CBR4 belongs to the list of submachine guns and this gun is absolutely lethal since its introduction in season 10. This gun has got an exclusive damage rate, which is one of the biggest concerns for many, and when it comes to stability, the recoil rate is also low. This gun is mainly preferred in short-range mid-range encounters, and if you looking to knock out someone with 3-4 shots, this gun is made for you. This gun with some of the basic attachments such as an OWC marksman barrel and a granulated grip tape and an OWC laser can be a complete destructive weapon for you. Along with that, the skin range available for this gun is also quite an exclusive one.

2. M13

Strongest Guns In Call Of Duty

Now here we move from submachine guns to an assault rifle and, not just any assault rifle, we have come to the M13, which is a choice for many of the pro players out there, and why shouldn’t it be, this gun is just built differently. Starting from close range to long-range, this gun will be able to handle anything, however, the damage may not be much, and you may need a few more shots if you aren’t very good with accuracy, but overall, with low recoiling rates, this gun is just a go for it gun for beginners out there. This gun with the attachment of 300 RTC double stack ammunition and an OWC laser will just turn around your Call of duty journey.

3. SKS

Strongest Guns In Call Of Duty

Now continuing the list with the best available sniping rifle out there. We already know it can be nothing else but SKS, but if you are a beginner, and you love sniping, we will surely not suggest this rifle to you, because it’s just too hard to handle. The recoil just overshadows the entire stability of the gun, thus if it’s a one-shot knockout then it’s good, but for a mid-range or more than one-shot knockout, this gun is not that appropriate. Now for using the SKS, you need to give thorough attention to the attachments such as the muzzle, foregrip, and others, mainly those which add stability to your gun, otherwise with its destructive power, this gun is lethal in its type.

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4. Type 25

Now moving on the list, many of us would prefer type 25 over M13 and that’s just a personal choice, however when the statistics of both the guns are compared, there are very few differences, and handling wise also, both feel almost the same. Now the type 25, is a hard hitter, with an exclusive damage rate, low recoil rate, and great accuracy and stability available without any attachments, this gun is one to die for, however, the mobility becomes a bit less with this gun, and that’s why it is preferred by most users out there to apply mobility attachments to this gun.

5. PPSH-41

Strongest Guns In Call Of Duty

Now PPSH-41 belongs to the submachine gun sector and has been in the game since nearly the first season, and this has been a fan favourite since then only, this gun is everything you will need in fast range combat, with an extensive damage rate if the enemy is in mid or close range and with good stability and moderate recoil. The firing rate is quite good, thus with 3-4 quick shots from this gun, your enemy will be easily knocked out. Many of the users, are however not very impressed by this gun, and the reviewers for this gun stand as a mixed reaction, thus the only thing left is for you to tit by yourself.

6. Kilo 141

Strongest Guns In Call Of Duty

Now this assault rifle has been a favourite for many of the pro players, and beginners, everyone out there, and this gun is so good to handle, however, every good thing comes up with some native things, or that’s how the makers of the game plan it, and thus this assault rifle with its exclusive damage rate, and very good firing rate, comes with a poor recoil, which makes it very difficult for users to handle it. this gun is a good choice for close to long-range, as everything can be easily handled with it, and when it comes to attachments, a bigger amount of ammunition, along with any attachment which will help you gain more stability, is our recommendation.

7. SVD

Strongest Guns In Call Of Duty

Now here we are with our recommendation regarding the second-best sniping rifle currently available on the call of duty platform, and this is quite justified and quite admitted by most of the call of duty players out there. Now we all know for snipers out there, it is very important that how many shots they can knock the player, and for that upper body shots are mainly preferred. This sniping rifle is meant for that, it has got an exclusive damage rate when it comes to an upper-body shot, and the recoil, is also pretty moderate, through certain stability attachments and scopes will be preferred, the rest depends on you, as anything can be done with this rifle.

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8. R9-0

 Strongest Guns In Call Of Duty

Now many of the old users are not used to calling this shotgun, with the name R9-0, the more preferred name by the users out there for this gun is DP-12. This shotgun is just top-notch, and the best of its own type. This shotgun is lethal when it comes to close range, for which mainly shotguns are required. The damage range of this gun is incredible, followed by the firing speed, great accuracy, good recoil, and most important, it can easily knock out a player in close range, with a single shot, and that’s what actually is needed in close range, we can’t give scope to the enemy, or it’s done for us. Some basic attachments can be applied, however, nothing exclusive is required.

9. DR-H

The DR-H is another rifle from the list of assault rifles and is a very common choice for many users out there, this gun is pretty good at all ranges, there isn’t any exception, and most of the characteristics of this assault rifle are positive. The only thing that is a drawback is the firing rate and the mobility, which is poor and may affect your gameplay, however, it can be a little upgraded, by using proper attachments. The main positive features of this rifle, are the low recoil rate, exclusive damage, and the accuracy it has got. Overall, this is a great combination of features, and a good choice for all the beginners out there, just the correct attachments are to be used.

10. ASM 10

Now we have come to one of those assault rifles, which shouldn’t be your choice as a beginner, because your play will surely lag because of its single drawback, and that is the mobility this rifle offers. This rifle is going to make you the slowest in the arena, and it will surely be difficult for you to cope with fast-moving players. However as there is a great drawback, there are many positive features, such as the extensive damage it can offer, the quick-firing rate which is quite impressive, the accuracy of this gun is also on point, and the recoil rate is also low, which is a lot to take in at a time. The gun has also got a pretty fierce look, which is preferred by many users out there.

11. Razorback

Unfortunately, we missed this one out from the list, and thus it is added as a number 11th, however, the razorback belongs to the submachine guns type, is a killer, and is in its class, this weapon is just made for killing and knocking out players, and if you can unlock it at level 55, just enjoy it, because you are looking at the best submachine gun currently available in the game. This gun is good for everything, starting from mid-range to low-range combat, preferred mainly for close-range combat where the gun shows its actual potential. The damage provided by this gun is massive and the low recoil, provided in this gun, takes it into a different class of its own, it can go head-to-head with many assault rifles out there too.

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12. GKS

We are here with another submachine gun, and thus stands just after the razorback and can be used by many, and you just need to wait till level 19 to unlock it, so before you take any other guns, this must be your choice. This gun provides everything that is needed in a good gun, starting from exclusive damage, to get controls, a high accuracy rate, and pretty low recoil, which is always something every call of duty player seeks. This gun is meant to be used in close to mid-range combats, however, won’t be much effective in long-range, now one and the only drawbacks that come with this gun, is the low firing speed, which matters a lot and will some effect on your gameplay, but won’t matter much with proper attachments, this gun has also got a great outlook, and the skins available for this gun, make it a banger in its own level.

13. LK-24

We know, that many of you are waiting for this gun on the list, and it may be a little on the bottom end, but to all the users out there we can confirm you, that belonging to the assault rifle types, this is a gem and should be selected by most. The great thing about this assault rifle is that you just have to wait till a basic level and then you get it. this is one of the best choices out there, and this rifle will help you to engage in both long-range as well as medium-range encounters, and you will be easily able to handle any enemies that are coming your way. Some of the biggest positive points regarding this gun are that it has got a great damage rate compared to other assault rifles, and it has got good mobility, which is generally a drawback when it comes to assault rifles, but that is not in this case and the accuracy is great along with a low recoil rate.

14. Locus

Now when it comes to an all-time sniper favourite, we can’t miss out on the locus which has always been one of the best sniping rifles available on the call of duty platform. This rifle is just made for snipers, who have got great accuracy and are a bit experienced, if you can find a good sniping spot with a great view, here you go the match is yours. Some of the key features, that this sniping rifle offers to us are the accuracy it provides, which is quite impressive, and if it’s a head shot or somewhere near the head, the player is surely going to be knocked out, based on the recent reviews, this can be considered as the best sniping rifle that is available out there right now. The mobility isn’t great with sniping rifles, which is the same for this, and with certain specific adjustments like any light-weighted barrel, a good round of ammunition, and a good laser scope, you will easily be able to ace the arena.

15. Chopper

Now towards the end of the list, the only category of guns that we have missed is the light machine gun category, and whenever we hear this category, no one is comparable t0o the chopper, it can do pretty massive damage which goes up the range of 40, it has also got quite a bit accuracy, which adds to it, the firing range and the speed while using this gun is absolutely remarkable, and when it comes to range, this gun will be able to handle any range, that you get it, it can be long, middle or close, nothing matters, just a few shots, and good control, you will easily knock players out. The looks of this gun are also quite likeable and the skin available for this light machine gun is remarkable, thus overall, it’s a great choice for every player out there.

16. KRM-262

Strongest Guns In Call Of Duty

Finally, the last one from our list of guns, and what category did we miss out on in our list? It was surely the shotgun one and thus we are here with another great choice from the shotgun category and that is this KRM-262, this gun can do a large amount of damage when it comes to the category and a single shot is enough at close range to knock anyone out. Thus, the gun has also got good precession and a good firing rate.

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