Is Love Death Robots Worth Watching?

Love Death Robots is Netflix series directed by David Fincher and Tim Miller. This was first released on 15 March 2019 and has had 35 episodes to date and has been on screen for three successful seasons.

Love Death Robots is the reimagining of the 1981 movie, Heavy Metal

Love Death Robots is a series with a wide range of animated short stories. These represent various genres like science fiction, fantasy, horror, and comedy. It explores the life of robots in a post-apocalyptic city being dominated by an intelligent yoghurt. Because of its thrilling story and amazing script, this has been on screen for 3 seasons. When its created by David Finch, it was already understood that the series will be dark. But after watching it, fans realised how dark and thrilling it is.

It is a series that starts with Madeleine Knight as Greta, and Mary Elizabeth as Gail. It also stars Topher Grace as Rob and Helen Salder as Sonny. Nolan North is cast as Ugly Dave and Hayley McLaughlin as Jennifer.

Is Love Death Robots Worth Watching?

Is Love Death Robots Worth Watching?

Love Death Robots includes a series of science fiction, fantasy and freaky. While some episodes are just science fiction, some are fantasy and others are just freaky.

Through some episodes, we can say that we’ve seen some beast battles, and aliens invading a post-apocalyptic city. We’ve seen where humans are gone but cats are still there, funnily.

Being a creation of David Fincher, the theme is quite dark, violent and adult-themed. Almost every episode is based on different characters and different stories. So if one episode isn’t of your style, surely you’ll like another one.

It has its fair share of violence and depicts humanity isn’t doing work worthwhile to continue its existence. This is a must watch if you enjoyed other series by David Fincher or you like sci-fi themed horror series. Fans have told that this series is a masterpiece and that the show creates a rapport between the characters and the audience super quick leaving the audience surprised.

Where To Watch Love Death Robots?

Love Death Robots is available to stream on Netflix. This series is also available on Peacock. So, if you are bored and are looking for a binge stream Love Death Robots on these websites.

Being a science-fiction themed series with a plot of dark and violent scenes, it is a thrilling series to watch. Beware, it does contain some adult scenes which might affect some viewers. But overall, it’s sometimes funny. When the robots are scared that the cats might explode is a funny scene.

The audience especially loved Sonny, the three robots who turn out to be funny, and the witness, to how the farmers defend their family. They also loved beyond alpha-rift, and the yoghurt taking over. Sucker of Souls had a good impact as well.

So, Love Death Robots is a series by two amazing directors, David Fincher and Tim Miller it contains many scenes that are mind-boggling. Watch it before it’s too late and enjoy the plot.

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