Tower Of God Chapter 546 Release Date Is Finally Here!

Tower of God is a South Korean Manhwa written and illustrated by S.I.U. (Lee Jong Hui). The Manhwa started publishing in 2010 and till now its 544 chapters are published in 9 volumes. There is also an English translation of the series which started in 2014. It has been translated into various other languages. Anime TV series are also made on this story. Chapter 544 of Tower of God was released on 23rd May and left various mysteries behind. Now the fans of the Manhwa are excited for the next episode of this action and fantasy series. Episode 546 of Tower of God is releasing this month only. Fans will be able to see Bam’s every possible action to meet Rachel very soon. To know the release date of Tower of God Chapter 546, its story and cast read the full article.

Tower Of God Chapter 546 Release Date

Manhwa Tower of God releases every Monday on Navel webtoon and Line Webtoon. Chapter 546 of the series will also release according to this timetable. On June 12, 2022, you would be able to reach the upcoming episode number 546 on webtoon. Earlier chapter 345 was released on 30th May 2022.

Tower Of God Story

Tower Of God Chapter 546 Release Date
Tower Of God Chapter 546

Tower of God is the story of a boy named Bam and his passionate love for a girl named Rachel. They were each other’s acquaintances under the tower for years. Rachel wanted to climb the tower and reach there in any condition. She is even ready to sacrifice Bam for this. However, it was not the case with Bam. Bam loves Rachel a lot hence when she went upwards to climb the tower, Bam also decided to follow her and find her back in any situation.

For this first of all Bam manages to open the door of the place he was living for years to proceed on his journey of ascending the tower. In his journey, Bam finds many friends, helpers, and difficulties, and knew various unknown facts. It was also discovered, that Bam is an irregular. Irregular are those who are not allowed by Tower to ascend but they themselves accepted to climb. Now it has to be seen whether Bam can find Rachel? Whether they both climb to the tower? And whether Rachel and Bam come together? While Bam will receive answers to all his questions on reaching the top of the Tower but we have read the Manhwa Tower of God to get answers to all the questions.

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Tower Of God Chapter 546 Spoilers

Tower Of God Chapter 545
Tower Of God Chapter 546

The spoilers of Tower of God chapter 546 are not released yet. The spoilers are revealed through the raw scans of the series that usually come before the release of the chapter. However, earlier in chapter 544 we have witnessed a fierce fight between Traumerei, a powerful royal member, and Bam. Now, Bam also knows various facts about the Tower. He accepted the fact that he is irregular and he has to face difficulties to climb the tower. In the tower, there are also various types of creatures and animals that pose challenges for Bam. Amid all these difficulties, in chapter 546 of Tower of God, we will see how far Bam reaches in his journey to find his love Rachel. It is also interesting to know where Bam reaches in the mysterious tower where your position decided your honour in chapter 546.

Tower Of God Chapter 546 Characters

The story of the Tower of God is in and beneath the Tower. There are regulars and irregulars, guardians, and royals. The lead character of the Manhwa is Bam, who is an irregular climbing the Tower. Another character is Rachel, whom bam loves. She became a regular after entering the Tower. Phantaminum is another character of the series who is considered most powerful but he has not been seen in Tower since he killed the masses on the tower. While Enryu and Urek Mazino are other irregulars.

Among regulars, the first character that came across Bam was Khun Agnes who is from a powerful family and helps Bam in his journey. Rak Wraithraiser, White, Ja Wangnan, Hartz, Hoe, and Deod are other regulars. Apart from these, there are various other characters in the tower of different ranks.

Where To Read Tower Of God Chapter 546?

Since its release in 2010, Manhwa Tower of God regularly serialized in Naver Webtoon in the Korean language. When its English publication started it was released on Line Webtoon. Hence, chapter 546 of Tower of God will be available for reading on Naver Webtoon in Korean and Line Webtoon in English.

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