90 Days Fiancé Season 9 Release Date Is Already Announced!

90 Days Fiancé is an American reality show that is based on the concept of 90 days K1 visa system in the United States. In the USA, the fiancé of a US citizen gets the K1 visa with which they can stay in the USA for the preparation of their marriage and adjust to the environment and surroundings. Notably, consent and willingness to the marriage of both the partners are required to get this Visa. Additionally, the pair should either get married within the 90-days period or the visiting partner should leave the country before the visa expires. 

The show 90 Days Fiancé is a show about such couples. The foreign couple participates in this show and before the end of the 90-days period they either depart or get married. This shows covers various aspects of their 90-days journey. This reality show was initially released in 2014. Currently, the 9th season of the show is running started from 17 April 2022. If you want to know more about the currently running season 9 of 90 Days Fiancé, read the full article. 

90 Days Fiancé Season 9 Release Date 

90 Days Fiancé Season 9
90 Days Fiancé Season 9 Release Date 

Season 9 of 90 Days Fiancé was released on 17th April 2022. It streams every Sunday at 08:00 PM EST on the TLC channel in the USA. Like the earlier 8 seasons, this season is widely liked by the audience of 90 Days Fiancé. The seven couples that participated in the show are the topic of interest for the viewers as always. You can see the journey of these couples, their love lives, and their equation once a week. Till the end of the series, you will also come to know where the relationship between these couples goes. Whether they get married or depart from each other and the K1 visa holder leaves the USA. 

About 90 Days Fiancé 

90 Days Fiancé is in its 9th season currently. The series was originally released in January 2014 and since then it is widely liked by people in the USA. Before this, 8 other seasons and various spin-offs of 90 Days Fiancé has released till now. It has a very interesting concept of love between foreign couples. 

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90 Days Fiancé Season 9 Story 

90 Days Fiancé is streaming every Sunday with amazing tracks with new 7 pairs this time. The story of season 9 is the same as the other seasons till now. The couples that participated in the show are planning to marry soon. However, one partner in each couple is a US citizen and the other is a foreigner and is in the USA with a K1 visa that allows 90-days for foreigners to live in the USA and prepare for marriage. After the marriage, the foreign partner gets US citizenship. While if in 90-day couple decides not to get married, the foreigner had to move back before the visa expires. 

Season 9 of 90 Days Fiancé introduces us to 7 couples. These couples are either met over social media, common workplace, or during a trip. As the love develops between the couple each one of them got engaged and is in the USA on a K1 visa. Some of these couples also have some problems and complications in their relationship which they are trying to solve by living together. In their journey with the reality show 90 Days Fiancé, their love will be tested on various parameters. At the end of the show, it has to see whether this couple stays on their decision of spending a lifetime together or the problems among them win over their love and the couple decides to apart. 

The romantic reality show is always liked by the audience in the USA and some other countries. You will see love, romance, sex, fights, and complications among couples and their relationship in 90 Days Fiancé season 9. In their relationship, couples also see the interference of their family, past relationships, and various other factors. As these couples are from different regions of the world, their cultural differences also become a major complication between them sometimes. Overall, 90 Days Fiancé season 9 is going to be a dramatic journey of couples and their equations with each other. 

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90 Days Fiancé Season 9 Couples

90 Days Fiancé Season 9
90 Days Fiancé Season 9

The most important part of a reality show is the participants. As 90 Days Fiancé season, 9 is a reality show, here what we look forward to are the 6 couples. One partner in 

each pair is a foreigner who came to the USA on a K1 visa for a 90-days period to get married. Till now we have seen many interesting and lovable couples in 90 Days Fiancé. This time again we have a set of 6 couples. And here are we with a brief introduction of the six couples 90 Days Fiancé season 9 has- 

  • Thais and Patrick: Patrick lives in Texas while Thais is from Brazil. Patrick finds her on a dating app to learn Portuguese while he was going to Brazil. This led to the development of love between the two and eventually, Patrick proposed to Thais. 
  • Ariela and Biniyam: Ariela and Biniyam were earlier seen in the 90 Days Fiancé: The Other Way. They are facing various issues in tier relationships due to cultural differences and families, and visa issues. It has to see where their relationship goes in 90 Days Fiancé.
  • Emily and Kobe: Emily and Kobe were in a long-distance relationship for two years of the pandemic. Before the pandemic hit the two were planning their upcoming lives together. The couple also has a baby together. 
  • Shaeeda and Bilal: Bilal is a divorced man who has two kids. In a few talks and meetings, the couple came really close and fall in love. However, before marriage, Bilal wants to sign a prenuptial agreement with his partner. Now it has to see where this condition took their relationship. 
  • Kara and Guillermo: the couple met in the Dominican Republic where they both use to work and fell in love. Before the pandemic, Kara decided to move to the USA, and Guillermo was supposed to accompany her. But the pandemic parted the couple. However, now they are back with each other and participating in the 90 Days Fiancé. 
  • Mohamed and Yve: The couple met each other on social media and fell in love. The two have a 23-years age gap but are so deeply in love that both are planning to take vows together very soon. 
  • Miona and Jibri: Miona met Jibri at a concert in North Serbia. The couple is now engaged and Miona decides to move to South Dakota with Jibri. But his life in the state disappointed Miona’s expectations. Now it has to see where it takes their relationship.

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90 Days Fiancé Season 8 Recap 

90 Days Fiancé Season 9
90 Days Fiancé Season 9

Before you go to watch the 90 Days Fiancé season 9, let us give you some happy recaps from the 90 Days Fiancé season 8. In the earlier season of the reality show, Yara and Jovi get married and welcomed their newborn child. Amid some problems in their families, the couple believes that they will make their marriage work well. After cancelling their wedding at the last moment earlier, Mike also finally married Natalia in season 8 of 90 Days Fiancé. Their journey remains most dramatic as on the 90th day Mike decides to marry Natalia. 

Apart from these happy endings we also saw breakups. Andrew and Amira had huge issues between them and they parted away. Amira went back to her hometown to start her life from a new angle. While Andrew is also very upset with Amira and her behaviour. Additionally, Belize and Stephen also get apart. But Stephen also found her new boyfriend Harris. Harris is parted from her earlier partner Emma. However, they both have two kids together whom they brought up together. Harris wants to be with Stephen to move to the USA and make a great future for his family and fulfil his dreams. 

90 Days Fiancé Season 9 Trailer 

90 Days Fiancé Season 9

Before the release of 90 Days Fiancé season 9 in April 2022, its trailer was released in March. The dramatic trailer of the show, introduced the season 9 couples to the audience. In the trailer, you got to see a small precap of what level of drama and romance 90 Days Fiancé has. If you have not watched 90 Days Fiancé season 9, so first of all you should watch the trailer of the TV show. If you love to watch some dramatic and romantic content on television, then you will definitely love 90 Days Fiancé season 9. 

Where To Watch 90 Days Fiancé Season 9?

Season 9 of the American reality TV show 90 Days Fiancé is streaming on TLC at 08:00 PM EST every Sunday. Notably, the show streams on TV only in the USA. But the fans of the show around the globe could watch it on Discovery Plus app. However, a subscription to the app is required to watch the couple’s reality show. 

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