Where To Watch Interceptor Online? Read To Know!

The upcoming Action-Drama film Interceptor has been creating a lot of buzz around its release date lately. Director Matthew Reily had started writing the screenplay for this film way back in 2017 along with Stuart Beattie. Based on the life of a Female Army Captain, the film got a short release only in Australia last year but it is about to release globally very soon. This time we all will have access to this incredible Action thriller and fans cannot wait to know where and when to watch the film. 

So here are all the details that you might want to know about Interceptor starring Elsa Pataky. 

Where To Watch Interceptor Online?

Interceptor is all set to release on the streaming platform Netflix on June 3, 2022. Since the film is just about to release globally, it won’t be available on any streaming platforms for free. Only the subscribers will be able to catch it on Netflix. However, a few weeks or months later, Inceptor might be available on other platforms like Hulu, JustWatch or Amazon Prime Video for a free trial.

Interceptor Story

Where To Watch Interceptor Online

The story follows a rather intriguing life of a female Army Captain namely JJ Collins who is forced to use the army training and tactics that she has gained over the years when her interceptor station is threatened by an attack. She is all set to take charge of a lone nuclear missile in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. However, it’s not something she would want to do if she had a choice but there is no way she can escape from this extraordinary challenge. When Collins reaches the base, she finds herself face-to-face with the handsome yet devious guy- Alexander Kessel, who happens to be a US Military Officer carrying out a rather clever plan. However, it’s all in the hands of Collins to use all her military expertise and stop them from executing their terrible mission. 

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Interceptor Trailer

The recently released trailer gives us quite some insight into the upcoming power-packed entertainer. In the 1:50 min clip, we get a glimpse of JJ Collins’s first day at her Job and her unwillingness to be there. Apart from that, it serves a lot of action, suspense, mystery and thrill- all packed in one. The trailer also gives us an idea about the two lead characters- Collins and Alexendar and the conflict between them which we should be expecting throughout the film. Collins is seen being absolutely badass despite not being ready for where she is.

One of the mic-drop moments that we see in the trailer is when Collins goes “You planned for every possible outcome, but you couldn’t plan for me”. This alone tells us so much about Collins’s character and her lone-wolf attitude. Talking about the preparation for her role she tells a source that leading up to the shoot of the film, she was training four to five hours every day to get the moves right.  “It was really tough but I enjoyed every bit of it”, she added further. Apparently, Pataky also had a stunt team assisting her every day on set including her stunt double Haley Wright and stunt coordinator Ingrid Kleinig. The trailer received a lot of love and excitement from the fans and seemingly, they cannot wait for the release. 

Interceptor Cast

Where To Watch Interceptor Online

Cast members include the popular Actress and Model Elsa Pataky in the lead role of JJ Collins who was seen playing supporting characters in other action-thriller movies before but now is all set to take the driver seat with Inceptor. The film also stars Luke Bracey as Alexander, Aaron Glenane, Mayen Mehta, Rhys Muldoon, Belinda Jombwe, Marcus Johnson, Clin Friels and Zoe Carides. 

The film is directed by Matthew Reily and co-written by Stuart Bettie. It is also said to be co-produced by Pataky’s husband namely Chris Hemsworth who owns quite some information about action-packed movies. 

Interceptor Release Date

Interceptor is all set to release on June 3, 2022, on Netflix. According to the news, the film had already gotten a short release in Australia over a period of 33 days last year following another theatrical release recently on 26 May 2022, a week before the global release. 

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