Where To Watch The O.C Online?

The O.C or Orange Country is an American television series created by Josh Schwartz and produced by companies like Warner Bros, Domestic College Hill Pictures, Wonderland Sound and Vision. It is a teen drama series which aired from 5th August 2003 to Feb 22, 2007, completing a total of four seasons(ninety-two episodes) of approx forty-two minutes each, on the Fox Network, United States. It gained a lot of recognition worldwide and was stated to be a pop culture phenomenon amongst many. The story takes place in Southern California where Ryan Artwood is adopted by a law professor, Architect businesswoman couple, Sandy and Kirsten Cohen, who were quite wealthy. Ryan was quite the troublemaker who used to get into fights.

After being a part of the Cohen family, he promised to leave his past in the past and never get into a fistfight again. He had a tough childhood being abused and abandoned by his birth mom, so he wasn’t used to living in luxury or living well for that matter. He has a new sister (who is born later, Sophie Rose) and a socially awkward stepbrother(Seth) who he gets along with. He makes friends with Seth’s friends and gets interested in his neighbour, Marissa Cooper. Seth also has a love interest, Summer Roberts, and the four are the main protagonists of the series, sharing their touching and realistic chemistry with the viewers. The first season mainly focuses on their love life, but as the season progresses, the protagonists face different life problems as they are entering adulthood. 

Where To Watch The O.C Online?

The OC, being broadcast in more than 50 countries internationally, is now streaming on HBO Max. They are available on CW’s online database and you can currently watch them for free. The OC is also available on the streaming giant Netflix. You can access all 4 seasons. It is also available on Hulu and Amazon Prime. HBO Max and Hulu provide free access in the United States. It has also been released on DVD and iTunes, so feel free to buy it and enjoy the show. 

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The O.C Cast 

Mischa Barton(Marissa Cooper), Adam Brody(Seth Cohen), Peter Gallagher(Sandy Cohen), Kelly Rowan(Kirsten Cohen), Ben Mc Kenzie(Ryan Artwood), Racheal Bilson(Summer Roberts), Melinda Clarke(Julie Cooper), Tate Donovan(Jimmy Cooper), Alan Dale(Caleb Nichol), Autumn Reeser(Taylor Townsend), Chris Carmack(Luke Ward), Willa Holland(Kaitlin Cooper), Micheal Cassidy(Zach Stevans), Micheal Nowri(Dr Neil Roberts), Samaire Armstrong(Anna Stern), Cam Gigandet(Kevin Volchok), Jeff Hephner(Matt Ramsey), Olivia Wilde(Alex Kelly). 

Cameo– Lucy Hale(Hadley Hawthorne), Ashley Benson, Paul Wesley(Donnie), Jeorge Lucas(self), Emmanuelle Chriqui(Jody), Morena Baccarin(Maya Griffin), Amber Heard(salesgirl), Max Greenfeild(young Sandy Cohen), Olivia Wilde(Alex Kelly), Shailene Woodley(Cathline), Bella Thorne, Nikki Reed, Colin Hanks, Chris Pratt(Ché), Jackson Rathbone(Justin). 

The O.C. Review

Where To Watch The O.C Online

At first, the O.C showed the lives of a rich teenage kid’s family and Ryan’s efforts to try to blend in and get used to his life at the top. The series features family relations, love, sex, drugs, misunderstandings and mistakes, etc as the series moves forward. It generously introduces new characters and gives a good insight into their stories. The characters mix well with each other and the protagonists increase the series’ quality. In further episodes, a lot of mishaps and heartbreaking scenes take place and the characters are seen suffering and traumatised by them. The show is filled with humorous scenes which will make you burst with laughter. Overall, the series is a must watch and although its popularity has decreased as the seasons proceed, it is still good enough for a watch. The O.C became an inspiration for many other teen dramas, which proves its influence and success. Yet, we couldn’t get a new season. To some people, this particular series was life-changing as it not only taught about morals and life lessons but also the importance of family.

The series explained different types of love and what love means and can mean in a very practical manner. The bond between the two brothers was also very fresh and pleasing, as they were practically soulmates and understood each other so well. The fact that the protagonists had such a close relationship with their family was touching to many. The season stopped in 2007 as the low ratings were a huge disappointment. The fans didn’t give up and signed a petition against the decision with a positive 700,000 signatures.

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