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MaveriX is an Australian kids TV show written by Sam Meikle, Fin Edquist, Michelle Offen and Kelly Schilling, and is directed by Issac Elliot, Ian Watson and Geoff Bennet. This series premiered on 1st April 2022 on ABC Me in Australia and was later released on May 12, 2022, on Netflix. It has one season consisting of ten episodes of 24-30 minutes. The series features six young kids who individually dream of being the best riders. They are brought together into MaveriX, a newly established training academy, by Griffo and his son Scott, who becomes the leader among the six. The series shows their journey to the National Championship. 

MaveriX Season 2 Release Date 

MaveriX Season 2 Release Date 

MaveriX will not have a season 2 anytime soon as neither the writers nor Netflix have announced news regarding the topic. MaveriX has gained popularity in the last few days and has greater chances of having a season if this goes on. The series ends by giving hints about the possible next season. It is predicted that if there were a new season to release, it would probably be with the same cast and new additional characters. But as of now, everything is just speculation.

MaveriX Season 1 Release Date 1st April 2022
MaveriX Season 2 Release Date Not Announced
MaveriX Season 2 Release Date 

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MaveriX Story

Griffo and his son Scott Griffin are racers who open a new motocross training academy named MaveriX. They are looking for new students to join them and hence their mission for finding students starts as they visit a race event. Jenny Chivas and Richie Peterson are two racers who attract their attention and they get invited to join MaveriX. Kaden Li is a rich kid who is also approached by them but he denies the offer. He wants to join MaveriX rival Katzo, who wants him to beat the national champion Lawson Lawrence in a race to qualify for his team. He fails to do so and, with no option left, joins MaveriX. Richie’s parents want Richie to stop his motocross training and study for his upcoming scholarship exams.

Richie somehow convinces them and joins MaveriX. With this, MaveriX successfully has three riders in their academy. They start training and don’t click well together. Gritto is troubled because he is short on funds. Tanya, Gritto’s friend, brings his problematic son Bear Wallis to Gritto to keep him out of trouble while he professionally trains with them. Bear hates the idea and wants to leave the very second he arrives. He calls and fills his father in about the situation, who doesn’t give much heed to the issue.

Unwillingly, Bear is trapped there, but he slowly comes to like his teammates and the place. Tanya suggests being the team manager with her MBA skills as she thinks what they need is proper management. Scott becomes the captain, who has no clue what he is supposed to do. Ange, a talented girl from the neighbourhood, helps her brother steal engine equipment from the MaveriX garage and gets caught. Scott invites her to join the team and work for them in exchange for repairing her bike. She has interesting racing skills and is a good teammate who helps everyone come together. But she is unable to pay the academy fees.

The owner of Barb is a potential sponsor who is ready to invest in the team on the condition that the team wins the race. Unfortunately, the team fails to do so, but Barb, who is impressed by their skills and potential, is convinced and agrees to be their sponsor. The NT Championship day arrives and the team members are geared up with their latest equipment. Jenny wins the title but Scott gets himself into trouble. He made a mistake resulting in the loss of their sponsorship and team coordination. The team splits. Scott makes up for his mistake and qualifies for the Nationals. The team comes together once again and they are ready for the championship. 

MaveriX Review

The storyline and the plot are really good and the message they want to convey is also clear. The show was originally made for teenagers but can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The story isn’t rushed and the characters are given enough time to shine. A must watch series. 

MaveriX Cast

Darcy Tadich, Titiana Goode, Tjirdm McGuire, Sebastian Tang, Charlotte Maggi, Sam Winspear, Rohan Nicol, Jane Harber, Kelton Pell, Natasha Wangannen, Luke Carroll, Scott Frasen, Pedrea Jackson, Thomas Campbell, Trisha Morton, Steve Kidd, Leslie Simpson, Dhruv Magle. 

Where To Watch MaveriX?

MaveriX is available internationally on Netflix. The rest of the international platforms are yet to release MaveriX. 

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