Here’s The Detail About Spy X Family Filler List!

Spy x family is a comedy-action Japanese anime series that is based on the 2019 manga of the same name by Tatsuya Endo. The manga is extremely popular so when fans got the news that it is finally getting an anime adaption they were on cloud nine. The anime is produced by Wit Studio and CloverWorks Studio which are known for their hardworking employees and flawless works so it was obvious that anime was in good hands. Spy x family was released on April 9, 2022, on Crunchyroll, it is the most-watched anime of the spring 2022 season. According to my anime list currently, 688K users are watching the anime as per their data.

The anime is currently the most talked-about because it already had a huge fanbase before the anime because of the manga but after the release of the series, it has managed to get the attention of the non-manga readers. The character from the series is being hyped on social media platforms that’s how many non-anime watchers have started taking interestest in the series. The adorable little pink hair girl Anya Forger has created quite a sensation, especially on Twitter where every other person has used the image of the character as their profile picture, even Instagram users are using Anya Forger stickers on their stories which is getting the series more and more popular among the netizens.

Spy X Family Filler

The series has covered only one filler episode so far which was episode five “Will They Pass or Fail”. The episode begins with The Eden academy entrance result coming out on their way to check the result Forger family meets with several unfortunate events which hint toward bad luck. The series of misfortune begins with Yor’s bracelet chain breaking on the road, Anya stepping on poop and a black cat crossing the road in front of the family with all these hints the Forger family gets a bit discouraged. Agent Twilight is assigned the job to get his daughter enrolled in the prestigious school for operation Strix because the operation is crucial to the preservation of peace between east and west. When the Forger family reach the school they check the names of the selected students but Anya’s name was not to be found anywhere on the list.

They assume that Anya has been rejected however Mr Henderson shows the Forger family the waiting list of students with Anya’s name on the top. He tells the Forger family if one of the applicants withdraws their name then Anya will get enrolled in the school. They went back home and wait for the call they finally receive the call after the wait and Anya gets enrolled in the school. Franky comes to forger’s home to celebrate Anya’s enrollment after an amazing celebration.

Franky provokes Anya to ask for a reward from Loid Anya says that she does not have any goods but there is something that she wants to do. She shows loid the bondman show and asks him to play spies and princess in a caste, Loid rejects her request immediately. Frank then tells Loid to book a castle to play the game, Loid then accepts Anya’s request. Loid sends a transmission to the organization and they accept his demands quickly. Anya then prepares a quiz for the game to it more fun, the aeroplanes arrive at night the forger family and frank arrive at the castle through aeroplanes. Anya then tells Loid that it is not fun because there are no bad guys or goons around the castle she says that she does not think she will be able to go to school as she is feeling down. Loid again sends transmission requesting more personnel, agents from everywhere arrive at the castle as they think they are working for the success of operation Strix.

The agents then play the part of the villains as they restrict spy Loid from rescuing princess Anya, the agents are instructed to present a showstopping parade of trials and tribulations for Loidman. The episode then follows the hide and seek game until Loidman rescues Anya from the villain and the episode ends with a wholesome conversation between the father and daughter. The series has only covered one filler episode so far most of the parts in episode five were not the part of the manga in this particular chapter the castle scene ended with just Yor and Forger’s battle but in the series, it was covered in an entire episode with lots of fun elements the viewers are extremely happy with the filler episode.

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Spy X Family Release Date

The series premiered on April 9, 2022, on different streaming platforms. After the release of the series spy x family became a peak anime with all the elements that a successful anime should possess.
The manga was extremely successful even before the announcement of the series happened but now that it has already got an anime adaption fans who were not reading the manga earlier have taken interest in reading the manga. The manga has exceeded 17 million copies of the manga since the announcement of the series. Since the premiere of the series, the numbers have only exceeded since then. Spy x family readership numbers are not backing down so far, since the series is still ongoing the popularity will only grow in the meantime. Spy x family the series is scheduled to have 12 episodes for season 1 so the series will most likely come back with a new season in the future since it is extremely popular so there is no way that it will get cancelled. The series won’t be able to cover everything in just 12 episodes so fans can expect to see spy x family season 2 in the coming future.

Spy X Family Story

Spy x family follows the story of spy twilight who is assigned with the mission to get close to the national unity party’s leader Desmond Damian who is a great threat to the truce between the east and the west and probe his any seditious activities. To do that he needs to get married and have a child because Desmond is an extremely cautious man who rarely appears at public events. He only appears at social gatherings held at the elite private school, that his son attends, so Loid is asked to enrol his kid in the same school and infiltrate one of the social gatherings. He is asked to look for a fake family within a week because the enrollment deadline is nearing soon. Operation Strix is the key to maintaining peace between east and west and perhaps the world so Twilight sets his mind that he will accomplish this mission anyhow. He begins his mission by looking for an apartment he gets a fake identity named Loid Forger occupational psychiatrist and starts his new life.

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He goes to an orphanage to adopt a kid, where he adopts a pink hair girl named Anya who is smarter than most of the kids at the orphanage. However, Anya is not just a normal kid she has a telepathy ability that Loid is unaware of She reads loid mind that he is looking for a six-year-old child but Anya looks pretty short for a six-year-old. Anya then fakes her age and tells Loid that she is six years old and solves a crossword puzzle in front of him to prove her intellectual ability. Loid gets impressed with her intellectual ability and adopts her as he needs a bright child to clear the entrance exam of that elite school. Anya reads Loid’s mind and gets aware of his mission and his occupation as a spy she gets excited to be a part of such high profile mission and starts living with Loid forger as his daughter. Later the father’s daughter happens to meet a woman named Yor who becomes loid’s wife and Anya’s mother. The forger family then works to accomplish the mission and gets Anya admitted to that elite school. However, their plan does not go as smooth as they planned it to be Anya’s admission process proceeds with various trials and errors. When she finally gets accepted to the school she breaks a few rules and makes Loid worried about the accomplishment of the mission. The family starts living with each other to fulfil the mission as the story follows their wholesome daily life packed with comedy and action.

Spy X Family Characters

Spy x family has many interesting and complex characters that are fun to watch on screen. The main character Forger Anya is voiced by
Tanezaki Atsumi, Forger Yor is voiced by Hayami Saori and Forger Loid is voiced by Eguchi Takuya. Desmond Damian is voiced by Fujiwara Natsumi, Briar Yuri is voiced by Ono Kensho, Henderson Henry is voiced by Yamaji Kazuhiro. Franklin Franky is voiced by Yoshino Hiroyuki, Blackbell Becky is voiced by Katou Emiri, Sherwood Sylvia is voiced by Kaida Yuuko and Bondman is voiced by Nakano Taisuke.

Where To Watch Spy X Family Online?

Spy x family is currently streaming on Netflix (India), Crunchyroll (UK), Crunchyroll (US) and Hulu (US).

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