Where To Watch Black Crab Online?

Black Crab (Svart Krabba in Swedish) is a Swedish action movie about soldiers braving the war and cold in order to cross enemy lines, and is a dramatic thriller with multiple twists, turns, and even deaths as the show explore the dangerousness of the cold.

Black Crab was directed by Adam Berg, who also wrote it alongside Pelle Rådström. It follows the story of Caroline Edh, a speed skater turned soldier, who is forced to skate across miles of ice in order to reunite with her daughter who has been found at a refugee camp.

Where To Watch Black Crab Online?

Black Crab is available on Netflix and was released on the platform on 18th March 2022. It has a run time of 1 hour and 54 minutes and is categorized by the platform as ‘Dark’. It is available in 4 audio languages on Netflix: Swedish, which is the original language, Swedish with audio descriptions for those with poor sight, and dubs in English and Hindi. It has English and Swedish subtitles.

Where To Watch Black Crab Online

Black Crab Story

The movie starts with a flashback sequence of Edh in a car with her daughter, Vanja, stuck in traffic. Approaching enemies attack civilians, forcing the duo out of the vehicle.

Edh, now a soldier, is disembarking from a train a few years later. A lieutenant abandons her at the base after driving her through a perilous neighbourhood. Edh is ambushed by refugees but fights her way to safety. She is brought for a briefing with Colonel Raad when she arrives at the base, and she meets the other soldiers picked for the special mission: Karimi, Malik, Granvik, and Captain Forsberg.

This group of soldiers must now face the dangerous task of traversing through the Stolkholm Archipelago on the behest of their Colonel, Colonel Raad. They must transfer certain canisters to a research base known as Ödö, which Colonel Raad claims will lead to the war’s victory. Because the ice is too thin for cars, the team must skate across it. Edh observes that this appears to be a suicide mission, but she is compelled to go so that she will be reunited with Vanja, who has been discovered in a refugee camp near the research base.

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As the group progresses across the journey, multiple accidents occur. There is a huge loss of life as the team is slowly whittled down, threatened by enemy soldiers, resentful civilians, and the sheer cold for which they do not have the necessary supplies to combat. They are even bombed by their own side as a team member, Karim, nicks a radio to their superiors leading them to suspect him of being a traitor, unaware that he just did so to contact his girlfriend. 

Along the journey, the team realises that the capsules they are carrying contain a biohazard weapon, for which they suffer a conflict of conscience. One soldier, Malik, insists that this would not be the end of the war but the end of everything and that if they were to deliver the packages, they would doom all of humanity. On the other hand, the now-promoted Captain Nylund is determined to follow orders.

It only gets worse as Edh is informed that her daughter was never near the base, she has not been found at a refugee camp. Edh must now struggle with her conscience and take drastic action in order to prevent the delivery of the capsules.

One warning to note is that the movie does not have a hopeful or happy ending and features multiple deaths along the way, with almost all of the main cast losing their lives along the journey.

Black Crab Cast

Where To Watch Black Crab Online

Noomi Rapace plays the main character, Caroline Edh. Noomi Rapace is best known for her performance as Lizbeth Salandar in the Swedish adaptation of The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo, for which she has won both a BAFTA and an International Emmy.

Aliette Opheim (Fatima in Caliphate) plays Captain Forsberg, one of the soldiers recruited for the dangerous mission of crossing enemy lines. Dar Salim plays Malik and Ardalan Esmaili plays Karimi, two more of the originally recruited soldiers.

Jakob Oftebro plays Nylund, a substitute for a last-minute replacement on the team of soldiers. He later replaces Forsberg as Captain.

David Dencik plays Colonel Raad. Dencik is a Danish-Swedish actor who has also acted in roles in multiple English films, such as Dr Valdo Obruchev in the Bond film No Time to Die.

Mikail Akalin plays the Vice Korpral. Susan Taslimi acts as Admiral Nordh.

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