Jug Jug Jeeyo Release Date Finally Announced!

Jug Jug Jiyo is a family-based comedy-drama genre movie. The story is written by Anurag Singh, directed by Raj Mehta and is produced by Viacom 18 studios and Dharma Production. The movie has a lot of fun elements and sequences and is a great choice to watch with your family. The story features a Punjabi family where the son and daughter in law are preparing for a divorce but have to postpone it as the daughter’s wedding is right around the corner. The father is also planning a divorce to have a fresh start with another woman to who he has taken a fancy. The story focuses on family relations and values and how people in this time and age react to conflicts and differences with their better halves. 

Jug Jug Jeeyo Release Date

Jug Jug Jeeyo Release Date

Jug Jug Jeeyo will be released in theatres on 24th June 2022. Being one of the most anticipated movies of this season, Jug Jug Jeeyo has a lot of fans patiently waiting for it to hit the theatres. With the exceptional cast, story and dramatic characters, this movie is currently ruling over the audience’s attention with just its trailer drop, which is currently #2 on YouTube

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Jug Jug Jeeyo Story

The trailer was released on 22nd May 2022. It starts with a joyous wedding song and Naina’s(Kiara) entry wearing an authentic wedding lehenga and completes her wedding ‘Phera’s’ with Kukoo(Varun). They look happy and in love with each other until a scene where they get into some sort of car accident whose impact is powerful enough to hit their faces with airbags. They are sitting together with a friend in an expensive restaurant where the friend asks them what they currently desire the most. The couple unanimously answers ‘divorce’. And the next scene follows them walking, looking all lonely and sad on the sidewalks and on their way to their respective jobs. They have to go to  Kukoo’s home for his sister Ginny’s(Prajakta) wedding. Kukoo asks Naina to keep their divorce a secret until the wedding is successfully over. They meet with Kukoo’s parents and are warmly welcomed by them. They have a short argument regarding divorce as Kukoo searches for the perfect vibe and time to drop the bomb. He and his father Bheem(Anil) get drunk and talk about their wives, joking about all wives in general, where Bheem reveals his plan on divorcing Geeta(Neeta).

Kukoo is shocked beyond words. Bheem introduces Kukoo to Meera(Tiska), the woman he is currently interested in. Gurpreet(Manish) tells Kukoo that his father has grown lustful toward another woman, for which he receives a tight slap. Worried, Geeta confronts Kukoo asking about his married life with Naina and suggests asking Bheem if he ever comes to need tips, as he has years of experience when it comes to this field. Bheem looks at his mother, knowing the bitter truth, with eyes filled with pity. Bheem talks to Kukoo about Geeta wishing to meet Meera. Confused, Naina, who is also present at the scene, asks about the identity of Meera, to which Gurpreet spills the beans. In the next scene, Geeta is seen crying and sad after finding out about the divorce. She explains the possible reasons for a divorce and how divorce is not a single person’s fault but a series of mishappenings ultimately resulting in it. The trailer ends with a scene where Geeta comes to know of Kukoos and Naina’s divorce( most likely before the scene where she cries) and warns them,  saying that neither in the past nor in the future will there ever be a divorce case in their family. 

Jug Jug Jeeyo Cast

Kiara Advani- Naina, Varun Dhaan Kukoo, Neeta Singh- Geeta, Prajakta Koli- Ginny, Anil Kapoor- Bheem, Manish Paul- Gurpreet, Tiska Chopra- Meera, Shovon Jaman, Sharik Khan, Bikram Malati- Samrat, Manmeet Singh Sawhney- Dr Bhatia. 

Where To Watch Jug Jug Jeeyo?

Jug Jug Jeeyo is yet to be released in both theatres and online platforms. The theatre release will be from 24th June onwards, whereas the OTT platform release will take place on Amazon Prime. No additional news updates have been officially released yet, but we will be sure to provide you with the information as quickly as possible. 

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