Where Was Lincoln Lawyer Filmed? Know Here!

Legal drama fans, your new favourite show awaits you! Released on May 13, 2022, Lincoln Lawyer is a creation of David E. Kelley, who was also the creator of the acclaimed legal drama Boston Legal (which was an ‘Emmy Darling’ during its run, having 25 nominations and 7 wins). It was also developed by Ted Humphrey, who was a lead writer on The Good Wife and won a Peabody award for the same.

The show was based on Michael Connelly’s novel The Brass Verdict (sequel to his novel The Lincoln Lawyer) and the talented and successful crew brought its source material to life. The show follows a defence attorney named Mickey Haller that’s constantly on the move and works out of his Lincoln Town Car in which he is chauffeured around rather than a real office. At the moment, the show has 1 season with 10 episodes, each of around 45 to 55 minutes.

Where Was Lincoln Lawyer Filmed?

Where Was Lincoln Lawyer Filmed

Lincoln Lawyer began filming on March 30, 2021, after a year-long delay due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Most of the filming occurred in Los Angeles, unsurprisingly, as the series is set there. What’s striking about the filming locations is that most are real places you can visit right now, not sets or props.

Mickey Haller’s house is at 3104 Minnesota Street, Los Angeles, which is in the Lincoln Heights neighbourhood… a bit on the nose there. The house can be viewed on Zillow and is listed as having 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and with a market price estimate of $921,400, though it is currently not for sale. Similarly, Maggie’s house on 712 714 Hawthorne street, South Pasadena is listed but off-market, and estimated at $2,717,800, one of the most expensive houses in the neighbourhood.

The meeting with Sticks occurs at Jim’s Burgers, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, which is a real restaurant with a decently priced menu and good ratings. The bar scenes occur at The York, which is at 5108 York Boulevard, Los Angeles, and is also a real place where you get great burgers and beer.

Some of the filmings occurred on Spring Street, which is a part of the Historical Core District of Downtown Los Angeles and one of the oldest streets in the city. Grand Avenue on Bunker Hill Los Angeles is also a film location and is famous for the number of concert halls, museums, and theatres that line its street. Another frequent location is Admiralty Way on Marina Del Ray, a seaside community that is unincorporated, meaning it is not governed by a local municipal corporation.

One notable filming location is the Ebell of Los Angeles; formed as a women’s club in 1894, this is the site where the famed American actress and singer Judy Garland was discovered, and also the last place aviation pioneer Amelia Earheart was seen.

Perhaps the most shocking location is where the court scenes were filmed: in actual public courthouses, not sets or replicas. The Superior Court of California County of Los Angeles in Inglewood and The Superior Court of California County of Los Angeles in San Fernando were both used for the court scenes.

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The Lincoln Lawyer Story

The series follows Mickey Haller, an innovative and somewhat-eccentric lawyer that runs his practice out of the back of his chauffeured Lincoln Town Car as he takes cases of all kinds from across Los Angeles. The series opens when Haller is just getting his feet back under him after a year of not practising due to getting into an accident and a drug habit, the latter of which he is now recovering from. He inherits his practice from Hollywood Lawyer Jerry Vincent, who is murdered while preparing a defence for a tech billionaire named Trevor Elliot who was accused of murdering his wife and children. As Haller begins to work on his inherited case, he learns that Vincent’s killer may be coming after him next.

The Lincoln Lawyer Cast

Where Was Lincoln Lawyer Filmed

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo (Bless Me, Ultima) plays Mickey Haller, the main character. Neve Campbell (Sidney Prescott in Scream) is Maggie McPherson, criminal prosecutor and Haller’s ex-wife. Becki Newton (Quinn Garvey on How I Met Your Mother) plays Lorna Crain, Haller’s second and current wife.

Jazz Raycole acts as Izzy, Haller’s chauffeur and a recovering drug addict herself. Angus Sampson is Cisco, Haller’s investigator while he’s on cases and friend while he isn’t. Christopher Gorham acts as Trevor Elliott, Haller’s new client that’s suspected of double homicide.

Where To Watch The Lincoln Lawyer?

The Lincoln Lawyer is available on Netflix and requires a subscription to access. It’s available in 3 audios: English, English Audio Description (for the poor sighted) and Hindi. It also has subtitles in English available.

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