Is Naked And Afraid Season 15 Release Date Announced?

Naked and Afraid is a show about survival, hardship, and the strength of humanity. Each episode opens with a man and a woman meeting in the wild, naked, with one goal: to survive 21 days in the wilderness, relying purely on their skills and smarts. Both are allowed to bring one item each, most survivalists picking a weapon like a machete or a survival tool like a fire starter.

The show is narrated by Michael Brown. The show first premiered on June 23, 2013, and has since had 120 episodes as well as multiple spin-off series. Season 13 is the latest to be released and premiered on the first of August, 2021.

Naked And Afraid Season 15 Release Date

Naked And Afraid Season 15 Release Date

The 15th Season of Naked and Afraid has been officially announced! The series’ fifteenth season began airing on February 27th on the Discovery Channel. As for when it will hit OTT platforms, though there is no news on it yet, we can expect it to be soon. Regarding the contents of the new season, it brings its survivalists through Columbia, Botswana, South Africa, and Mexico. The season also has its first transgender survivalist, a male to female Air Force veteran who appears in the third episode of season 15.  

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Naked And Afraid Season 15 Story

Each episode opens with the two contestants, one male and one female, stripping down and meeting each other. They can bring one tool for survival, and are allowed some personal jewellery. They must also each where a necklace which has a microphone in the pendant and are given cross-body satchels to hold a diary and a camera for when the camera crew is not within reach. The camera crew, though present, are not allowed to help the contestants in any way except in dire emergencies. They must find their own food, water, and shelter. The contestants have a designated spot to meet at the end of the 21 days, where they are picked up; they can, however, tap out any time before it.

The areas the contestants must survive are varied in nature, occurring across 6 continents (sans Antarctica). Although most episodes are filmed in the U.S., episodes have been filmed across 35 other countries (including India).

Season 15 brings the intrepid men and women to areas where the location alone is enough to challenge even the most seasoned of Naked and Afraid survivalists, from the eerie mountains of Chiapas to an isolated settlement in Botswana to a complicated and terrifying cave system in Colombia. Two survivalists will rethink everything after passing through an old mansion in the middle of the forest that is reputed to be haunted, while nothing appears to go their way. And when two survivalists come to an abandoned African community, they’ll discover the hard way what drove the villagers to flee and abandon everything.

A couple of survivalists must not only survive among hundreds of elephants on the Limpopo River, but they must also overcome a linguistic barrier that makes even the simplest of activities impossible. Other firsts this season include the first male to the female transgender contestant, who is paired with a South African farmer, and a survivalist with Asperger’s syndrome, who discovers how her illness affects her longevity and uncovers solutions to overcome problems she never imagined possible.

This season also includes a special ‘tribes’ episode in which two “teams” – each consisting of a rookie and a Naked & Afraid Legend – must make it to the halfway point in South Africa, where they will meet up and pool resources to complete the challenge as a group. In a dramatic handing off of the baton, the grown children of two Naked and Afraid All-Stars go on a 14-day challenge in Mexico to discover if they have what it takes to live up to their parents’ famous reputations.

Where To Watch Naked And Afraid Online?

Naked And Afraid Season 15 Release Date

Naked and Afraid, as well as spin-offs Naked and Afraid XL, Naked and Afraid Alone, Naked and Afraid Savage and Naked and Afraid of Love, are all available on Amazon Prime Video. However, it is only available under the discovery+ subscription, which is an add-on that must be purchased by existing subscribers of an Amazon Prime account, with which they can avail of a large number of Discovery+ shows. The discovery+ add-on subscription costs Rs. 399 a year.

It can also be caught on Discovery Channel, though the timings vary from region to region.

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