Kill The Orange Faced Bear Season 2 Release Date Updates!

Kill The Orange Faced Bear

A plot so funny that Brett Weitz, the general manager of truTV, TNT, and TBS, practically had to wrestle it from the dead hands of Comedy Central, Kill The Orange Faced Bear is an idea at the peak of absurdist humour.

The series was written by Romanski (a.k.a., Chris Romano, Blue Mountain State). It was directed by Jake Szymanski (director of Brooklyn Nine-Nine).

Kill The Orange Faced Bear Season 2 Release Date

Kill The Orange Faced Bear Season 2 Release Date

Kill The Orange Faced Bear was a very highly anticipated show, with Brett Weitz attempting to purchase the idea when first pitched only to be beaten out by Comedy Central. Five years later, when he finally has his hands on the rights to the idea, he immediately gets the ball rolling, starting production almost immediately. Actors were cast, the pilot was filmed, and the cast and crew were set to begin filming in Vancouver.

Yet, the show will never hit the screens. Why? One week before filming in Vancouver, the cast and crew were told the show was cancelled. This was because Warner Media, under which TBS and TNT operate, was sold to Discovery, Inc., creating Warner Bros Discovery, of which Warner Bros still gets a piece of the pie in profits. And while creative cuts are expected when one media conglomerate swallows another, part of the deal was that Discovery would make them $3 billion in cost savings.

Ultimately, the company decided to cut and cancel a large number of primarily TBS and TNT shows, which includes Kill The Orange Faced Bear. Despite the passion the cast and crew had for the project, it seems like they’ll never get to work on it. One small ray of hope comes with the fact that Warner Bros Discover plans to sell the idea to other companies, and as Brett Weitz did, another producer might pick it up and actually get to stick with it.

Kill The Orange Faced Bear Season 1 Release Date31 December 2018
Kill The Orange Faced Bear Season 2 Release DateCanceled
Kill The Orange Faced Bear Season 2 Release Date

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Kill The Orange Faced Bear Season 2 Story

Kill The Orange Faced Bear is an absurdist comedy show. Hank, a charming, sweet man, is on a camping trip date with the love of his life. When she’s eaten by a bear, Hank swears to get revenge and kill the bear that took away his lover. Although it sounds fairly normal so far, this is where things get insane: the show also explores the perspective of the bear, Brenda, who has her own problems, like an idiotic bear husband named Steve that keeps breaking into cars to steal snacks and a perfect-furred manicure-like nailed bear competitor named Pauline who’s trying to steal her husband.

The show was planned to be chock-full of laughs with a surprising realness to it despite the plot. Brett Weitz stated that he was a big fan of it and that the goal of the plot was to create something that was going to make noise and land with the viewer but also going to be threaded with joy, and make people laugh. He stated that the absurdity of Kill an Orange Faced Bear was beautifully constructed. Additionally, it seems like the cast was just as excited to work on the project, with Weitz calling them ‘the best partners in helping us continue.’

Kill The Orange Faced Bear Season 2 Cast

Kill The Orange Faced Bear Season 2 Release Date

Daman Wayans Jr. (Coach in New Girl, voice of Wasabi in Big Hero 6) plays Hank, the protagonist on a quest for revenge, determined to kill the bear that ate his lover. Comedian, actress and writer Sarah Silverman (Vanellope in Wreck-It Ralph) voices Brenda, the bear that Hank is hunting. Jessy Hodges (Sophie Parker in Anyone But Me) plays Jamie, the twin sister of Hank’s now dead girlfriend. Comedian, actress and podcaster Nicole Byer (Office Nicole on Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates) plays Pauline, the bear that looks perfect and keeps trying to seduce Brenda’s husband. Nate Torrence (Devon on She’s Out Of MY League) plays Murray, Hank’s best friend. Comedian and actor Sam Richardson (Eric Huddle on Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates and Richard Splett on Veep) plays Steve, a clumsy and impulsive bear that steals the snacks out of cars. Alex Karpovsky (Craig Petrosian in Amazon Prime Video’s Homecoming) plays a quirky but well-intentioned park ranger.

Where To Watch Kill The Orange Faced Bear?

Kill The Orange Faced Bear cannot be accessed as it was cancelled mid-production. Although a pilot was filmed, it has not been released to the public and isn’t found anywhere online. Presumably, the script for the show was completed, but that isn’t accessible anywhere either.

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