Aparajito 2022 OTT Release Date Revealed Or Not?

One of the eminent Bengali movies that have been creating a massive lot of Buzz lately. It has been celebrated all over Bengal as well as the rest of the world that the theatres are all going ‘Housefull’ is named as Aparajito, created by Anik Dutta. It has been a historical movie for the Bengali film industry as it curves out its protagonist with the emotion of Bengal. Recently it has been evident that it has successfully raised its bar over the most popular movie in recent times called KGF Chapter 2 with its rating of 9.2 from the IDBM. The movie is getting a lot of love as it is a tribute to one of the biggest directors rather could be defined as an artist that India has ever seen, the first Oscar winner Satyajit Ray. There are many such fans all around the world who are actually waiting to know when will Aparajito have its official OTT release and over which platform will it be available? Let’s dig deep to find all the updates about it. 

Aparajito 2022 OTT Release Date

Aparajito 2022 OTT Release Date

The movie was found to get released all over the theatres in Bengal as well as various other places on the globe on the 13th of May of the year 2022. It does share a similar name with the 1956 movie but has a slightly different plotline in it. It is indeed a tribute to the legend Satyajit ray and thus has a massive amount of nostalgia and emotions of every Bengalis mixed with it, which did end up taking this movie up the notch. It has been running successfully over the theatres but certainly, the OTT release of it is still a mystery, but we hope that we would get enlightened to it very soon and Aparajito will come to all of our houses through the Web media platforms.  

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Aparajito Story

The entire movie is made as a tribute to the great film-maker Satyajit Ray and depicts his young days of him when he made his debut by the Pather Panchali in 1955 which later was a part of the very famous ‘Apur Triology’ along with 1956’s Aparajito and 1959’s Apur Sansar. This movie, however, talks about Aparajito Ray who is a fictional character with the influence of Satyajit Ray in him as he directs his first-ever film the ‘Pather Padabali’ which indeed creates a huge success in India as well as Abroad. Here Aparajito was found in an interview where he takes us all on his journey from being an art student at Shantiniketan to the struggles he faced during filming this film and the way he was helped by his loved ones to the grand success he achieved. It is indeed a masterpiece as it takes us all more near to one of the shiniest stars that ever gloried in Bengal as well as India. 

Aparajito Cast

Aparajito 2022 OTT Release Date

The cast list of the 2022’s film Aparajito is an example of huge talents all around Bengal as well as in every nook and corner of India. It includes Jeetu Kamal in the suit of Aparajito Ray, whose wife Bimala Ray was portrayed by Saayoni Ghosh, Debashis Roy stared as Subir Mitra, Paran Banerjee was seen as former chief minister Biman Roy, Ritwick Purkait enacted the role of Debashis Barman, whereas the character of  Sunil Choudhury was given justice by Saunak Samanta, Anjana Basu was seen in the shoes of Sabarmangala, while Anusha Vishwanathan was seen as Uma, Ayushmaan Mukherjee was found as Manik, Haro Kumar Gupta was voicing the character of  Indira Thakur, Anashua Majumdar depicted the role of Surama Devi, Barun Chanda was seen in the character of Jawhar Kaul. Moreover, it also included other eminent personalities like Samik Bandyopadhyay, Nilanjan Datta, Tarun Chakraborty, Uday Sankar Paul,  Mahul Brahma, Apratim Chatterjee, Asim Roychowdhury, Sumit Samaddar, Debal Ghatak, Richard Herrett, Manasi Sinha, Agnijit Sen, and many more. 

Aparajito Trailer

The official trailer of Aparajito was released on the 23rd of April, 2022 over the official youtube channel of Friends Communications. 

Where To Watch Aparajito? 

The film had its theatrical release on 13th May and is running with pride and joy till today. One can easily watch it at their nearest selective movie theatre, but on the digital platforms it is not quite clarified by any officials from the production team but we can expect it to possibly be available over the platforms like Amazon Prime, Hoichoi, and Eros Now. 

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