What Are The Updates On Bonelab Release Date?

Bonelab Release Date
Bonelab Release Date

Virtual reality games are getting more recognition day by day. The release of any new game creates a buzz in the market. One such game is soon going to be launched worldwide. Bonelab is a virtual reality game developed by Stress Level Zero. It is a sequel to Bonework virtual game which was released by Stress Level Zero earlier. Since the launch of the teaser trailer of the Bonelab in April 2022, gaming lovers are eagerly waiting for the release of the game. The virtual game is full of action, adventure, shooting, and thrill.

The virtual gaming industry is gaining a lot more with the continuous development in technology and artificial intelligence. The 3D environment that these games create and headsets that require for playing games gives real experience to the players. Therefore, such games are called virtual reality games.

Bonelab Release Date

Bonelab Release Date
Bonelab Release Date

The Bonelab Virtual Reality game developed by Stress Level Zero will be releasing 2022. However, the actual date of release is not made public by Stress Level Zero or Meta Quest 2. A trailer of the VR game was released in April that revealed the release of Bonelab in 2022. In the official Twitter account of Stress Level Zero, there is no mention of the actual date of release. The official website of Stress Level Zero also says that the game is coming soon. So, the Virtual Game lovers could expect the release very soon this year.

The Bonelab is a sequel of Stress Level Zero’s other Virtual Game Boneworks that was released in 2019. However, the reaction of people after the release of Bonelab Virtual Game shows that it might attaint greater heights than Boneworks.

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Bonelab Story

Bonelab is a physic system like Boneworks. The plot of Bonelab is set in an underground trench. The player is sentenced to death but he/she has to escape the death. The player has to run away from the trench. There will be various ammunitions to fight for the player. One has to go through various obstacles and challenges to pass the underground facility. You can also choose a look for yourself before starting the game.

Earlier, when the Boneworks was released, it was also a physic system game filled with action and thrill. In this game also the player has to escape out of the underground facility. To do so, everything inside the facility was a weapon for the player. Apart from guns, the furniture, items, and small equipment could be used tactically to win the game. There is also the option of picking every element present in the virtual environment. To continue with the escaping there were special military guns that are very powerful. Overall, the boneworks was a completely entertaining and thrilling virtual experience. Hence, the virtual gamers are expecting high from the Bonelab also.

Bonelab Virtual Reality Game Requirements

Bonelab Release Date
Bonelab Release Date

The Bonelab Virtual Reality game could be played on a laptop or personal computer. However, the game won’t on regular office devices. There are special gaming devices that support the operation of virtual games. Notably, regular office work could also be performed on these laptops or computers.

To play the Bonelab Virtual Reality game, a player must have a graphic card installed on the device. The VRAM of the device should be at least 6GB or more. Whereas the RAM should be 8GB or more. The memory of this configuration will allow a better uninterrupted and smooth gaming experience.

Bonelab Virtual Reality Game Trailer

The trailer of Bonelab by Meta Quest has got a great response from virtual gamers. It highlighted all the thrill and suspense that players were going to experience while playing this physic system game. The trailer revealed that the game will release in 2022 only. The trailer was posted by Meta Quest. It showed the escape from death. The Bonelab is also supposed to give an amazing virtual experience to virtual gamers.

How To Play Bonelab Virtual Reality Game?

The Bonelab VR game will release on Meta Quest headsets this year. To experience this virtual gaming experience, players require a headset by Meta Quest. The headset creates a virtual environment in which you play the game. When you play Bonelab on Meta Quest, you will feel that you are actually in the underground facility and trying to escape. Your every action will become the action of an escaper inside the underground facility. This time Stress level Zero had worked for two years to improve the virtual experience of users as compared to Boneworks. Hence, this new game will look more real to players.

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