Are Kevin Kreider And Kim Lee Still Together?

(L-R) Kelly Mi Li and Kevin Kreider in episode 5 “Private Lies” of Bling Empire: Season 1. c. Courtesy of Netflix © 2021

Kevin Kreider and Kim Lee have been making a lot of headlines ever since they starred together in Bling Empire. The show first premiered on January 15, 2021, and even though the debut season covered a complicated relationship between Kelly Mi Li and Andrew Gray, fans were quick to notice the growing connection between Kim Lee and Kevin Kreider. Interestingly, their chemistry did shine out in season 2 and many also thought that the star couple were dating at one point. But is this just a rumour or does it hold any truth? Let’s find out!

According to the sources, Kim Lee and Kevin Kreider didn’t get along in the beginning. Kevin had in fact mentioned that he could not stand Kim because he thought that she was a “spoiled brat”. We also saw them get into an argument over Anna Shay’s Party and it was clear that he found her very arrogant and rude but things changed as the show progressed to the next season as we saw Kim slightly bonding with Kevin in the trailer. He also willingly helped Kim look for her estranged father and just when fans started speculating that something was brewing between them, Kim kissed Kevin on the cheek after knowing that she was accepted for the residency program in Vegas. That was surely a cherry on top for their fans, however, Kim did not intend on getting into a relationship. She did agree to a dinner date but later stood him up and apologised by saying, “If we go out and it doesn’t work out, I’m losing on a friendship”. 

Are Kevin Kreider And Kim Lee Still Together

But after Kevin insisted on her confessing how he has never felt this way for someone, she thought of giving it a shot and the two started dating. The former took advice from his friend on how to keep her happy, however, Kane Lim seemed apprehensive about this relationship. Being Kim’s true friend, he told her how Kevin had gotten intimate with multiple girls. He revealed that Kevin had shared an intimate moment with a girl from yoga class after their trip. This eventually led to the break-up even after they took a lie detector test. Apparently, Kevin passed the test but Kim still couldn’t get herself to trust him completely and called it quits. She stated that she didn’t want to be with him anymore and it was detected as the truth. She said in order to get involved with him, she‘ll have to get over the fact that he has dated multiple girls in the past. On hearing this, Kevin got agitated and in the season finale, he explained how he would rather find a girl who wants to be with him and doesn’t require a lie detector test.

Although it is clear that both of them had something going on during the filming of Season 2, they haven’t revealed anything about what’s going on between them now. 

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Are Kevin Kreider And Kim Lee Still Together?

Are Kevin Kreider And Kim Lee Still Together

The two haven’t gotten back together after they broke up. Kim said she is at peace with whatever happened with Kevin, however, neither of them has revealed whether they are dating someone else now. While on the show, the couple mentioned that they won’t let the friendship between them die, telling us that they might be on good terms. In the making of the second season, when she was asked about their relationship, she stated that they share a rather weird relationship but they get along well. 

 “He’s a very nice guy. On the show, I think a lot of people might think,  ‘Oh, why is she so mean to him?’ It’s just, like when you have a friend that you can say whatever to and they kinda put up with it? Well, Kevin is that friend to me.” she added further. 

Kim also mentioned how they all needed a retreat after season 2 wrapped. According to her, they all needed space and distance and thought that the audience felt the same too. Now the two are miles apart from each other as Kevin is in New York and Kim is in Los Angeles, leading their independent lives. In short, it is true that both of them aren’t together anymore, but have seemingly remained in touch. We‘ll know where their relationship goes if and when they return on screen with Bling Empire Season 3. 

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