Elliott From Earth Season 2 Release Date, Characters And More!

Elliot from Earth is an animated Sci-fi comedy series that premiered in the UK in March 2021. Created by Guillaume Cassuto, Mic Graves and Tony Hull, the series aired on Cartoon Network. The show’s pitch was greenlit for 20 episodes by the Cartoon Network Studios, having a runtime of 11 minutes each. The first season showed Elliott and his mother exploring Outer Space to find meteorites. It has been airing for more than a year now and fans are eagerly waiting to know whether the show will release a renewed season anytime soon. Read to know all the details!

Elliott From Earth Season 2 Release Date

Elliott From Earth Season 2 Release Date

Ever since the show concluded its first season in April 2021, there has been a buzz around the release of a renewed season. However, the makers have not made any official announcement regarding the second season. Having said that, the show has not been cancelled too. Considering the popularity of the show, it is likely that the makers will bring it back with a renewed season but at the moment, we cannot be assured about it. As nothing is confirmed as yet, we will have to wait till the official declaration is made. 

Elliott From Earth Season 1 Release DateMarch 29, 2021
Elliott From Earth Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
Elliott From Earth Season 2 Release Date

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Elliott From Earth Season 2 Story

The story follows an Eleven-year-old boy, Elliott and his 36-year-old single mother, Frankie embarking on a journey together to outer space in search of meteorites on Earth. Frankie is a geologist, curious about analyzing a 65 million-year-old rock which appears from space but lacks fusion crust. However, one night, they both accidentally amplify the rock, turning it into a transporting sphere and launching them onto the other side of the universe. After landing, they end up on a large space station called the Centrium. There, they bump into a dinosaur named Mo and lose the rock due to the remoteness of the biosphere. The three of them begin exploring this new universe, eventually settling on a city in Centrium and discovering its alien inhabitants. In the city Centrium, the trio get adapted to the new ways of life while Elliott’s mom continues to search for answers about the old rock. This is where the story halted in the first season and is likely to continue with a renewed one. Taking the plot of this series into consideration, it is definitely an intriguing one which stands out from the rest of the animated series. 

Elliott From Earth Season 2 Characters

Elliott From Earth Elliott From Earth Season 2 Release Date

The first season of this animated series has three main characters namely- An Eleven-year-old Elliott, his mother Frankie and a dinosaur Mo. Apart from the trio, we also see lots of aliens making an appearance in the show. The voice cast behind these characters includes Samuel Faraci voicing Elliott, Naomi McDonald voicing Frankie and Noah Kaye Bentley voicing the Dinosaur Mo. The different aliens are voiced by Diane Morgan, Angelina Ispani, Stephen Greif, Mic Graves, Rich Hall, Teresa Gallagher and many more. The main characters and their voice cast are likely to return to their roles when the series is renewed. However, there might be new characters and cast members for the next season. 

Elliott From Earth Season 2 Trailer

Right now, we don’t have an official trailer of Elliott From Earth Season 2. The trailer for season 1 came out on Sep 11, 2020, and sparked joy within all the kids as they eagerly waited for the show to premiere. It gave us a good insight into the world of Elliott with its visually appealing graphics. The first season concluded on a successful note but there is a lot more that the creators can show to continue the story. The renewed season will likely have Elliott and Frankie going on some more intergalactic adventures along with Mo, to find the mysterious rock. However, we will have to stay tuned to see what they have in store for us until the makers decide to drop the Season 2 Trailer. 

Where To Watch Elliott From Earth Season 2 Online?

Until the official news about the release of Season 2 comes out, you can watch all the episodes of Elliott From Earth Season 1 on HBO Max. They are also streaming on Google Play and Vudu.

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