Is Love & Marriage: D.C. Season 2 Release Date Arriving?

The Real Housewives of Potomac had received good ratings and, the performance of Monique Samuels was impressive, which gained a lot of recognition. After doing this show, she got lost from the spotlight but now, is returning once again for a masterpiece. Released under the production of Kingdom Reign Entertainment, Open Winfrey Network ( OWN ) has finally announced that Love & Marriage is coming with its first spin-off series, Love & Marriage: D. C under the creation of Carlos King.

Love & Marriage: D.C. Season 2 Release Date

Love & Marriage: D.C. Season 2 Release Date

The original drama series, Love & Marriage: Huntsville had grossed more than 7 million views, with an increasing rate of viewers in the past two seasons. Talking about Love & Marriage: D.C., it is set to premiere on May 14, 2022, and, just like the trailer has got so many reviews, there is a surety of the series too.

If some of the viewers are expecting the second installment of the series, then they should hold on and pause for a second because the makers have not yet decided if they will return for season 2 or not. The viewers can guess the same but, they have to wait for an official announcement so that everything can be cleared out.

Love & Marriage: D.C. Season 1 Release DateMay 14, 2022
Love & Marriage: D.C. Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
Love & Marriage: D.C. Season 2 Release Date

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Love & Marriage: D.C. Season 2 Story

The first season of the drama series presents the viewers with the relationship problem with Samuel’s couple, as they both start to give each other the priorities they needed. As Chris is finding it hard to focus on his career, Monique is blooming and getting the potential career path. On the other hand, while DJ Quicksilva is the hardest working and growing DJ in the D. M. V area, his wife trying her luck to get that spotlight to become the fashion designer, author, and podcast host. Arena and Jamie Tyler are considered the hottest couple but, they are struggling to maintain their 26 years of marriage in the need of their children.

All the casts have put enough effort and power to make this series one of the best ones, which shows the relationship struggle and the love between the two. There is not a complete plot of the drama series and so, the viewers have to satisfy themselves with this information only. Talking about the plot of season 2, if it gets renewed, might surround the same couple with their relationships or can come up with a different cast.

Love & Marriage: D.C. Season 2 Cast

Love & Marriage: D.C. Season 2 Release Date

Monique Samuels is appearing as the main character of the series with her husband Chris Samuels. The couple will be joined by their friends Erena and Jamie Tyler and Ashley Silva with her DJ husband, Quicksilva. Monique Samuels was last seen in The Real Housewives of Potomac and, she is super excited for this drama series, as she has marked the statement that the viewers will see “the real me”. Well, the series would be an interesting one for the fans of Monique Samuels and so, they are eagerly waiting for the drama. Well, there could be many more stars who will present in the drama series but, due to the limited information, we cannot provide our viewers with the rest of the names.

Love & Marriage: D.C. Season 2 Trailer

The viewers can see how excited Monique Samuels is to give a return to her fans with such a masterpiece. The trailer is beautifully scripted and, we hope that the drama series will too come up with such excitement. As of now, the trailer has been watched many times and, the excitement of the audience is at a high level.

Where To Watch Love & Marriage: D.C. Season 2 Online?

The viewers might get a shock because, the makers have not decided on which platform the series will release on, plus no network has announced the same. But, the makers can give this update soon and, the viewers have to wait till then.

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