Moon Knight VS Mr Knight: Who Is Superior?

Moon Knight has become a recent hit in the entertainment world. The series has taken the world by storm, and every other person in the world is hooked on this series at this point. It is a Marvel Studio production that has managed to set a high standard for all future Marvel series. Moon Knight is a 6 episode mini-series released on March 30, 2022, based on the Marvel comic. The Action Adventure Fantasy series was created by Jeremy Slater and aired on Disney+ with each episode running for 44–53 minutes. If you are still unfamiliar, then you do not have to worry. We will give a brief introduction to the series. Steven Grant finds it difficult to distinguish his real life from his dreams and he starts getting nightmares that make it impossible for him to sleep, leading to a sleeping disorder. To get some amount of sleep, he ties himself before going to bed. One day, he receives a call and the girl on the phone addresses him as Marc. He later finds out he has an alter ego named Marc as he goes on a journey to find out more about what is going on in his life with his knowledge.

Moon Knight VS Mr Knight

Marc Spector has various personalities, which even makes it confusing for the audience at times, but two particular characters they are interested in are none other than the superheroes in the series. Viewers want to know more about the characters Moon Knight and Mr. Knight because they have taken a special interest in these two. We have come up with an idea to highlight the strengths and drawbacks of these two characters to let the viewers decide which character they like better. The Moon Knight is a superhero protagonist who received his powers from the moon god Khonshu. He is extremely powerful and has an incredible strength that has been gifted by the moon god himself. He is a superhero character that fights for justice and punishes all those who come within the radius of doing bad things.

The Moon Knight wears a white Batman suit with a crescent moon. Guided by the moon god, he helps all those people who need help at night. He also possesses the ability to come back to life, which is also an ability that was gifted to him by the moon god Khonshu. Mr. Knight is one of the superhero characters and an alter ego personality of Mark Spectator. Viewers were introduced to the character of Mr. Knight in the second episode when Steven did not give in to Marc. He instructed Steven to wear the Moon Knight suit that turned Steven into Mr. Knight. He wears a clean white suit and a clean white mask. He is more reserved in comparison to the character of Moon Knight. Just like Marc Spector can turn himself into Moon Knight, his alter ego personality Steven Grant can turn himself into Mr. Knight. The character of Moon Knight can be badass and gruesome. On the other hand, Mr. Knight likes to work peacefully. He is a calm person who does not like to be involved with violence. He helps others in times of need and likes to cooperate with the police.

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Moon Knight Cast 

Moon Knight has various characters, but the protagonist has 5 different personalities that make it impossible for the viewers to concentrate on any other character than him. But that does not make it any different because other characters also make the series more entertaining to watch. Oscar Isaac played the role of the protagonist and the characters of his alter ego, Marc Spector or Moon Knight, Steven Grant or Mr. Knight, and Jake Lockley. May Calamawy portrayed Layla El-Faouly, or Scarlet Scarab; F. Murray Abraham portrayed Khonshu; Ethan Hawke portrayed Arthur Harrow; and Khalid Abdalla portrayed Selim.  Gaspard Ulliel played the role of Anton Mogart, Antonia Salib played the role of Taweret, Fernanda Andrade played the role of Wendy Spector, Rey Lucas played the role of Elias Spector, Sofia Danu and Saba Mubarak played the roles of Ammit.

Where To Watch Moon Knight?

Moon Knight is available on Disney plus and Virgin TV Go in the United Kingdom, Disney plus in the United States, and Hotstar in India.

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