Are Ghost Riders Real? Know Here!

The Ghost Rider is a fictional character that can be found in Marvel comics. He first appeared in Marvel Spotlight #5, which was published in August 1972. Roy Thomas, Gary Friedrich, and Mike Ploog created the character. Ghost Rider has appeared in a variety of television shows, films, and video games. The film was released on February 16, 2007. The plot revolved around the character of Johnny Blaze. It depicts the story of a motorcycle racer who makes a deal with the demon Mephistopheles and makes him work as a bounty hunter to collect souls. According to IMDB, 236K users have watched the film. Even though it is not as popular as the characters, that does not change the fact that Ghost Rider has a pretty good fanbase of its own. Not only that, but people also prefer his character because he can play the role of superhero and villain at the same time. He is extremely strong and powerful. He can stand next to many popular and powerful characters. If you have seen the movies and the concept made you curious if they exist in real life, then read the entire article to get your answer.

Are Ghost Riders Real?

The concept of a ghost rider is extremely unique and interesting at the same time, and many people are curious to know if they can find any clue that a ghost rider exists in real life. Unfortunately, the character is a work of fiction and has nothing to do with reality. Though the concept is entirely fictitious, there is a myth about ghost riders that can be found in English folklore. English people believed that the riders were dead people who gave them a sign that something bad was about to happen, or that war was about to break out. They mostly considered them evil and someone who had come from the underworld to take people away. But these are just some mythological folk tales, so we do not need to take them seriously. Reading about them can be fun and interesting for some. Most people who are into supernatural stories can find amusement in reading about this particular concept.

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Ghost Rider Story 

The Ghost Rider works alongside the demon Mephistopheles to catch all the spirits that escape from hell. Mephistopheles once made a deal with the villagers of San Venganza to retrieve their souls, and he sent a Ghost Rider to collect the papers, but once the ghost riders got to know about Mephistopheles’ true intentions and that this deal could make the demon extremely powerful, he runs away with the contract papers and hides somewhere. After many years, two bike riders, Barton and his son Johnny were doing stunts in a show. Johnny then meets his girlfriend Roxanne, who tells him that his dad is sending her away to her mom’s place. They plan to meet at the same place to elope together the next day. After he comes back home at night, his dad was sleeping, and he finds a letter in the dustbin. He learns that his father has cancer, which can not be treated. He then goes to the garage where Mephistopheles appears in front of him and asks him to work for him, but he denies his request. Then Mephistopheles assures him that he can cure his father’s illness in exchange for his soul. Johnny then signs the deal with his blood.

Ghost Rider Cast

The cast of the movie is quite interesting and completely gives justice to every major and minor character. Nicolas Cage portrays the character of Johnny Blaze, AKA Ghost Rider, Eva Mendes portrays the character of Roxanne Simpson, and Wes Bentley portrays the character of Legion. and Sam Elliott plays the character of Carter Slade. Donal Logue portrays the character of Mack, Peter Fonda portrays the character of Mephistopheles, and Brett Cullen portrays the character of Barton Blaze. David Roberts portrays the character of Captain Jack Dolan, Daniel Frederiksen portrays the character of Wallow; and Mathew Wilkinson portrays the character of Abigor.

Where To Watch Ghost Rider?

The movie is streaming on Netflix, Sky Go, Now TV Cinema, and Virgin TV Go in the UK. US audiences can find the movie on Starz, DIRECTV, and Spectrum. The film is currently not available on any streaming platform in India.

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