The Future Diary Season 3 Release Date Expectations!

What if someone gives you the chance to look into your future? A diary, perhaps, can give you the chance to plan your future, but once you lose the diary, your future is lost too. The Future Diary, also known as Mirai Nikki, is a Japanese supernatural anime TV series that premiered on October 10, 2011, and is based on the 2006 Japanese manga of the same name by Sakae Esuno. The series is directed by Naoto Hosoda and Written by Katsuhiko Takayama. When it debuted in the fall of 2011, it caused quite a stir, becoming the second most-watched anime series of the season, trailing only Hunter x Hunter. The Future Diary, as the name suggests, gives you information about the events that will take place in the future. The teenage high school student, Yukiteru Amano, gets blessed by the God of Time and Space and every future event happens to be found inside his phone, which describes each and everything that will happen in a day, like a diary. The God of Time and Space tells him that he and one of his classmates are part of a survival game and that the winner will become the god’s successor. If you are looking for something thrilling to watch, then The Future Diary could be a great choice.

The Future Diary Season 3 Release Date

The Future Diary anime TV series was released on It premiered on October 10, 2011, and aired for 6 months, consisting of 26 episodes each running for 23 minutes. Following the first season, already again released a follow-up OVA named “Future Diary: Redial,” which was released on June 19, 2013. The first season left some questions unanswered, which were later covered in the OVA. Since everything has already been wrapped up, there is nothing more to give to the audience. That’s why the makers have not released any follow-up seasons after the OVA. Every detail of the manga had already been covered. in the anime series, and not much is left to make up for another season, so viewers won’t get to see another season of “The Future Diary.”

The Future Diary Season 1 Release DateOctober 10, 2011
The Future Diary Season 2 Release DateJune 19, 2013
The Future Diary Season 3 Release DateNot Announced
The Future Diary Season 3 Release Date

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The Future Diary Season 3 Story 

The future diary has been concluded nicely in the last season and the follow-up ova, so there are fewer chances of season 3 happening. After the final season, the series has almost completed all of the volumes of the manga, and there isn’t much left to discover. Amano Yukiteru, a high school student, keeps himself occupied by writing his everyday happenings in a phone diary. He has always been an observer since his elementary school days when someone used to ask him to hang out, but he turned them down every time, and now he has no friends and he leads an anti-social life by writing everything on his phone. He had nothing to do, so writing a diary became his hobby. Later on, he has an imaginary friend named Deus. The Deus guy turns out to be the god of time and space (ex Machina) and he monitors time and space. When Amano wakes up the next morning, he finds an odd diary entry that he does not remember writing about Deus. He then explains that this diary tells about the future, with one drawback: if the future diary breaks, then the owner of the diary dies.

The Future Diary Season 3 Characters 

The series has already concluded every bit of the manga, so the chances of the future diary happening are very slim. The characters from season 1 are as follows, Gasai Yuno voiced by Murata Tomosa, Uryuu Minene voiced by Aizawa Mai, Akise Aru voiced by Ishida Akira, Amano Yukiteru voiced by Togashi Misuzu, Hirasaka Yomotsu voiced by Sendai Eri, Mur Mur voiced by Honda Manami, Houjou Reisuke voiced by Sanada Asami, Ikusaba Marco voiced by Seki Tomokazu and  Matsumoto Megumi, Nishijima Masumi voiced by Ishii Makoto, Nonosaka Mao is voiced by Yukana Mikami, Ai voiced by Kuwatani Natsuko, Kurusu Keigo voiced by Tanaka Masahiko and Hino Hinata voiced by Matsuoka Yuki.

Where To Watch The Future Diary Season 3

The future diary season is not out yet, viewers can find last season on anime streaming platforms Crunchyroll and Funimation.

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