NCIS Los Angeles Season 14 Release Date Confirmed Or Not?

NCIS Los Angeles is an American crime action TV series created by Shane Brennan that premiered on CBS on September 22, 2009. The series focuses on uncovering the crimes that take place in LA City. In each episode, the cast digs deep into a case to find the culprits. The series has 13 seasons in total. Seasons 13 will have 22 episodes. The last episode is scheduled to be released on May 22, 2022. If you have been keeping up with every season of the series, then you might know how intriguing each episode can be. Crime action fans can not get enough of the series. According to IMDB, 53k people have watched the series. NCIS Los Angeles has won many awards, which speaks volumes about how incredibly good the series is. Many of the fans are curious to know what will happen to the series once season 13 ends. If you are wondering about season 14, then we have collected all the information that you need. Read the entire article to get every update regarding season 14. The cases that the team solves are very interesting in every aspect, especially the murder cases in general.

NCIS Los Angeles Season 14 Release Date

NCIS Los Angeles has been in the long run for a while. The series has made it this far thanks to the loyal fans who always support it with every new season. This won’t be surprising since the series has completed 13 seasons and the makers have again decided to renew the series for season 14. This news came out on March 31, 2022. Season 14 will be released somewhere in the fall of 2022. The official dates have not been confirmed yet, but since the series has already been renewed for one more season, we can expect the dates to be out soon. Season 14 is expected to have 18 to 24 episodes like the rest of the other seasons.

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NCIS Los Angeles Season 14  Story

The series has been officially renewed for season 14, but the plot of season 14 is still unknown. Season 13 hasn’t ended yet, but once the series’ final episode airs, viewers will have a better idea of what kind of story season 14 will follow. In the last season, Callen shares the document with Sam that he found in the cabinet and tells him that Hetty has been hiding a lot from him. Sam denies his accusations and tells him that he has been hallucinating that all of these things are made up stories. Agent Blye gives a visit to Hetty and tells her about Deeks and her efforts to have a baby and asks her to help her out with the adoption process. Hetty assures her that she will help her out by making a reference from the director of SECNAV in her adoption process. Callen keeps digging into his adoption process to learn more about his past and subject number 17.

NCIS Los Angeles Season 14 Cast

The Makers have officially renewed the series for season 14. They have not confirmed which actors will continue their roles, but we can assume that season 14 will most likely continue with the cast from season 13. The cast from season 13 is as follows: Chris O’Donnell portrayed the role of “G.” Callen, Daniela Ruah portrayed the role of Kensi Blye, Eric Christian Olsen portrayed the role of Marty Deeks. Medalion Rahimi portrayed the role of Fatima Namazi, Caleb Castille portrayed the role of Devin Roundtree, Gerald McRaney portrayed the role of Hollace Kilbride and LL Cool J portrayed the role of Sam Hanna. The supporting cast includes Olesya Rulin as Zasha Gagarin, Duncan Campbell as NCIS Special Agent Castor, Briana Marin as Aliyah de León, Peter Cambor as Nate Getz, and Kavi Ramachandran Ladnier as Shyla Dahr.

Where To Watch NCIS Los Angeles Season 14? 

NCIS Los Angeles has been officially renewed for Season 14, which will air sometime in the fall of 2022. Once the series is released, we will update you with the streaming platforms to watch the series. Los Angeles Season is available on a variety of US streaming services, including Paramount Plus, DIRECTV, Spectrum, and FuboTV. The series is currently not available on any UK or Indian streaming platforms.

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