What Is The Status Of Make Or Break Season 3 Release Date?

Romantic reality television show always comes with grace, and ends with happiness, rare are some cases though, where the couples are not able to make their relationship. Well, Make Or Break will put everything in silence in that Mexican tropical paradise, where eight couples are challenged to choose whether they wanted to make or break their relationship. Released under the production of Elephant House Studios, the series would be a fun-loving experience for lovers.

Make Or Break Season 3 Release Date

Make Or Break Season 3 Release Date

The series premiered on August 7, 2017, and season 2 on February 2, 2019, with 10 episodes each. The show grossed quite good ratings and reviews, and people liked every couple. Since 2019, the audience wanted to know if the show will make up for season 3 or not, and the answer is unknown yet. There is news of the same till now, and the makers and the channel have not marked their words on it too. Maybe, the show has been cancelled, but as the audience is waiting, they should not wait for it too much and move on to some other show or series.

Make Or Break Season 1 Release DateAugust 7, 2017
Make Or Break Season 2 Release DateFebruary 2, 2019
Make Or Break Season 3 Release DateNot Announced
Make Or Break Season 3 Release Date

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Make Or Break Season 3 Story

Hosted by Rick Edwards, all the eight couples are taken to the Mexican land to either make or break their future. The couples need to swap the partners every 48 hours and then decide whether they want that current partner or the one with whom they had started their journey. All the eight couples go through the stages of workshops, challenges, and counsel of sex therapy by the sex therapist expert Louise Mazanti.

The first couple on the list is Abbi, a 24-hear-old hair extension technician, and Stephen, a 32-year-old event manager, both are from Stevenage. The couple had a tough time for four years, but they took a break when Abbi discovered photos of Stephen with other women while he was on holiday in Las Vegas. The sex therapy was an awkward situation for Abbi, although she had taken it. Jess, 21, and Matty, 23, are the next couples on the list from Liverpool. Jess is a student, while Matty, a concierge finds it very difficult about their relationship due to his lack of ambition. He says that Jess is very ambitious and motivational, and she can do anything if she thinks of it. Let us now know what and how will the couple from Newcastle will make up for their relationship. Nikita and Che, both 21, and 28 are the stripers and engineering apprentices. The major problem in their 2 years of relationship was Nikita gets jealous when he is with some other girl. She even got jealous of Abbi, the prettiest girl on the show as she claimed.

The couples from Bristol, 21-year-old Ellie, a YouTuber, and Connor, a 23-year-old fitness clothing company owner, make their perfect way to the show. When she first assumed that she has to go on dates with her boyfriend, rather than with other people, she remembered that moment as very funny. Not so romantic meeting at first, but now, this couple finds it too romantic. A 26 and 24-year-old Sophii and Richard from Cardiff first met at the nightclub, where Sophii was the boss of Richard. How would have Holly felt the pain of Karl being in a three-month relationship after taking a break with her? She says that although he is dumb, and does not use his brain at all, she loves him the most. Holy, 26, is a support worker and the UK fighting championships ring girl, while he works in sales. It was a tough time for Elle and Andy when he discovered that Andy was cheating on him after 4 years of their relationship. Beth, 20, and David, 27, from Nottingham, had to first think about their age gap, which Beth has taken seriously. Season 2 also came up with the same challenges and games.

Make Or Break Season 3 Cast

Make Or Break Season 3 Release Date

As season 1 had an amazing 8 couples with the host Rick Edwards, season 2 had also a great cast including Chris and Shauna, Liam and Amelia, Jordan and Iona, Jamie and Stephanie, Kieran and Kirsty, Kyle and Elle with Lewis and Emily and Shaun and Ruby. The cast of season 3 is not decided yet.

Make Or Break Season 3 Trailer

The viewers can see the beautiful beaches with the beautiful ladies in paradise. All the couples have to fight for their relationship and to make themselves clear if they are clear over their relationship or not.

Where To Watch Make Or Break Season 3 Online?

As season 1 and season 2 were released on Channel 5, season 3 could have been released on the same network, but there is no news about the same.

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