What Are The Updates On I Love That For You Season 2 Release Date?

Created by Vanessa Bayer & Jeremy Beiler, I Love That For You is an American television show in the direction of Michael Showalter. Also known as I Love This For You, the show got released under the production of Annapurna Television and Semi-Formal Productions. The show tells the personal experience of Vanessa Bayer, by going through the stages of leukaemia to finally reached the position that she dreamt of someday.

I Love That For You Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 of the show is said to be released on April 29, 2022. Well, no more time left for the release of season 1, everyone is hoping for a good concept of the show. As the trailer got good ratings and reviews, the makers and the network are hoping that the series will receive the same.

Talking about season 2, then here is the information that every viewer must know. The makers and the channel, till now, do not renew the show for its next instalment. They have not marked their words over the renewal or if the show would get renewed for season 2 or not. The renewal of season 2 depends on the ratings and reviews the previous season gets, and from the popularity of its trailer, there is a little chance that the show can be renewed. But, the viewers have to wait for the official announcement, and till then they can enjoy season 1, after its release.

I Love That For You Season 1 Release DateApril 29, 2022
I Love That For You Season 2 Release DateNot Confirmed
I Love That For You Season 2 Release Date

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I Love That For You Season 2 Story

Inspired by true events, the show is the story of Joanna Gold, a sheltered Midwestern who was diagnosed with leukaemia during her teenhood. Going from hospital to home and vice versa, with living her life through the ups and downs and falls in the catastrophes of so many emotions, Special Value Network, a QVC-like home shopping network was the only thing that made her happy. As her life was handled by her parents with no romantic datings at all at her age, with a career too that just revolves around her father’s Costco branch, her life changed when she got the opportunity of being the host for SVN after nailing the audition. It offered her the promise of glitz, glamour, and beauty through the tacky trinkets and smiling hosts including Jackie Stilton, with many others.

The show goes from the ups and downs, likings and dis-likings, emotions, and feelings of Vanessa Bayer in the role of Joanna Gold. It was quite good timing for her to work with her idol Jackie, whom she give respect from her childhood. Well, the show would result in fun-loving and emotional outcomes of Vanessa’s childhood.

I Love That For You Season 2 Cast

I Love That For You Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 will have an amazing cast including Vanessa Bayer as Joanna Gold, Molly Shannon as Jackie Stilton, and Jenifer Lewis as Patricia, CEO of SVN in the main leads of the show. As it is stated earlier that Vanessa had done her character beautifully which will just touch the hearts of the audience, so is the work of the other casts. The viewers will also see Matt Rogers as Darcy Leeds along with Paul James, Matt Malloy, Bess Armstrong, Punam Patel, Ayden Mayeri, Jason Schwartzman, and Johnno Wilson. Well, there could be many more secondary casts, whose presence will be introduced in the series itself.

I Love That For You Season 2 Trailer

The official trailer of season 1 presents Vanessa Bayer in a different style. Her looks, actions, talking, and style attract the audience fully. The show is beautifully made with an aura of beauty and simplicity. The viewers can enjoy the trailer of season 1 till there comes an announcement of season 2.

Where To Watch I Love That For You Season 2 Online?

The show is the original product of the Showtime network. The show will be released on the Showtime network, and probably season 2 would release on the same network too.

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