Coco 2 Release Date, Story, Cast, And Other Updates!

Do computer-animated series or movies fascinate you? then you must be aware of the movie called Coco released in November of 2017 and was one of the most prominent animated fantasy series, is based on the Mexican holiday ‘Day of the Dead’ is indeed one of the most celebrated series of that year. But with the end of the movie, the fans thought it had more to offer than what was just portrayed in the movie. Hence, the second sequel of this movie was raised as one of the most concerning topics. But with 2022 onboard, the movie called Coco 2 is kind of looking like a dream coming true. 

Coco 2 Release Date

Coco 2 Release Date

The initial movie was released in 2017 and has been one of the most cherished pieces of entertainment since then. Hence gained a lot of fan base from there. But with the ending of the movie, everyone was kind of anticipating a sequel or renewal of this story. Hence with the responsibility of fulfilling the needs of all its audience, the second sequel of Coo is on its way to come to the theatres about five years later. Although no specific dates of releasing of the movie have been announced yet, it is kind of confirmed that the studios are on duty to make this movie a dream come true. Taking two whole pandemic years in the count, the movie called Coco 2 is expected to get our way by the end of 2022 which may hardly postpone to early or mid-2023. 

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Coco 2 Story 

The story of Coco revolves around the loft of a 12 years old boy and a very passionate singer who got lost in the land of the dead. And after which he went through several ups and downs, but by the end of the movie, the story seemed to end on a happy note acknowledging Hector’s legacy getting restored and Miguel returning to the living world and getting reunited with Imelda. But the second sequel is expected to take us on the journey around the dead yet another time and explore more of them. 

Coco 2 Cast

Coco 2 Release Date

The cast list of the series of Coco 2 is hence supposed to be as glorious as the first one was. Hence it is expected to have famous personalities like Anthony Gonzalez was seen voicing as Miguel who was a 12-year-old aspiring and passionate musician. Gael García Bernal was seen to be a charming trickster called Héctor and reprised his character while dubbing in Spanish.

Benjamin Bratt portrayed  Ernesto de la Cruz, the most famous musician from Mexico and whom Miguel supposes to be his idol. Alanna Ubach played the role of  Mamá Imelda, Renée Victor as Abuelita who was daughter to Coco. Ana Ofelia Murguía was seen in the voice of  Mamá Coco,Edward James Olmos was seen as Chicharrón, Alfonso Arau was seen to be in the character of  Papá Julio, Selene Luna portrayed the role of Tía Rosita, whereas Dyana Ortellí was framed as Tía Victoria, Herbert Sigüenza as identical twins called Tíos Oscar and Felipe, Jaime Camil was framed as  Papá, Miguel’s father and Miguel’s mother was played by Sofía Espinosa as Mamá, Luis Valdez was seen voicing the character of Tío Berto as well as Don Hidalgo. Carla Medina was seen as Gloria and also a Departure Agent, Polo Rojas was seen to be Abel. Whereas Montse Hernandez was cast as Rosa, Lombardo Boyar portrayed the role of  Plaza Mariachi, Natalia Cordova-Buckley as Frida Kahlo, a very prominent artist, and many more for whom the fans are now very excited to come together again in the movie sequel called Coco 2 and make this a unique one. 

Coco 2 Trailer

No such trailer for the second sequel of the movie called Coco 2 has been released yet, and neither any official date for releasing the trailer has been announced. But assuming that the production work of the second season might have started, we can expect a little sneak peek at least a few weeks earlier than the original movie makes its way to come up, on the big screen.  

Where To Watch Coco 2?

The initial movie was one of the most successful moving with a runtime of 105 minutes and recording the Box office of $807.8 Million. The movie called Coco 2: Return To the Land Of the Living will be available in nearby movie theatres as well as it is expected to make its digital debut over the leading platform called Disney Pixar as it was labelled as a Pixar movie and would gain an indeed vaster fanbase.

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