UnWell Season 2 Release Date Latest Updates!

UnWell is an American documentary tv series that premiered on August 12, 2020, directed by Abigail Harper, Leslie Asako Gladsjo, and Danni Mynard. The first season of the series had 6 episodes, each running for about 48 to 58 minutes. The documentary series reveals the hidden truths about the wellness industry that are unknown to us. Every other person in our friend group uses a certain product with full faith that it will provide them with the actual benefit. But does that even happen? What if they fall prey to some kind of scam that assures them of giving a certain outcome? That never happens.

The series focuses on revealing certain practices that assure some kind of benefit with their usage or practice and which have disadvantages. UnWell is a great series for digging deep into this industry. In the first season, each episode covered a certain practice. In total, it only covered six topics. The series introduces a variety of people and to uncover how these practices work, certain experts reveal the truth behind this industry along with the stories of people who have used it to make changes in their lifestyles. You can watch the series yourself to decide if it’s even worth trying. The series reveals facts and stories to educate the viewers.

UnWell Season 2 Release Date

The first season of UnWell was released on Netflix on August 12, 2020. It has been years, but Netflix still has not given any evidence if they will renew the series for a second season. UnWell is a documentary series that does not get many viewers during its initial release, but after this long, we can surely assume that it’s clear Netflix does not want to pick this particular series for season 2. Many people are speculating that the series has been cancelled, but that’s not the case since Netflix still has not released any statement regarding the cancellation. As of now, the future of the series remains undecided as to whether or not Netflix will release another season. We will probably get the news when it is scheduled for release.

UnWell Season 1 Release DateAugust 12, 2020
UnWell Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
UnWell Season 2 Release Date

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UnWell Season 2 Story

In season 2, we will probably get a new set of stories that will cover different practices that are on-trend nowadays. In the first season, the documentary covered the stories about essential oils and how they have managed to become a multi-billion dollar industry in the past few years. Amy Quarberg, an aromatherapist nurse, offers a patient essential oil therapy to deal with anxiety and pain.

It helps the body to relax and lowers the pain level. Julie Marshall takes her daughter Sarah for autism therapy with essential oils. Aromatherapist Lora Cantele shares her story of how she discovered that essential oils can calm kids with special needs, help them to sleep, and deal with their rage and inconsolable Her son is autistic, and that’s how she thought she should help others with this magic technique. Journalist Racheal Monroe revealed how she started seeing all these essential oils everywhere suddenly and saw multiple people selling them, but she had never heard about them before.

She started digging into it only to find out that two controversial industries were behind it: two multi-level marketing companies were producing essential oils. An expert highlights how multi-level companies propose automatic lifestyles, but there is no evidence of that being safe. What they are doing is running an experiment on the human use of essential oils.

UnWell Season 2 Cast 

UnWell introduces a variety of casts, but there aren’t any fixed cast members for the series. In every new episode, we get introduced to many renowned faces in a particular industry who either operate the business or want to reveal the truth behind that particular practice or business. In the first episode, which was about essential oil aromatherapists, Amy Quarberg and Lora Cantele reveal the practice of essential oils to benefit certain health issues. Journalist Racheal Monroe and attorney Austin Tighe highlight the dark side of the industry to make the audience aware of what kind of scheme these industries are running behind the market.

Where To Watch UnWell?

Viewers can find all the episodes of the documentary from season 1 on Netflix.

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