Hope Street Season 2 Release Date And Much More!

Filmed in Donaghadee, Northern Ireland, and acted by a cast almost exclusively from the area, Hope Street is a police drama that isn’t to be missed. The show features a small-town community intrigued by the arrival of a new member of the police force: DC Laila Hussein. She seems to be hiding secrets, and the only one that knows them is Inspector Finn O’Hare, who refuses to reveal what he knows. Although the main plot surrounding the mystery of DC Hussein’s arrival is constantly running as an undercurrent, each episode also has its own mystery, with the police closing a new case every episode.

The show premiered in November 2021 on BBC One and BritBox and was met with much critical acclaim for its cast and writing, especially for focusing on capturing the essence of small-town Ireland.

Hope Street Season 2 Release Date

Hope Street Season 2 Release Date

Has Hope Street been confirmed for a second season? Not officially, but with the praise, the show was met with on release for reviving the serial drama style of television, there’s no doubt that most expect an announcement of renewal any moment now. In fact, rumors floating around say that the second season is to be expected sometime by the end of 2023, or at the latest, early 2024.

The first season ran between 24th November 2021 and 2nd February 2022, having 10 episodes with one episode being released per week. It’s expected that a second season will follow a similar schedule.

Hope Street Season 1 Release Date24 November 2021
Hope Street Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
Hope Street Season 2 Release Date


Hope Street Season 1 Recap

Hope Street is set in the quaint fictional town of Port Devine, where the police force is shaken up by the arrival of DC Laila Hussein. Laila is English and sticks out like a sore thumb in the quintessentially Irish town. She’s also the town’s first Muslim police officer. Inspector Finn O’Hare seems to know why Laila chose to move to Port Devine, but he refuses to let the rest of the force know. Although she seems to be a good woman concerned with the welfare of the city, her secrets make it difficult for her colleagues to trust her, and she must slowly build a bond with them as they face crimes unusual for their small town. The show focuses on depicting the ups and downs of the police officers as they deal with day-to-day policing in and around Port Devine, with the creators and writers consulting Irish police officers in order to capture an accurate portrayal.

Hope Street Season 2 Cast

Hope Street Season 2 Release Date

DC Laila Hussein, the new arrival on the Port Devine Police force, is played by Amara Karan; the star of the show, Karan has been praised for her performance by multiple critics, and her character forms the core of the show. Inspector Finn O’ Hare, the only one who seems to know the secret of why Laila took the job at Port Devine, is played by Ciarán McMenamin. Finn O’ Hare’s mother, the nosy Concepta O’ Hare, is played by Brid Brennan.

Des McAleer acts as the retired cop Barry Pettigrew, who is unable to let go of his old job and truly give up the badge. His niece, the stern Marlene Pettigrew, is Sergeant on the force; with Kerri Quinn doing a fantastic job at portraying the characters. The last of the main police force cast is PC Callum McCarthy, the rookie with good intentions and a lot to learn; he’s played by Niall Wright.

Additional cast members include Niamh McGrady as Nicole Devine, the pub landlady, and Aaron McCusker as her fiancé, a busker named Clint Dunwoody.

Where To Watch Hope Street Online?

For those in the U.K., Hope Street can be found on the BBC One website and is free on the BBC website iPlayer. Unfortunately, your device must display a U.K. location to access it through this method.

For those in the U.S., you can still catch Hope Street; it requires signing up for BritBox, a service by the BBC and ITV designed to provide U.K.-based content to those in the United States. If you have an Amazon Prime subscription or an Apple TV, they have their sign-ups with BritBox; more information can be found on the official BritBox website.

Currently, there are 10 episodes of Hope Street available, each with a run time of about 45 minutes. With its local cast and writers, the show is a must-watch for anyone interested in Ireland, as the show is a celebration of Irish culture and its people.