Grace And Frankie Season 8 Release Date Is Out!

Grace and Frankie is a Netflix exclusive sitcom created by Martha Kaufman and Howard J. Morris. The show revolves around the two titular characters, Grace Hanson (Jane Fonda) and Frankie Bergstein (Lily Tomlin) who become unlikely friends and allies when their husbands announce that they plan to leave the women… for each other. The husbands, Robert Hanson and Sol Bergstein fell in love with each other during their time working together as successful divorce lawyers. Now their wives, who never got along before, are forced by circumstance to live together and eventually learn to rely on and support each other as they become best friends.

Grace And Frankie Season 8 Release Date

Grace And Frankie Season 8 Release Date

Will there be a Season 8 for Grace and Frankie? No, but there will be a part two for the 7th season. On August 13, 2021, Season 7 was released with only 4 episodes, while the previous 6 episodes each have 13 episodes. Production had been temporarily paused due to the Coronavirus pandemic between March and May of 2021.

However, production was able to resume in June 2021, and the season was confirmed to have 12 more episodes, for a total of 16 episodes in Season 7. The additional 12 episodes are slated for release on April 29, 2022.

Grace And Frankie Season 1 Release DateMay 8, 2015
Grace And Frankie Season 2 Release DateMay 6, 2016
Grace And Frankie Season 3 Release DateMarch 24, 2017
Grace And Frankie Season 4 Release DateJanuary 19, 2018
Grace And Frankie Season 5 Release DateJanuary 18, 2019
Grace And Frankie Season 6 Release DateJanuary 15, 2020
Grace And Frankie Season 7 Release DateAugust 13, 2021
Grace And Frankie Season 8 Release DateNot Announced
Grace And Frankie Season 8 Release Date


Grace and Frankie Season 7 Recap

At the end of Season 6, Grace’s new beau, Nick, was arrested. Grace and Frankie had hidden away a portion of Nick’s illegally acquired money. The start of Season 7 finds Grace and Frankie back at the beach house where the show started; along with Robert and Sol, their ex-husbands, who are now homeless. What’s more, the FBI is snooping around searching for the remainder of Nick’s ill-begotten funds; the money that Grace and Frankie have stolen.

The rest of the season should be focused on the fallout from Nick’s arrest, with Grace and Frankie trying to launder the money so they can use it. Additionally, there are hints that Nick may be released from prison, which puts a strain on the relationship he has with Frankie.

The show also covers the lives of Grace and Frankie’s children and grandchildren, who each have their own concerns and struggles. These are primarily Bud and Coyote, Grace and Frankie’s adoptive children, and Brianna and Mallory, children from Grace’s marriage to Robert.

Grace And Frankie Season 8 Cast

Grace And Frankie Season 8 Release Date
  • Grace Hanson (Jane Fonda): A witty, sarcastic retired cosmetics mogul. The ex-wife of Robert Hanson, with whom she had two children: Brianna and Mallory Hanson. She also later adopts Bud and Coyote with Frankie.
  • Frances “Frankie” Bergstein (Lily Tomlin): A spiritual, creative, and hippy character who contrasts Grace’s down to earth nature. Frankie is a creative and free-spirited artist and the ex-wife of Sol Bergstein. She adopts Bud and Coyote with Grace.
  • Robert Hanson (Martin Sheen): The ex-Husband of Grace, ex-divorce lawyer, who is now pursuing theatre and married to Sol Bergstein.
  • Sol Bergstein (Sam Waterston): The ex-Husband of Frankie and current husband of Robert, Sol is a kind and gentle divorce lawyer who leaves his well paying job to become a gay rights activist.
  • Brianna Hanson (June Diane Raphael): The first-born child of Grace and Robert, who inherited Grace’s makeup business, Say Grace. She is similar to Grace in personality, being a no-nonsense fierce personality
  • Mallory Hanson (Brooklyn Decker): The second-born child of Grace and Robert and mother to four children.
  • Coyote Bergstein (Ethan Embry): Adoptive child of Grace and Frankie, Coyote is a recovering addict turned middle school teacher.
  • Nwabudike “Bud” Bergstein (Baron Vaughn): Also adopted by Grace and Frankie, Bud is a lawyer and leads the law fir left to him by Sol.

Grace And Frankie Season 8 Trailer

The trailer for the show can be found here. Additionally, Netflix has also released a trailer for Season 7B, the second part of Season 7 which is set to release on April 29, 2020, and it can be found here.

Where To Watch Grace And Frankie Online?

Grace and Frankie is a Netflix exclusive, meaning that the show requires a Netflix subscription to watch. It can be watched during a Netflix free trial as well. In India, the show is available in two audios – English, and English Audio Description (making it accessible to those with sight problems). It has subtitles in English and Hindi.

Each episode runs for about half an hour, and the first 6 Seasons have 13 episodes each, making for a run time of 6 and a half hours each Season. Season 7 is planned to have 16 episodes for a runtime of 8 hours.