Bullsh*t The Game Show Season 2 Release Date Latest Details!

Bullsh*t The Game Show is an American reality TV game show that premiered on April 27, 2022, created by Jonty Nash and Christopher Potts and directed by Alan Carter. Bullsh*t The Game Show is about how you can make others believe your lies. The contestants are asked to make things up and make the judges believe that the story that they are telling is true. If they successfully fool the judges, then they win the amount of a million dollars in cash. Game shows are always entertaining.

This one particular show is more about bullshitting. They just make things up and win an amount for doing that well. Viewers have taken a particular interest in the show because it is unique and has never been seen before. The comments from the trailer are mostly positive, and hopefully, everyone is looking forward to seeing the show, but with one condition: only if it’s getting a renewal and not getting cancelled after just one season like other Netflix shows. You might be wondering if you know if the series is getting a renewal. To get your answers, read the article below. 

Bullsh*t The Game Show Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 of Bullsh*t The Game Show will be released on April 27, 2022. After the first season, Netflix always chooses a show for the second season seeing how well the series does within two or three months of its release. In the case of Bullsh*t The Game Show, we will get the news of its renewal by July at the earliest. If that does not happen, then it won’t be surprising since Netflix always delays some series for unknown reasons. Then there are chances for its cancellation, though we hope that won’t happen with Bullsh*t The Game Show. We can never predict what sort of plans Netflix has for a particular series. If Bullsh*t The Game Show gets picked for another season, then viewers may expect its arrival by the year 2023 at the earliest. 

Bullsh*t The Game Show Season 1 Release DateApril 27, 2022
Bullsh*t The Game Show Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
Bullsh*t The Game Show Season 2 Release Date

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Bullsh*t The Game Show Season 2 Story

Let’s make it clear that the makers have not shared their thoughts on renewing the series for season 2. In the first season, host Howie Mandel introduces the game show as a trivia game show, but the contestants, unfortunately, do not have the answers to any of the questions. But this show has nothing to do with how intelligent you are or you even know the right answers to each question. This is not the place where you have to give the right answer to win the show. This show is the exact opposite of that.

Bullsh*t The game show is based on how well you can lie and make the other person believe that you are not lying but telling the truth. If you can manipulate the other person into believing your lie, then you can win the amount of one million dollars as a reward. Sometimes not knowing the right answers could fill your wallet with millions of dollars. The contestants are amateur people who do not have any right answers, but they happen to join this show to win a massive amount just by lying and manipulating others.

This game show is particularly interesting because the contestants offer their made-up stories that seem right, but if the other person could see through their lies, then they could lose the amount in their hands with just one mistake. This game is all about deceiving and manipulating for the amount of one million dollars. Who wouldn’t like to participate in such an interesting game with nothing to lose but a chance to win this huge amount just by bullshitting?

Bullsh*t The Game Show Season 2 Cast 

The makers have not given any confirmation regarding season 2 as of now. However, we can expect to see host Howie Mandel, who also hosted the first season, resume his role in the second season as well. Howie Mandel has already proved himself with his previous work. He has worked as a judge on Canada’s Got Talent, America’s Got Talent, and America’s Got Talent: The Champions, and has also hosted the shows Deal or No Deal, and The Howie Mandel Show. 

Where To Watch Bullsh*t The Game Show Season 2?

The series has not been renewed for a second season as of now. Viewers can find Bullsh*t The Game Show’s first season on Netflix.

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