Will Venom And Morbius Come Together?

In the past few days, there has been a lot of hype regarding the marvel and the Sony spiderman universe and with the release of Morbius, we have already been thrilled and highly satisfied with the current ongoing storylines. For those of you who don’t know, Morbius is one of Sony spiderman universe creations, who is introduced as a new anti-hero in the Sony spiderman storyline, the role of the character Morbius is just like venom which is one of the most famous characters belonging to the series, and along with that, the confusions regarding the mixing up of the different dimension have also been cleared up quite a bit. For this creation there hasn’t been any connection to the marvel universe, however, there remains a lot of question that will only be cleared once we receive the dr strange, multi-universe of madness, which will give us concrete facts about where we can expect Morbius to make its entrance into the storyline.

Now the question that has flooded the entire internet is regarding the connections between venom and Morbius, the existence of vultures in the same universe, and which spiderman we are going to see getting linked up with Morbius. The answers to the above questions haven’t been confirmed by the makers but according to our sources, this is the most probable one.

Will Venom And Morbius Come Together

Will Venom And Morbius Come Together

The answer to this question is a big yes according to us because if you have already seen the movie, you will know that Morbius knows about the existence of venom in it and he even uses the name of venom to scare off people, now that makes it very clear that both of them belong to the same universe, and both of them being antiheroes, there are two main predictions, either they will team up and that will give us a great plot for the upcoming storylines, or we may see both of them fighting against each other for power. Now no confirmation has been received, but we can probably expect the mention of Morbius in the upcoming venom series. for any more content regarding this matter, we will need to wait for updates from the makers along with the drop of the multiverse of madness, because this will let us know more about the inter-universe appearances, that have been recently happening.


What Happened To Vulture?

Now there is a lot of confusion about the appearance of vulture, during the current transfer of characters between the various multi-universe, it was shown that venom and vulture had transferred between the Marvel comic universe and the Sony spiderman universe during the events of no way home. Now there are various predictions regarding vultures. The only thing that is supposedly the most suitable prediction based on the words of the no way the home director is that vulture is recruiting teammates, and this could serve as the basis of the upcoming Sinister 6 movie.

Will Morbius Be A Part Of The Spiderman Series?

Now the answer to this question is known by many of us who have watched the trailer of the movie, we have already seen that spiderman exists in the universe in which Morbius as we see his picture in the form of a graffiti, and based on the kind of role Morbius is playing, it is very probable to see an upcoming faceoff between Morbius and spiderman, now we are yet not sure which spiderman we are talking about, there are high chances that it is going to be the Sony spiderman universe, spiderman. Though more updates will be received after the drop of the multiverse of madness, as we have already seen that Sony is very intrigued to introduce tom holland spiderman into the Morbius storyline.

Why Can’t Tom Holland Spiderman Be In The Sony Spiderman Universe?

Will Venom And Morbius Come Together

Now this is a very controversial topic, as we know the rights of the character of spiderman are owned by the Sony studios and spiderman from three universes have been brought together in no way home only through a lot of agreements between the two studios, now for tom holland to make his debut into the Sony spiderman universe, both the storylines of two different universes have to be mingled and there is going to a lot of confusion regarding the wri8ting of the upcoming storylines.