Is Netflix Planning For Robozuna Season 3 Release Date?

Animated series and dramas have ruled over the hearts of the audience from the starting. People find it easy to connect with the animated characters and the plot. If Robozuna fans are here, then this article would be helpful for them to know about its season 3. But, just have a brief look over it, if you do not know what is Robozuna. Robozuna is a British CGI animated children’s science fiction television series created by Ed Bignelland. Released under the production of TV Studios and KidsCave Entertainment, the series revolves around the battle of evil versus robots.

Robozuna Season 3 Release Date

Season 1 premiered on October 20, 2018, and season 2 on March 15, 2019, and ran for 10 episodes each. The series has got 7 ratings on IMDb and is praised by the audience. Although there is not much information provided about the ratings and reviews the series has got, it is pretty clear from the trailer that the audience has liked the stuff of the series with the amazing characters.

The people who are thinking and hoping for season 3 of the series, must stop here and read further to know about the same. The makers and the network have not made any clear announcement of the release of season 3, and they have even did not mark their words if they will renew the series for season 3 or not. Well, the audience has to wait for the official announcement to come, and enjoy the previous seasons if they have not.

Robozuna Season 1 Release DateOctober 20, 2018
Robozuna Season 2 Release DateMarch 15, 2019
Robozuna Season 3 Release DateNot Announced
Robozuna Season 3 Release Date

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Robozuna Season 3 Story

As it has been described earlier that the plot revolves around the battle between robots and the evil empire, know the full plot here. First of all, so, the viewers must be thinking about what exactly the Robozuna is. Read further to know the suspense! Robozuna is a fun and thrilling futuristic sport played by robots, where heroes are not only born, they are quite literally built! When the Corvus Imperium destroys the nomadic colony Ariston and Mangle call home, the friends are forced to go in search of sanctuary, finding it, and saving their nation from an evil empire.

They joined with team Veredus, a Robozuna team with a secret agenda, and the team’s coach, Lanista, see Robozuna as a way of uniting the land’s persecuted people into a fighting force who can march on Corvus and restore freedom to the nation. The major plot all the series drives the heroes to save their world with the help of their homemade robots. But, this would be not so easy, and hence the series is loaded with action scenes, heroic movements, battles between the two teams, and many more things.

Robozuna Season 3 Characters

If talking about the characters the series has, the viewers can check here. Both seasons had amazing characters and talented voice artists. Taylor Clarke-Hill was seen giving voice for Ariston, Tom Clarke-Hill for Mangle, Luke Howard as Drubber, Ali-A for Clunk, Danny John-Jules for Niven, and Morwenna Banks to Danuvia. The viewers also see other characters like Duncan Wisbey as Rafie, Hannah Arterton as Pera Archos with many others.

Till now, this is not confirmed if the same voice actors will give their voices for the same characters in season 3 or not. The makers and the network has even did not mark their words on it too. So, the audience should wait for some more time until there comes an official announcement.

Robozuna Season 3 Trailer

Robozuna Season 3 Release Date

As of now, there is no official trailer for season 3. The makers and the network have even not told the audience when will the official trailer for season 3 arrives. The audience has to wait for some more time until there comes any news about the same. But till then, the viewers can go with the trailer of season 2, which has shown the amazing chemistry among the robots and the best action scenes ever.

Where To Watch Robozuna Season 3 Online?

The series was released on CITV and it was also made available on Netflix. Netflix users can enjoy both seasons of the series on the same platform and have to wait for season 3.

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