Pet Stars Season 2 Release Date Seems To Go A Long Way Ahead!

Pet Stars is an American family reality TV series that premiered on April 30, 2021. The Netflix series shows Hollywood’s biggest talent management company for animals, Q, which begins its hunt for pet stars to make its pets famous, where they audition pets for commercials to make an ordinary pet into a star. Everyone finds fuzzy, cuddly animals lovable, and they spend their precious time with their pets. This series is a breath of fresh air. We have always been waiting for something like this for ages, and we finally got it. Pet stars cast their most precious animals, and that itself is a call to watch this series for anyone who does not like animals.

This series especially focuses on animals to make the viewers have a better time when they have nothing to watch. If you are one of those crazy people who is seriously obsessed with your pet, then this is just the right series for you. When you can see different pets and their owners and how they handle things. Creativity is what the series is all about. We bet you have never heard of this concept, but as the title suggests, this is fun and lovely.

Pet Stars Season 2 Release Date

Pet Stars received good feedback from every pet owner, but it looks like the pet owners themselves could not guarantee the success of the series. There has been no news about season 2 since the premiere of the last episode, which was released on April 30, 2021. It’s been quite a while since the last season was released, but as Netflix is not particularly interested in renewing the show, we have not got any dates for season 2 as of yet. Unfortunately, pet lovers have to wait until they decide to drop the date for season 2. Fortunately, it has not been cancelled yet, so we can still expect that Netflix might pick the series for a second season.

Pet Stars Season 1 Release DateApril 30, 2021
Pet Stars Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
Pet Stars Season 2 Release Date

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Pet Stars Season 2 Story 

Pet Stars Season 2 has not been renewed yet. In the last season, Colleen Wilson and Melissa May Curtis go to California to scout their next talent as they go to the ugliest dog contest. The world’s ugliest dog contest is like the Superbowl of hideous canines. People come from all over to show off their dogs and bask in all things ugly. The dogs in the contest are not just average, odd-looking dogs, but only those dogs that take ugly seriously as the competition is fierce. If one of the dogs they bring wins the competition, they can get the money for their talent management company’s pets on Q Colleen shares that she is the pet owner of a dog named Charlie who is completely deaf.

She finds leaving the town fun, but she has to leave her dog in town as well, which upsets her. Charlie is a bit of a handful, but he is a little too smart for a dog. Whenever people meet him for the first time, they think he is super smart as he knows how to unzip bags and take bananas out of them and eat them before anyone can catch him in action. She leaves Charlie at her best friend’s place, who will watch over him for the period when she is out of town. The girls take their contestants to the ugliest dog contest. The dog who wins the contest not only wins the grand prize but also becomes a social media celebrity with tonnes of followers and gets the world looking at them. It’s amazing and getting that spotlight creates an opportunity for their future projects.

Pet Stars Season 2 Cast 

As the series hasn’t got a schedule for season 2 we can’t predict the cast for season 2. Season 1 cast members include Colleen Wilson and Melissa May Curtis, who runs an animal talent management company, Shai Lighter, Osama Ellahib, Cierra Marie Dane Andrew, and Rascal the Ugliest Dog.

Where To Watch Pet Stars Season 2?

As of now, Pet Stars Season 2 has not been picked for season 2, but viewers can catch up on the last season on the streaming platform Netflix.

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