When Will Les Norton Season 2 Release Date Arrive?

The lovers of Australian series and TV shows will find this series relatable and interesting. This series has all the action, humour, and thing which will just attract and amaze the audience. Les Norton is an Australian television drama series written by Christopher Lee, Morgan O’Neill, Jessica Tuckwell, and Samantha along with others in the direction of David Caesar, Fadia Abboud, and Morgan itself. The series is based on a series of fiction books written by Australian author Robert G. Barrett of the same name. Released under the production of Roadshow Rough Diamond, the series revolves around the exploits of Les Norton.

Les Norton Season 2 Release Date

Les Norton Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 of the series aired from August 4, 2019, to October 6, 2019, with 10 episodes in total with a runtime of 45 minutes each. The series got 7 ratings on IMDb, and season 1 is highly liked by the audience. With the huge liking for the series, and for Alexander, the fans are demanding season 2 of the series.

Well, the makers and the network have not made any announcement of the release of season 2 till now, and so the audience has to wait for the same until there comes an official announcement. After seeing the reviews and the ratings the series has got, there is a chance of the series getting renewed for further instalments. Maybe, the series is on a halt due to COVID time, but the production and the filming can soon start if it gets the green light.

Les Norton Season 1 Release DateAugust 4, 2019
Les Norton Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
Les Norton Season 2 Release Date

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Les Norton Season 2 Story

The plot, as described earlier revolves around the life of Les Norton, from being a normal guy to something interesting. A boy from Dirranbandi in South-West Queensland makes his way to Sydney. Spending his first night in King’s Cross, he started working as a bouncer at a local club where he meets with Billy Dunne, his new friend, and guide. The series is set in the time of 1985 and clearly shows that era. While being a bouncer at an illegal casino will not be easy for Les, when he gets surrounded by the illicit charms and beauty of the city, and then is dragged into the web of underground crime.

Well, a normal action drama genre, but this series has a mixture of humor with action scenes which is beautifully shown. David Wenham has very well adapted his character of Price Galese, the kingpin or you can say the mastermind of the crimes. Although the Australian series comes up normally just with a story, the audience found this series which will just not let you stand up.

Les Norton Season 2 Cast

Season 1 focuses on Alexander Bertrand in the main role of Les Norton, a new bouncer at an underground Sydney casino, around whom the whole story revolves with David Wenham as Price Galese, kingpin of the casino, and Rebel Wilson as Doreen, a brothel owner. There are other characters too like Hunter Page-Lochard as Billy Dunne, a former pro boxer turned casino doorman, Rhys Muldoon in the character of The Minister, a politician, and Pallavi Sharda as Georgie, manager of the casino with Justin Rosniak as Eddie Salita and Syd Zygier as constable Emily Gold. The makers and the previous cast did not mention if they will reappear again for season 2. As there is no official announcement of the same, the audience has to wait for some time more.

Les Norton Season 2 Trailer

Les Norton Season 2 Release Date

The viewers can see the marvellous acting skills of Alexander with the other characters. The production and the action scenes are powerful enough to attract the audience. Well, if the audience is waiting for the trailer of season 2, then they have to wait for a little while there comes the news of season 2.

Where To Watch Les Norton Season 2 Online?

The Australian series is released on the ABC network, and the viewers can watch all the episodes there. If season 2 gets the green light for the same, the audience can watch its episodes on the same network too.

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