When Hope Calls Season 3 Release Date & Other Updates!

Do you like the family drama with twists of several circumstances in it, well if so, you must have heard of the very popular series called ‘When Hope Calls’, which is more of an emotional, romantic yet family drama of two sisters who got separated and reunited. It has been one of the most loved and popular series till today. But the fans are indeed wanting season renewal as they think the journey of Lilian and Grace is not over yet. Let’s find out what the updates found regarding the upcoming season of When Hope Calls.

When Hope Calls Season 3 Release Date

When Hope Calls Season 3 Release Date

The series has been one of the most cherished ones since it was first aired. It has been successfully running for more than two years now, with two whole seasons consisting of six episodes each. Thus it has gained a vast fanbase, who are now hoping for the renewal of this series into its third season. But till today there is no surety given if the production work of season 3 has started or not. Hence, no such official date of release of the upcoming season has been announced. But we can expect it to come all the way to our hands within late 2022 or early 2023.

When Hope Calls Season 1 Release DateAugust 30, 2019
When Hope Calls Season 2 Release DateDecember 18, 2021
When Hope Calls Season 3 Release DateNot Announced
When Hope Calls Season 3 Release Date


When Hope Calls Season 3 Story

The storyline of this series is rather a  period piece that is based on a set of1916 in the western Canadian town of Brookfield and goes around the life of two girls Lillian and Grace, who lost their families and started their life as orphans as we got introduced to them on When Calls the Heart: The Greatest Christmas Blessing, but their paths got separated when Lillian got adopted and Grace moved to London, started her life as a young adult married woman.

Eventually, over the course of time, they got reunited in a small northwestern town and things started taking several twists and turns. But even after 12 whole episodes, the fans actually think that they have more stories and more paths to explore. Hence the third season is hoped to start its way right where the first two ended and make it unique in its own way. 

When Hope Calls Season 3 Cast

When Hope Calls Season 3 Release Date

The cast list of the series called When Hope Calls has always been enriched by some of the best names in the western entertainment industry. From the very first season, it included Morgan Kohan was portrayed as Lillian Walsh,  an orphan who was adopted at a very young age and hence was separated from her blood sister Grace.  The character of Grace was seen to be depicted by Jocelyn Hudon who was seen to leave for London and end up in a happily married life at the end of the first season. RJ Hatanaka was seen to be Constable Gabriel Kinslow and was also popularly called Gabe.  Greg Hovanessian was seen in the shoes of Charlie Stewart, whereas Wendy Crewson was seen as Tess Stewart. Hanneke Talbot was found enacting the character of Maggie Parsons, Marshall Williams as Sam Tremblay, Neil Crone was found as Ronnie Stewart, Lori Loughlin was seen to be Abigail Stanton, Isaak Bailey was found as Christian, Liam MacDonald as Vincent, Elizabeth Saunders as Eleanor Winters, Kate Moyer as Sophia, Kim Roberts as Pearl Mayfair, Jefferson Brown as Joe Moody, and many more.

It also had a vivid range of guest casts whose presence was the cherry on the cupcake, such names include personalities like Pascale Hutton, Emily Anderson, Kevin McGarry, Kavan Smith, Rob Stewart, and many more, whom we actually want to see again in the third season of When Hope Calls. Lastly, we must also address the appreciable work done by every single production member who made the last two seasons a dream come true and will also put their effort into making the third one a mesmerizing one. 

When Hope Calls Season 3 Trailer

No such trailer for the third season has been released yet, and neither any official date for releasing the trailer has been announced. But hoping that the production work of the second season might have started, we can expect a little sneak peek at least a few weeks earlier than the first episode of this season comes up on the air. 

Where To Watch When Hope Calls Season 3?

The third season is expected to follow the pathway set by the previous two and to get released on the platform called Hallmark Movies Now and the GAC family.