The Marked Heart Season 2 Release Date Updates!

Organ trafficking has been the subject of films and television shows for years. And why wouldn’t it, given that it’s one of the most intriguing thriller recipes out there? A similar theme is also used in the forthcoming Colombian romantic thriller series ‘Pálpito,’ or The Marked Heart in English. Camilo Vega directed the thriller, which will premiere on Netflix India and globally on April 20.

The Netflix Original in Spanish follows Simón (Michel Brown) as he navigates life and picks up the pieces after his wife is murdered to harvest her heart for an illegal heart transplant. He is not superhuman, but a regular man who embarks on a quest to exact his vengeance and learn the truth about his beloved’s death. The series is set in a world of the South American nation’s extensive illegal organ trafficking.

“Simón’s wife is killed to harvest her heart and graft it to Camila, the wealthy man’s wife,” according to the official Netflix synopsis. Simón seeks vengeance by entering the perilous world of organ harvesting. During his desperate hunt for him, he will find love with Camila, the lady who has survived thanks to his slain wife’s heart. When both uncover the truth, the climax will occur.”

Romantic action-adventure The Marked Heart tells the story of a love that links two people even beyond death. The show takes place in a South American country where the illegal organ trade intermixes with the drug trade. The main character in this novel isn’t a hero who wants to stop using drugs. We’re dealing with an ordinary person who is head over heels in love.

The Marked Season 2 Release Date

The Marked Heart Season 2 Release Date

It’s currently one of the most-watched television shows. Season 1 of this show was launched just a few weeks after the first few shows premiered, and it has already amassed a sizable fan base. It’s no secret that fans of The Marked Heart Season 1 are counting down the days before the program premieres. Even fans are demanding more, for that they started tweeting and asking the creators whether they are willing to make another season or not?

According to us, the show will get its season 2 because The Marked Heart is a Spanish television series, and Latin language films are getting more and more popular among viewers, for example, Money Heist is one of the most popular web shows on Netflix, and in India too, no one knows how many spoofs are there on the show. So, we can say that if the show gets this popular then be ready Netflix is not going to let them end the show just after 1 or 2 seasons, because who wants to close doors for money.

However, there is no official announcement came out on the show’s future, and all it will happen after the release of the show’s first season. After the end of the 1st season then we can assume that is there any story left to be made.

So, the conclusion is that the show’s first season is releasing soon, and there is no official update came out on the second season, however, we are expecting that the creators of the show might make another season. If we get any further information related to the show’s second season’s official announcement, we will make sure to update this page with the newest info.

The Marked Heart Season 1 Release DateApril 20, 2022
The Marked Heart Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
The Marked Heart Season 2 Release Date


The Marked Heart Season 1 Recap

Simon’s wife is murdered to extract her heart and transplant it into Camila, a wealthy man’s wife. Simon seeks vengeance by entering the perilous world of organ trafficking. During his desperate hunt for him, he will fall for Camila.

The Marked Heart Season 2 Cast

Miguel Gonzalez as Alvaro, David Paez as Marcelo, Silvia Varon as Karla, Diana as Wiswell, Anna Lucia Doningue as Camila, Michel Brown as Simon, Sebastian Martinez as Zarcarias, Camilo Amores as Rojo, Margarita Munoz as Valeria, Valeria Emiliani as Samantha, Moises Arizmendi as Mariachi, Mauricio Cujar as Barulio Cardenas, Juan Fernando Sanchez as Sarminento, Juan Felipe Samper, Jacqueline Arenal as Greta Volcan, Julian Cerati as Tomas, Obeida Benaviez, Felipe Mejia and Nina Rodriguez.

Where to Watch The Marked Heart?

The Marked Heart is available to stream on Netflix from 20th April 2022.